Best Bjj Gym In The World

Best Bjj Gym In The World – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu continues to grow rapidly and it seems that more and more gyms are being added. But not all gyms are created equal. The quality and standards of teaching and training can vary widely. In our list below, we take a look at the best jiu jitsu gyms in the world right now.

These gyms are well known in the BJJ community and feature some of the best trainers and martial arts stars. Many of the jiu jitsu schools listed below have their own digital channels where they showcase their teachings and training to their subscribers.

Best Bjj Gym In The World

Best Bjj Gym In The World

Judging the best BJJ gym is a very subjective exercise. People will always have a bias towards their own academies and lineages. To make it as fair as possible, we decided on the list below based on 3 simple metrics.

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The head coach and instructors who run the gym is the most important factor in any gym. The head coach sets the culture and leads by example. Their own reputation in the BJJ community is often a draw factor for many students.

All of the top trainers on this list are well known in BJJ circles and have demonstrated the ability to teach, organize and inspire their students.

The students that a jiu jitsu school produces reflect the quality of the gym. It is no coincidence that the best gyms in the world produce the best jiu jitsu athletes and students.

Students benefited from the knowledge of their instructor and the quality of their teammates. Not all gyms are competition oriented, but the best jiu jitsu gyms in the world tend to have strong competition teams.

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Successful BJJ gyms that have a good reputation tend to attract better students. Many of the gyms on the list below have received students who may have earned their initial belts elsewhere. This is a reflection of the quality of the gyms and a signal that yes.

Almost all of the gyms listed below also contain a large number of hobbies. The gyms are also very accommodating to visiting students. Being able to train alongside the best in the world is one of the best things about BJJ!

ATOS is currently the most dominant force in competitive BJJ. The team was founded by Ramon Lemos and Andre Galvão. In a relatively short period of time, Galvao has built a team of killers that dominate most of the major championships. Based in San Diego, the team is part of the strong BJJ culture that has developed in SoCal.

Best Bjj Gym In The World

The gym has a number of full-time Jiu Jitsu practitioners and trainers who train alongside hobby grapplers. The professional black belt team is supported by a strong team of colored belt athletes, many of whom have traveled from Brazil to train with Galvao and his team at ATOS.

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If you’re a fan of MMA or BJJ, you’ve probably heard of Renzo Gracie. Renzo first gained notoriety for his MMA appearances at Pride in the early days of the sport.

Renzo Gracie Academy is also home to the Danaher Death Squad. This is an elite team of mostly Nogi grapplers, coached by legendary Renzo blackbelt John Danaher. Teams’ innovative approach to leglocks and training has dominated the noggy scene in recent years.

Marcelo Garcia Jiu Jitsu School in New York is a place that every BJJ player and grappler should try to visit at least once in their life. It is the mecca of BJJ.

Marcelo himself is one of the best competitors of all time and his passion for BJJ is contagious.

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The academy welcomes all students and has a number of excellent trainers with years of experience in BJJ. It’s also home to a number of the world’s top grapplers who love to share their pads with visitors.

MGinaction is Marcel’s digital channel and was one of the first BJJ channels online and features a large number of training and sparring videos.

AOJ is the main lightweight grapplers Rafael and Guilherme Mendes. Both brothers are multiple world champions and are known for their highly technical and intelligent jiu-jitsu games.

Best Bjj Gym In The World

Team AOJ is affiliated with ATOS and together they have become a dominant force in competitive jiu jitsu.

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Despite their relatively young age, the two brothers have now stopped competing to focus 100% on developing their academy. The results have already started to show.

One of the most remarkable things about AOJ is the incredible branding they have. The Jiu Jitsu school has a striking all-white design with cool artwork and medals adorning the walls. The quality of their digital output is very professional and in many ways sets the branding standard for BJJ academies.

The AOJ also runs a ‘Believe & Achieve’ program which works to identify potential BJJ talent, to whom it then offers sponsorship, guidance and training at the AOJ.

Unity Jiu Jitsu is another gym based in New York and just a short walk from Marcelo’s. He is led by top BJJ black belt Murillo Santana.

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In recent years the gym has built a very strong competitive team of black and colored belts who have been very successful at all major tournaments. Murilo Santana’s close ties with Marcos Barbosa have allowed many of Cicero Costa’s top athletes to come to New York to train with him, and many of these athletes represent both gyms in competition.

Equipment is basic and there is limited rolling space. But it helps with the intensity and focus of training and sparring. If you’re a top lightweight competitor, this is probably the best place to train in the world right now.

Shortly after that, he founded a charity project with the idea of ​​helping children from underprivileged areas through BJJ. The aim was to give the children a sense of purpose and prevent them from getting into trouble on the street. Costa named the project “Lutando Pelo Bem” (Fight for Good).

Best Bjj Gym In The World

The gym equipment is very basic but the level of Jiu Jitsu is incredible. The intensity of the training is legendary and the students strive extremely hard to be the best in the world.

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Rio de Janeiro may have the highest concentration of top BJJ gyms in the world. Team GF headquarters may be the best gym in Rio.

Based in Rio, the BJJ school is one of the few teams that does not come from the traditional Gracie lineage. Instead, the team comes from the lineage of Osvaldo Fadda, a respected rival from the Grassi family.

Like some of the other gyms on this list, this gym has a reputation for tough matches and training.

Ribeiro Jiu Jitsu is the academy of the legendary Saul and Xande Ribeiro. The brothers have 13 GI World Championships between them and there are very few grapplers on the planet with more BJJ expertise than them. Ribeiro Jiu Jitsu has approximately 50 branches worldwide and the brothers often attend seminars.

Best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Bjj Gyms In The World

The two brothers also own the BJJ Library online database and regularly update it with new content for their subscribers.

Roger Gracie is arguably the greatest BJJ competitor of all time. He is a 14-time world champion and has won every other major championship. His game and style are based on solid fundamentals and hard play, which has also translated into a successful MMA career.

In the early 2000s, Roger moved to Great Britain. With the help of his father Mauricio Gomes, he built one of the best academies in the country.

Best Bjj Gym In The World

The Roger Gracie Academy is home to some of the UK’s top competitors and has helped develop the martial art in the country. The gym is located in central London and also offers MMA classes.

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The team has since won several world tag team titles and also produced some of Brazil’s greatest MMA competitors such as Jose Aldo and Renan Barao.

Nova Uniao is also known for its work in Rio’s poorer communities. Over the years, they have consistently waived tuition fees and provided shelter and assistance to children who were less fortunate than others.

The gym has shifted more towards MMA in recent years. Despite this, the gym still has a strong BJJ team and culture.

There are many more great academies and BJJ gyms in the world that should perhaps be on this list. Here are some of the other top academies in the world that have earned a reputation for excellence. San Diego is considered by many to be the BJJ capital of the world. This guide should give you an idea of ​​what it is. Here you can find a list of well-known gyms in the area.

Best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Schools In The World

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Best Bjj Gym In The World