Best Csgo Player Of All Time

Best Csgo Player Of All Time – As I explained in a two-part story (part one and part two) in 2012, there are three games that can be described as candidates for the best Counter-Strike players in history: Potti , NEO and f0rest. The era of Potti was good for the first five or six years of the competitive game, then he retired and the other two appeared and dominated most of the history, it seems. Those three players have enough potential, across the board, who you choose for the third is not as important as your personal reasons.

By removing these three from the list, there are other candidates who can get this first position, because of the big changes that have been made. I tried to do my research on what prevents them from being right, so you can’t change their country and make them Swedish, or give them more skills, they should be fine to themselves but something stopped them. can be changed or removed.

Best Csgo Player Of All Time

Best Csgo Player Of All Time

It is fair to say that this is not a list of the greatest players of all time or, there are good players but they are not part of this particular discussion. For example, someone like SpawN or HeatoN has the opportunity to show their talent and achieve great things, so we shouldn’t underestimate them, since they have already shown it to all of us. Instead, these are players who can be good, something that didn’t work out.

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The mSx is an absolute monster in the server. Familiar with every weapon in the game, he is just as deadly in a round shot as he is with an AWP or a pistol in his hand. He can open the tournament with a stroke, he can clear three in the middle and he can win his share of the hole. One of those players who not only can do it all, they actually do it during their games and activities. mSx was held back by only two things: his lack of good teammates in his career and his senior season. A quick reading of this article in his 13-months will show the level of play he achieved at his peak.

Take something and add something from the way he played the server and mSx all that is needed in the conversation for the best player of all time is the best performance and the most opportunities to give games large to high level. In his performances in 2007 and 2008 he was able to show his amazing skills at the top of the CS league, but it was partly because the environment was a little weak in 2007 and the real monsters of the game he only emerged after 2008 continued. After that, his teams often failed to play at the same level, leaving him as a solo star who showed some good solo performances but ended up even lost before the end, as evidenced by his GameGune 2007.

Even in its later years, like REAL, the mSx will show its brilliance against inferior teams, unable to compete as a team, but still proving that one of the greatest talents of the game. If mSx had two better teams, especially a reliable second star, and they all collided in 2006, 2008 or 2010, we would have seen one of the best players in always coming from France. Go back and look at the WCG that experienced success in 2007 and is probably the most famous person in history, the number The help he gets from his team is very small, compared to other great people. the players won.

In the end, all things considered, he is far from being able to take the title of the best CS player, not because of what this guy can do on the CS server.

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This is probably the most surprising thing on this list for many CS fans, since few will be from the era when MedioN was at its peak. To understand the state of MedioN’s game I have to take you back with me to 2001. Before there was an agreement about the best player in the world, the supporters started to build the support for names like HeatoN and Ksharp, is still very large. their youth are elite athletes. Potti was the man that experts thought was the best, as it would happen later, but he was unknown at the time, for the most part. Enter MedioN, the star of the Swedish game.

MedioN is the first real player in the history of CS, although Rambo and BigDog can challenge him in the future. Since the beginning of 2001 many players have been very divided in terms of being a pure shooter or an AWPer. If they are shooters that means using AK or kot, using August or Sigg is considered inconsistent. Even in the situation, one or two players can play at the highest level. This is where the genius of MedioN comes in, because the Swede can use any weapon at a high level, and he does.

After the first generation of the Ninjas in Pajamas (NiP) series of games was divided, the participation of MedioN and MAFIA of vesslan allowed him to establish himself as the best player in the world , he was considered one of the best players while being established by someone like HeatoN. enough and wait for his big game on the internet. He was part of the winning team in the final of ‘NiP vs. NiP’ CPL Holland, where the players are divided between MAFIA (under the badge and All*.

Best Csgo Player Of All Time

While NiP saw the light and reformed their lineup after this CPL, MedioN was an important part of three straight CPL championships, including the end of the American season, with a few minor changes. The best analogy for the end of the day for someone like MedioN is players like Tentpole or Brand, who played different roles in their teams, but could inspire the game in as many ways as MedioN can. MedioN stopped competing in early 2002, returning for a brief comeback with SK and 3rd in CPL Winter 2002.

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If he had played longer, MedioN would have been higher on the all-time list and could have put together a real hit. The reason why he can make this list is because what he has achieved in such a short time is amazing. In almost two years of competitive play he won two CPL America and three CPL Europe. He was respected by all his contemporaries, who considered him a monster of a player, and it was certain that he would be able to play in the big teams for many years after his retire.

MedioN is one of those rare players who walked away from CS when he could have done more, not motivated by reduced skills or lack of opportunities.

Solo is a player who is suffering from problems in his game due to the quality of his friends and the lack of opportunities. He is another player who has the best all-around weapon in the game and seems to be able to match whatever is required of him. In fact, this is one of the characteristics that make his work stronger: where players like f0rest or NEO can take the same responsibility for all their actions, teams that match their strong and put them in a great position, it should be searched around. outside the event. His staff is just like all his teams with holes that need to be filled.

If the team needs a leader in a game, as they once did, then he should be the leader in the game. and adjust its ban status. If they need a special CT area that is covered, since there is no one available, then they should be redirected and find a way to make an impact there. His strength alone and his strength in every aspect of the game means that there are times when you don’t see his full potential.

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At his peak, with two or three lines he had that could really compete at the highest level, he shined as one of the best players in the world, but a repeat would be forced. still on three main points instead of LAN. victory. At events such as the WEG Masters in 2006 and the ESWC in 2008, Solo continued to play his all-time highs, but came away with no trophies.

It’s not just about not having good friends. The problem in Korea was that another group of good players, Lunatic-Hai, remained