Best Cb Fifa 21 Career Mode

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FIFA 22 not only brings a ton of new features, but also new game stats and leaderboards. Here we take a look at the best defenders in FIFA 22.

Best Cb Fifa 21 Career Mode

Best Cb Fifa 21 Career Mode

Whether you’re after the big, battered centre-backs or the tall, lanky full-backs who litter the opposition box with dangerous crosses, you’ll want to keep an eye on these players and Contract them if possible.

Fifa 21 Player Career Mode

We are looking for players under the age of 28 who can improve your team both now and in the future. Apologies to Sergio Ramos and Giorgio Chiellini, although they are great signings if you need to have a hole in the Champions League race in a season.

This tutorial focuses on career mode, but many can also work well in FUT. While we’re at it, check out our guide on how to make quick money in FIFA Ultimate Team if that’s your thing too.

Ruben Dias is only 24. He is 24 and already one of the best CBs in the world and in FIFA 22. He will also improve, with an overall potential of 91. Fitness and a footballer Smart, you won’t need to worry about Dias getting out of position if you lose the ball in the midfield and have to join a counter attack. He’s also good on the ball, with better passing stats than most other CBs, and he’s also a real threat on the move.

Juventus’ Matthijs de Ligt has everything you want from a CB. Powerful, great in the air, and a good match reader when the player is out of control, he’ll land right on any team in the world. He’s also quite agile for a centre-back, with a sprint of 75. It’s not an Olympic sprint, but it’s enough to harass opposing strikers and give him more chances. to use his power.

The Best Talents From France

However, if you really want a quick CB, sign up for Dayot Upamecano. The French defender has the power, tackle and aerial combat you’d expect from a top CB, but the real piece of cake is his 90-degree sprint speed. Sure, the 70-degree acceleration isn’t blinding, but once he does, you’ll be able to chase all but the fastest forwards and wings, making it extremely difficult to get caught by a team with Upamecano at the back. .

Theo Hernández was surprisingly fast. He wouldn’t be suitable as a winger, but his defensive qualities make him a great left-back who does all the things you need him to do. Given the growing importance of defenders in football, it makes sense to invest heavily in position and Hernández is exactly what the doctor ordered. He is a quality crosser and can easily get into positions with such speed and dribbling ability.

So we know we said Theo Hernández is a speed player. We don’t lie. However, Bayern’s Canadian full-back Alphonso Davies is capable of sprinting and sprinting 96. This is completely wild. He’s also a great dribbler and can keep his footing all over the pitch with four-star movement and a weak foot. He’s only 20 years old and has plenty of time to grow – not that he needs that to get straight into your starting XI.

Best Cb Fifa 21 Career Mode

Andy Robertson is the best LB in the world. Liverpool’s Scottish superstar has such a range of attributes that it would be ridiculous not to include him here. Most impressive was his 95th fitness, as full-backs were expected to sprint across the pitch non-stop – we remember so many FIFA careers with exhausted full-backs running to the void. with a tight schedule. That shouldn’t be an issue with Robertson’s work speed and stamina, so you’ll be hard pressed to downgrade him.

Fifa 21 Best Defenders (cb, Lb, Rb, Lwb & Rwb)

Great backs are hard to find. Liverpool somehow found two of them. What Trent lacks in physicality compared to Robertson, he makes up for in confidence with his superb playing skills. Getting Alexander-Arnold’s ball was crucial as he could easily throw a cross from the field to the left or dribble into his own half and smash the peach into the box. If you can get Trent on your team, you’re a lucky soul indeed.

Man City’s Joao Cancelo is a great addition to any team. He’s quick, a great crosser, and in an age where full-backs essentially function as wingers as well as defenders, his four-star skills and feeble feet have set him apart. separate. As Manchester City’s first choice, he won’t be cheap but will be worth it as he runs down the right side of the pitch.

Hakimi, PSG’s right-back, has 95 acceleration and 95 speed. He defends well, but may need to be covered by a well-played centre-back while he’s busy on the pitch in search. goals and assists. A four-star weak foot allows him to cut inside and shoot himself, and this menace means you’ll be able to take advantage of his ridiculous speed to close in on anyone trying to catch you and throw the ball straight to the head. (hopefully) an attacker is approaching. Hakimi has a potential in him, and if you get a chance to use him, you’ll be rewarded.

Nuno Mendes mainly plays left-back, but he is more than that. Throw him in at left-back or left-back and he’ll put on an excellent performance, especially if you allow him to reach his full potential. His fitness is a bit lacking, but if you’re playing a system with three centre-backs kicking around, there’s no need for Mendes to follow. Plus, he’s only 19 years old, so he’s going to improve a lot!

Fifa 20: Best Young Players And Wonderkids

Pedro Porro really knows how to hold his right hand. With playtime and practice, his defensive stats will increase and you’ll be able to keep the pressure high against any opponent with Porro in the role. However, he really comes into play in attack, as his excellent ball control can control opponents who focus too much on narrowing central space. Take him away, make crosses and watch the goals come in.

You have really good full-backs and full-backs, don’t you? Reece James is Chelsea’s choice for the position and he’s a really strong guy in his position. He is also fast, so don’t expect to have an easy time with your slippery wings trying to take him down, as he will chase them and free them with ease. At just 21 years old, he’s a great addition to any team for the next decade, so don’t hesitate to spend big! See all Wonderkid defenders in career mode and list their potential abilities, current rating and in-game price.

You can’t lose games unless you admit it. Many defensive managers have lived and died with this approach in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

Best Cb Fifa 21 Career Mode

In fact, and especially in FIFA 21, this is easier said than done. Defense is an art in FIFA and the new improvements to dribbling and running forward in this year’s game make keeping a clean sheet even harder.

Fifa 21 Best Young Players: Career Mode’s Top Strikers, Midfielders, Defenders And Goalkeepers

Profits can be made if you are looking to buy potential young defenders on the cheap and are willing to put in the effort to make them superstars.

High current-rated players like Matthijs de Ligt and Alphonso Davies would be too expensive for most teams, but Sporting CP duo Nuno Mendes and Eduardo Quaresma could be cheaper alternatives that eventually reach similar heights.

Game time and practice are key to player development in FIFA 21, so if you sign any of these cheap prodigies make sure you give them enough minutes to develop properly. way and become a superstar.

Here are all the best young defenders in the FIFA 21 career mode, ranked according to their potential rating in the game.

Fifa 21: Fastest Centre Backs On Ultimate Team

*The clubs listed are the clubs the player is assigned to in FIFA 21 Career Mode, while the ages listed are the Career Mode starting ages, ranging from Alphonse Davies to Erling Haaland and Jadon Sancho, which is home to many of the biggest football teams with potential on FIFA 21. – © DFL

FIFA 21 is published by EA Sports. The top video game of world football gives you once again the chance to play with your favorite players, build your top team and even lead your club to perfection. in a franchise scenario.

Every year, players seek out the best prodigies to sign up for career mode, and that won’t change in FIFA 21 with new features that allow you to dive even deeper into the world of management. That’s why he wants to help those who are looking for the best young talents

Best Cb Fifa 21 Career Mode