Best Area To Stay In Seoul

Best Area To Stay In Seoul – Seoul, Korea is one of the largest cities in the world in terms of size. So if you choose the wrong city to stay, you will spend more time waiting in traffic than enjoying the city. So today I want to give you the details of where to stay that is right for your travel style and the hotels I recommend.

One thing you need to remember is that Korea is not yet at the tourism level of Thailand. So if you go to a city that doesn’t have a foreign friend, you’re really going to have a hard time. So I recommend living in one of these cities for your own peace and love.

Best Area To Stay In Seoul

Best Area To Stay In Seoul

Itaewon is the most foreign and tourist city. The city was built around the US military, so the city is very open and welcoming. Most of the restaurants you go to speak good English.

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Also, they have some famous and famous hotels like Grand Hyatt, Shila Hotel and Banyan Tree hotel. I will explain further below.

Itaewon is available to general travelers. I always stay in this area if I visit Korea. Evenings are always busy (and crazy on weekends), and there are different restaurants if you need non-Korean food.

The location is perfect for travelers booking a tour because pickup usually takes place in Myeongdong or Itaewon.

First, two of the hotels that I recommend are the Hamilton Hotel and the IP Boutique hotel. It’s not the best hotel and it’s always full at night so it can be noisy but it’s close to Itaewon station and everywhere (restaurants and bars) you can walk.

Seoul Neighborhood Guide

Between the two hotels, I will choose the Hamilton hotel, as it is undergoing renovation and is the best known hotel in the heart of Itaewon.

The second one, which I prefer, is choosing hotels at the top of Namsan. There are three hotels I would recommend – Grand Hyatt hotel, Banyan Tree Hotel and Shilla Hotel.

The Grand Hyatt Hotel is probably my favorite hotel and the place I usually stay when I visit Korea. You can also walk to Itaewon and have a wonderful view of Seoul (on request only or through selected room). The only problem is that the standard rooms are small compared to other Grand Hyatt hotels.

Best Area To Stay In Seoul

By the way, if you are planning to stay at Hyatt hotels, I can offer you the benefits and perks that cannot. If you are interested, you can contact me via whatsapp.

Best Things To Do In Seoul, Korea

The BanyanTree Hotel is my second favorite hotel in Itaewon. I love it because it has a beautiful jacuzzi in every room, and during the summer you can rent your own private pool. It’s like living in a jungle in a concrete jungle. But the reason it’s second only to the Grand Hyatt is that you’ll need transportation to get to Itaewon.

The Shilla Hotel is another great option if you’re looking to park somewhere more authentic. It is probably the only five-star hotel that resembles the traditional Korean home. It is owned by one of the daughters of the CEO of Samsung :).

Hong Dae is a city known for drinking and partying. It is catered for the famous students of the University of Hong Kong and young students between 18 and 30 years old. Much of Southeast Asia and East Asia are here to meet because on the weekend the road is suggested if you can’t even move.

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Best Hotels In Seoul, South Korea (affordable & Luxury Hotels 2022 Guide)

If you’re coming to party, this is the city for you. Just a warning, because you’re young, groups will always have an age limit (people born after 1984 can’t join groups, which I wrote once lol).

The best hotel in Hongdae is RYSE, Marriott’s autograph collection. If you’re getting Marriott points, I highly recommend staying here. Plus it’s close to the main area so you don’t have to worry about getting a cab in the middle of the night which can be a pain.

I love Hong Dae, but he can be strong when he gets to be my age. I can’t party like a 19-year-old anymore. So I prefer to be outside for a while, where I can party, but also come home and get some sleep. So I recommend the Conrad hotel in YeoYi Do.

Best Area To Stay In Seoul

It is a 10-minute taxi ride from Hongdae and close to an express subway station that takes you to Gangnam in 10 minutes. The Conrad Hotel is a recent addition to Seoul’s luxury hotels. If you are interested, I can give you benefits and perks. You can contact me by whatsapp.

Top 8 Best Areas To Stay In Seoul For Your First Visit In 2022

This is the city of beauty, fashion, plastic surgery and K-pop. If you’re coming to Korea for this reason, you have to stop here.

There are a few hotels from the Park Hyatt to the Le Meridian hotel, but these cater more to business people. It’s not walking distance to where you all want to hang out.

If I had to choose between Park Hyatt Seoul or Le Meridian hotel, I would choose Park Hyatt because they have better facilities. But there is a new hotel in town and I recommend this hotel. It’s called the Andaz hotel (by Hyatt). It just opened a month ago.

This is where the famous Myungdong is located. Myungdong is a street full of shops and restaurants. The streets are closed to pedestrians only, so it’s a good place to walk around. Also, it is close to all tourist attractions from Gyung bok goong to chung Gae river.

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The most famous is obviously the Lotte Hotel, but my favorite is the L’Escape Hotel. L’Escape is a modern and prestigious hotel that many travelers still don’t know about. It’s my best kept secret hotel.

I’m not saying the Lotte Hotel is bad, but when the hotel is as gigantic as the Lotte Hotel it can be confusing. Hotel L’Escape really makes you feel like you can escape the hustle and bustle of Seoul. Home > Asia > Korea > Where to stay in Seoul | 7 BEST areas, hotels and local travel tips

Big, modern and kinetic – with more than 25 million souls drawn to the city’s endless promise, your first visit to Seoul can feel like an attack in the face.

Best Area To Stay In Seoul

With one foot planted firmly in proud history, and the other as far into the future as possible, it’s a heady mix of old and new that will have you clamoring for more.

Where To Stay In Seoul

Don’t make the mistake of reducing Seoul to another Tokyo or New York. Seoul is vibrant, in its own way.

It’s a place to put on your most comfortable shoes, get lost and dream.

Comprised of 25 autonomous regions (구 | gu) and 424 administrative regions (동 | dong), deciding on the best place to stay in Seoul can be difficult – to say the least.

Don’t worry. I have lived in Seoul for 12 years and I do all the work for you. Read on to travel to Seoul.

South Korea Travel: Discover The 5 Best Places To Stay In Seoul

Seoul is divided in half – east to west – by the Hangang River. These two halves of the city are called GANGBUK (north of the river) and GANGNAM (south of the river).

When making the important decision of where to stay in Seoul, it helps to understand that Gangnam and Gangbuk have different characters.

Generally speaking, Gangnam is home to everything hypermodern, bright and futuristic in Seoul. Before the 1970s, this area didn’t exist, so this is where you’ll find all things K-pop, swish shops, and the tallest, flashiest buildings in Korea.

Best Area To Stay In Seoul

Gangbuk, on the other hand, is an older, more traditional part of Seoul. It’s where you’ll find top sights like Gyeongbokgung Palace and Bukchon Hanok Village, as well as traditional markets and historic areas.

Seoul Neighborhood Map

Seoul is full of unique neighborhoods, twists, and amazing architecture. It’s one of the reasons I like living here. There is always something to discover!

However, when choosing where to stay in Seoul, remember that not all areas of the city are a good base for travel. It is a large city, and most of it is made up of residential areas or industrial centers with little value to offer tourists.

I chose these 7 areas to stay in Seoul based on 12 years of living, traveling and exploring the city, as well as its location, access to sights, and convenience for tourists.

Here’s a quick guide, broken down by need, to help you further decide where to stay in Seoul. I’ll describe each of these areas in more detail below, but I hope you have a little more knowledge on how to choose the perfect place to stay in Seoul.

Where To Stay In Seoul

If you’re traveling to Korea for the first time, where you decide to stay in Seoul can make or break your trip. I don’t want to scare you – but for beginners, Seoul can be quite overwhelming.