Best Cm Fifa 22 Career Mode

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Not only does FIFA 22 bring a lot of new features, but it also brings new statistics and ratings. Here, we look at the best defenders in FIFA 22.

Best Cm Fifa 22 Career Mode

Best Cm Fifa 22 Career Mode

If you are looking for big, bruised center backs or pure fullbacks pure opposite the box with dangerous crosses, you will want to take note of these players and sign them if you can.

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We take a look at players under the age of 28 who can make your team better now and in the future. Apologies to Sergio Ramos and Georgio Chiellini, although they are good signings if you need to plug a hole to push for the Champions League in one season.

This guide focuses on Career Mode, but many can also be good marks in FUT. While we’re at it, give our guide on how to make quick money in FIFA Ultimate Team a read if that’s your thing too.

Ruben Dias is only 24. He is 24 years old, and has been one of the best CBs in the world, and in FIFA 22. He will only get better, with an overall potential of 91. A physical powerhouse and an intelligent football player. , you won’t have to worry about Dias getting hold of the position if you lose the ball in the midfield and have to fight for a counter attack. He is also sound on the ball, with better statistics than most other CBs, as well as posing a genuine threat in front for set-pieces.

Matthijs de Ligt of Juventus has everything you want in a CB. strong, great in the air, and good reading of the game if the player is not in control, he will be the right place in any team in the world. For a central defender, he is also very nippy, with a sprint speed of 75. Not Olympic sprinting, but enough to make it difficult for the opponent and give him more opportunities to use his power stat.

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If you really want a fast CB, get Dayot Upamecano in. The French defender has the strength, tackling, and aerial ability you’d expect from a top CB, but his real pièce de résistance is his 90 speed sprint. Sure, 70 acceleration is not brilliant, but if you get to the rhythm you will be able to chase down everything, but the striker and the fastest wing, which makes it very difficult to get behind the team and Upamecano in the back.

Theo Hernández is ridiculously pacy. He doesn’t need to be in place as a winger, but his defensive attributes make him a fantastic left-back to do all the work you need him to do. With the awareness of the importance of football, it makes sense to invest heavily in the position, and Hernández is just what the doctor ordered. He is a quality crosser of the ball, and he will find it easy to get to this position with his speed and dribbling.

So we know that Theo Hernández is a speedster. We are not lying. However, Alphonso Davies, Bayern’s Canadian defender, has 96 acceleration and sprint speed. It was absolutely wild. He is also an amazing dribbler of the ball, and can hold his own all over the pitch with 4 star skill moves and weak feet. Just 20 years old, he has plenty of development time ahead of him – not that he needs it to be right in your starting XI.

Best Cm Fifa 22 Career Mode

Andy Robertson is the best LB in the world. The Scottish Liverpool superstar has a variety of attributes that would be ridiculous not to include him here. The most impressive is his 95 durability, because as a sensor player is expected to continue running up and down the pitch – we can remember many FIFA careers with used sensors running on empty with a jammed installation schedule. This is far from a problem with Robertson’s work rate and stamina, so you barely have to send it.

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Great fullbacks are hard to come by. Liverpool somehow won two of them. What Trent lacks in stamina compared to Robertson, he makes up for with aplomb thanks to his ridiculously good playmaking ability. Getting Alexander-Arnold on the ball is important, because he can effortlessly whistle pass across the field all the way to the left flank, or dribble all the way to his own side and hit a rainbow of balls in the box. If you can get Trent on your team, you are truly a lucky soul.

City’s Joao Cancelo is a great addition to any team. He’s quick, a good ball-striker, and in the days when fullbacks basically had to be wingers as well as defenders, his 4-star movement skills and weak feet set him apart from the rest. As the first choice of Manchester City he will not be cheap, but everything will be worth it when he runs down the right side of the field.

Hakimi, PSG’s right back, has 95 acceleration and 95 sprint speed. He’s fine defensively, but he might need to be covered by a good centre-back as he’s busy on the pitch looking for goals and assists. A weak 4-star leg allows him to cut deep and shoot for himself, and this threat means that you will be able to use his ridiculous speed, pull away from anyone trying to catch you and whip the ball straight up. a (hopefully) future striker. Hakimi has bags of potential, and if you get a chance to use it, you’ll love it.

Nuno Mendes mainly plays left wing again, but much more than that. Put him on the left or in the middle of the left and he will do exquisitely, especially if you allow him to reach his full potential. His durability leaves a little to be desired, but if you play a system with three center backs kicking on, there will not be much need for Mendes to follow. Plus, he’s only 19, so he’ll improve massively!

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Pedro Porro can really hold down the right side. With game time and practice, his defensive stats will evolve, and you’ll be able to maintain high pressure against opponents with Porro playing a role. It really comes into its own in attack, though, as good ball control means it can dominate opponents who focus too much on closing down central space. Get it wide, put in a cross, and watch the goals flow.

England have some really good full backs and wing backs, huh? Reece James is Chelsea’s choice in that position, and he’s a strong lad for his position. He’s also fast, so don’t expect it to be easy with your slippery wings trying to knock him past him because he’ll chase them down and outmuscle them easily. At 21, he’s a great addition to any team at any point in the next decade, so don’t hesitate to shell out the big bucks! As always, the choice is yours. Do you work in the division on a small budget or you will take the power club in even more glory than we thought it possible?

If you are opting for the former then chances are you will have to find some diamonds in the rough in order to help you out. We have good news for you, because we have found it!

Best Cm Fifa 22 Career Mode

The parameters we use to determine the best bargains in the game are those that are available for a cheap price, but will have the potential to grow into a regular first team.

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To make sure we don’t go too far in value, we’ve limited the value of each person in this article to £2,000,000. save yourself some children!

You can have all the talent in the world, but if you don’t have a strong goalkeeper to keep the ball out of the back of the net, you won’t win many games.

The key to a good side is a strong back line, and there are plenty of bargain defenders available in FIFA 22.

Whether you’re looking for a CDM to sit in front of your back four, or an attacking-minded midfielder to orchestrate your attack, we’ve got you covered.

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And finally, let’s look at the future that will lead the way for the coming years.

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Best Cm Fifa 22 Career Mode

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