Best Airport In The World 2022

Best Airport In The World 2022 – SkyTrax, a well-known airline rating company, visited more than 550 of the world’s busiest terminals to prepare its annual ranking of the world’s best airports. As always, the awards do not affect the actual airports or the airlines themselves, but are based on customer feedback, giving the awards a certain credibility, at least, helps us find the best airports in the world.

And where are the best airports in the world? In 2022, Qatar Hamad International Airport is expected to overtake Singapore’s Changi Airport for the first time in 2021 and take the top spot for the second year in a row. Replacing the city’s old airport in 2014, Qatar’s flagship airport is clearly the headquarters of Qatar Airways, recording its most profitable year in the airline’s more than 25 years of operations. Considering that the international airport industry is busy with domestic and international flights, this level of profit is very bad.

Best Airport In The World 2022

Best Airport In The World 2022

SkyTrax’s process for compiling its list of the world’s best airports is murky at best, but the company reportedly uses unbiased data, with all submissions derived from multiple independent surveys. It does not guarantee any financial incentives for the airport or passengers, or the involvement of third parties in data collection. In recent years, this has been difficult to convince the airline industry, given the scope of the survey which is fairly comprehensive and undermines what makes an airport, from the comfort of the airport, the check-in system, the availability of taxis, and the services of the airport staff. planes to the maximum. Important things, it is enough. Cleanliness standards are detailed here, ease of security checks and other performance indicators.

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In fact, there are not many changes in this list from last year, except for some shuffling in the rankings. As expected, many Asian airports rank high, with Tokyo’s beautiful Haneda Airport (known as Tokyo International Airport) taking the top spot. It is ranked #2 in the main list as the best airport in Asia and the cleanest airport in the world.

Singapore Changi Airport, after holding its number 1 position for several years between 2013 and 2020, dropped slightly to take third place. Although increasingly ambitious airports have been named hubs for the world’s best employees and best food options.

Tokyo was again well represented, with Narita International Airport taking first place. Korea 4 ranked in the top 5 along with Seoul Incheon International Airport. 5.

Europe starts to appear further down the list, the highest ranked airport on the continent is Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. 6. In Australia, Brisbane is surprisingly the highest rated airport, jumping 10 places from last year. No 32. 22. 07 Sky

Wondering how big America is? The highest-rated airport in the United States is Seattle-Tacoma, which is in second place. 27th, following last year’s ranking, has fallen even further down the ranks to take first place. 53. The rise in class isn’t detailed on the awards board, but it’s not hard to imagine a much cleaner and more efficient airport than the chaotic scenes at LAX and JFK in places like Seattle.

With a list of all 100 airports, you won’t miss it. Here’s the whole list: But in case you’d like a better idea of ​​which airports are really nailing it compared to ground passengers in general, here are the top 20. 2022 experience.

The World Airport Awards website also includes a wide variety of categories such as Best Airport Shopping and Best Baggage Delivery, so if you have a long wait, it’s worth taking the time to browse the extensive list.

Best Airport In The World 2022

There may be other considerations when determining the best airport in the world, such as the quality of the airport hotel, proximity to a regional or domestic airport, or other factors that help make the airport the most efficient. It is the busiest airport in the world. For the first time in nearly a decade, Singapore’s Changi Airport has lost first place in Skytrax’s annual World Airport Awards. Content/uploads/2022/10/iga Istanb

Doha Hamad International Airport, which has been rising in the rankings for many years, has been ranked first in the “Best International Airports” in 2021.

This year, Changi came in third. This is a feat achieved at another airport, but it may not come from the perspective of avid fans who regularly praise the ease, comfort and high-quality food and drinks at the airport.

Doha’s rise comes as it puts more effort into its own airline, Qatar Airways. The Qatari government has invested heavily in state-owned airlines and airports, with surprising results.

Qatar Airways travelers on connecting HIA flights can enjoy free city tours, free overnight stays and meals (depending on the duration of the layover), and VIP transportation services where flight attendants meet passengers and guide them on the journey. Transfer to airport and connecting flight.

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Airports in Europe and Asia dominate the rest of the list for 2021. Japan was ranked the best country overall with three airports in the top 10, including Tokyo’s two airports (Narita and Haneda).

The International Airport Awards are determined by customer votes in the International Airport Satisfaction Survey conducted from August 2020 to July 2021.

It can be difficult to evaluate the airline industry in a year still affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Skytrax, an independent aviation industry consultancy group based in the UK, has addressed this issue by creating a second list to specifically name airports that have managed the new health and wellness system well.

Best Airport In The World 2022

Instead of creating rankings, Skytrax decided to simply recognize the good work done at 39 airports listed in alphabetical order. This includes Rome’s Fiumicino, which received a “5-star COVID-19 airport rating” for the first time ever from Skytrax last fall. Tokyo Haneda was also voted the cleanest airport. Content/uploads/2022/04/busiest Ai

Istanbul Airport was the Best Airport, Changi Staff Award, Seoul Incheon Best Airport Security Award and Nagoya Central Regional Airport Award.

Skytrax also ranked the best airport ideas based on the number of visitors to each airport.

China’s Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport handles 35 to 45 million passengers a year, Hamad International Airport 25 to 35 million, London Heathrow 20 to 25 million, Frankfurt 15 to 20 million, Changi’s best rate is was Zurich with 10-15 million, Zurich with 5-10 million, Centrair Nagoya with 2-5 million teams, Quito with less than 2 million teams. Geographically, Vancouver International Airport, Canada has been voted “Best Airport in North America”.

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Best Airport In The World 2022

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Best Airport In The World 2022