Best Area To Stay In Bangkok

Best Area To Stay In Bangkok – In search of the best place to stay in Bangkok, I will spend time exploring this popular metropolis and replacing at least a dozen houses. However, I have no complaints. The “City of Angels” is one of the most beautiful and interesting places in the world, and it’s no surprise that it is number one for foreign tourists every year.

However, for tourists, finding a place to stay in Bangkok can be difficult. The Thai capital covers an area of ​​1,600 square kilometers and is home to numerous hotels, guesthouses, BnBs and hostels.

Best Area To Stay In Bangkok

Best Area To Stay In Bangkok

Bangkok is a city I have been to many times. I traveled everywhere and tried many restaurants there. I also lived in Bangkok for a month so I could explore the behemoths of the city. All of the house options below are because I truly believe they have a lot to offer. There are no recommended recommendations. I used my wallet to pay for every hotel I stayed in Bangkok.

Where To Stay In Bangkok For Sightseeing

When I’m looking for a place to stay, my main concern is location. I like to explore the city in the early morning and I like to have easy access to public transport.

It may be important for you to stay indoors or have an outdoor pool. Maybe you’re thinking about this idea, or maybe you want a supermarket next to your hotel. And because everyone has their own travel style, preferences and budget, there is no such thing as the best place to stay in Bangkok. No, there is no one-size-fits-all community.

.how could I know? Because if you know where to look for it, Bangkok has it all for you.

In this article, I will try to explain all the areas you should consider when choosing your accommodation. I’ll explain their main meanings, give you an overview of their pros and cons, and give you some hotel recommendations.

Where To Stay In Bangkok: The Ultimate Guide

The Rattanakosin area is the perfect combination of tourism and history. 250 years ago, when Bangkok became the capital of the country, Rattanakosin Island was the stronghold of the country. Located on the east bank of the Chao Phraya River and surrounded by man-made canals (khlongs), this is the place to go if you want to explore Buddhist temples and get a good rural vibe.

It’s also one of the most expensive areas for accommodation options (especially in Khao San, but more on that later). If you’re on a high budget, beach hotels offer plenty of luxury options and stunning views.

It’s important to point out that Riverside and Khao San are a bit different from the rest of the old town, so I’ve separated them into separate areas.

Best Area To Stay In Bangkok

The Grand Palace is Bangkok’s biggest attraction and one of Thailand’s most famous landmarks. This is a beautiful complex that includes Wat Phra Kaew – Thailand’s holiest temple and home to one of the most revered Buddhist objects (the Jade Buddha).

Where To Stay In Bangkok: Best Areas To Make The Most Of The City

The Temple of the Reclining Buddha is adjacent to the Grand Palace and is famous for its large reclining Buddha. It also features beautiful pagodas (some of them large) and a center where you can get one of the best Thai massages in the country.

A great way to see some of Bangkok’s highlights from a different perspective. Many of these ships also offer live entertainment and catering. I recommend taking a cruise at night. Floating comfortably under the lights of skyscrapers and Buddhist temples is a peaceful and romantic experience.

A casual attraction, the Amulet Market is exactly what you’d expect – the Amulet Market. It’s not very touristy, but if you’re lucky, you can pick up some amazing souvenirs at great prices.

There are many other beautiful temples in the area. Of course, I wouldn’t recommend visiting them all (unless you plan to be in Bangkok for a month), but there are a few that deserve your attention. You can find the best descriptions and photos in the MyUltimate Temple Guide.

Best Hotels In Bangkok For An Insta Worthy Stay

This is a great place for budget travelers and first-time travelers. Especially for beginners in Asia. You will get all the benefits of a big city with many attractions and cultural sites in Asia. The biggest downside of Old Town is the travel options. NoBTS Skytrainstation and only one MRT (subway) station is located at the southern tip of the island. You are forced to use taxis and tuk-tuks (Asian trains) which can be annoying at times.

Now that you’ve chosen an area full of character and history, a lavish proposal for a 19th century tea house is just right. Just a short walk from the Grand Palace and Wat Pho, this beautiful house this party has beautiful details in every place. You won’t get the glittery luxury of a five-star skyscraper hotel, but you’ll get an authentic ambience and a decidedly stylish experience. A great base for exploring the hidden treasures of Bangkok’s historic center.

400 meters from the Grand Palace, beautiful outdoor pool, beautiful towers and reasonable prices. Sounds good, right? Siri Heritage is a nice family hotel with a delicious breakfast buffet and well-trained staff who can help you find the right city tour.

Best Area To Stay In Bangkok

Immaculate hotel in the heart of Bangkok. 5 minutes from the Grand Palace and Wat Pho, 10 minutes from MRT (subway) station. Beautiful views of Rajabhobit Temple from the rooftop, delicious food and flexible check-in times. These clothes are so cheap that even private homes are cheap enough to fit most budgets. Best budget location in the heart of the old town!

Best Area To Stay In Bangkok (also Travel Bloggers Reveal Their Favorite Hotels)!

To explore Bangkok’s history in style, you need to understand the historical context. This 100-year-old house is truly unique. It’s located behind a Thai restaurant with nice decor and cute house cats. You get a working air conditioner, a bathroom, a large bed and a great superhost who can advise you about the city. The combination of classic charm and great value makes this apartment the best Airbnb in Old Bangkok.

Part of the Rattanakosin Island technology, Kaho San is a unique area that attracts different types of tourists. Thailand’s famous road, and probably the most famous road in Southeast Asia, Khao San, made famous by the book “The Beach” and later by the movie Leonardo DiCaprio. Known there as a “backpacker’s paradise”, although the area has become a tourist destination since then, it still offers some of the best cheap accommodation and food in the city.

Khaosan is perfect for solo travel, as meeting new people from all over the world is effortless there. Also buy wine barrels (regular barrels, don’t expect it to be tall), eat insect food like scorpions (only for tourists, hard to find anywhere else), massage the streets or just drink beer and enjoy some people watching.

Are you a backpacker, solo traveler or adventurer? So yes, Khao San is the best place for your stay in Bangkok. National and local street food is easy to find, and the street itself (and those around it) has endless bars that turn into night markets and night markets.

The Top 22 Luxury Resorts And Hotels In Bangkok, Thailand

Inexpensive accommodation options, lots of other tourists, great nightlife, walking distance to the Grand Palace and Wat Pho

Finding a luxury resort in Khaosan is a rare decision, but one hotel outperforms the rest in this category. Located along the Chao Phraya River, Riva Surya offers modern rooms with spectacular river views. It’s 5 minutes (walking) from Khao San Road and next to the port to keep your travel organized. You also get a delicious breakfast buffet (very tasty) and a world class spa (haven’t tried it, but everyone wants it)

Thanabhumi is an upscale hotel just minutes away from Khao San Road. It offers comfortable and affordable air-conditioned rooms, some with great views and others with balconies. It has kind and understanding staff and offers free snacks and drinks every 24 hours.

Best Area To Stay In Bangkok

The bathroom is clean and spacious with a walk-in shower. Basically everything you need in a good place at a reasonable price. One of the best condos in Bangkok.

Best Luxury Hotels In Bangkok 2022

The story takes place just five minutes away from Khao San Road in an eerily quiet environment. It is decorated like a train station, and every bed is a train station. Clean, modern, great staff and affordable prices, Tales Khaosan is undoubtedly one of the best budget accommodation in Bangkok.

The price range of this place is great, slightly above mid-range (at least for me), but not exactly luxury. However, this place is very beautiful. As the name suggests,