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Whenever my family goes to a zi char restaurant for a family dinner, the dish we usually order is fish curry. The fish head may not be the tastiest fish of all, but it is the most tender, and when cooked well it is very tasty. One of our favorite places for fish curry is Curry & Curry, located along Hougang Street 21, near Fairprice Finest. The zi char restaurant has been around for over 6 years, and was recently renovated last December to install air conditioning.

Best Curry Fish Head Near Me

Best Curry Fish Head Near Me

The process of ‘split’ is very simple. My father takes the eye and the mouth, my mother takes the joint and I get the best part of the fish (in my opinion), the soft, tender meat. Without fighting, all fish are eaten easily and efficiently.

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My group and I decided to have lunch together at Curry & Curry, and we were blown away by the Curry Red Snapper Fish Head ($26). The fish curry is cooked in a clay pot and when it is brought to our table, it is still covered and hot. Accompanying the main fish are a few lady fingers, eggplant, tau pok and pickled peppers, all full of curry and flavor.

The red snapper is the perfect size, perfect for a group of five. The tender meat serves as a great base to hold the rich curry sauce, which is the star of the whole dish. The rich and viscous curry is an explosion of flavor. Despite being hot and spicy, the sauce has a sourness and zing and a slight sweetness. It was so delicious that I can have it with a bowl of white rice!

If you are not a fan of main fish, the restaurant also offers curry fish tail, which I believe is good.

Besides the great fish curry, we were told that the Prawn and Meat Roll ($9) and the House-made Special Muar Otah ($6) are also a must try.

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The vegetable and meat plate, which is actually ngoh hiang, has a beautiful and elegant appearance. I like that the ngoh hiang has a strong garlic smell, which does not overwhelm the five flavors. However, I think the homemade otah is the same as the one you can get in a package at the supermarket. But I love that there is so much seafood in otah.

We also tried the Cabbage Scallop Dried Scallop & Egg ($7), which we thought was too salty without the flavor of dried scallops. Another dish that we cannot recommend would be the Hainanese Pork Chop ($7), which has a good price of pork and a spicy sauce.

However, you can count on the egg omelet ($7), which is Furong Dan. Eggs are easy, tasty and have great vegetables added to them like spicy onions and herbs.

Best Curry Fish Head Near Me

While some of the zi char dishes at Curry and Curry may be subpar, the main fish curry here will be the star for me. In fact, even as I write this post, my mouth is watering at the thought of this rich and spicy curry. I think I know where I will be dining with my family this weekend!

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A foodie from Singapore, Justyn loves to recreate hot and spicy dishes in her spare time at home.

Once iconic and exotic, the fish head curry combines Singapore’s enduring love affair with all things curry and spices. This spicy dish comes in a variety of flavors, from a light curry, Tangier Nyonya, to an Indian version that’s big and bold and spicy. Whatever you choose, you’ll get a satisfying fix from our list of the best fish curry places in Singapore.

This Michelin Bib Gourmand restaurant has made a name for itself with its South Indian fare, its signature Fish Head Curry (S$24++). Served on banana leaves, this delicious specialty features the fresh catch of the season, from red snapper to bream and sea bass. The curry packs a spicy punch and gives it a hint of tanginess, thanks to the tamarind and pineapple. Served over their fluffy basmati rice, it’s very addictive.

Ah Lye Curry Fish Head, Subang Jaya

Muthu’s Curry has outlets at Dempsey Road, Race Course Road, and Suntec City. For more location information, see here.

Curry Fishhead may not be the dish of choice at a Peranakan restaurant, but IVINS’ Garam Assam Fishhead (S$23.80) is worth the effort. Their red halves are cooked in a generous amount, and come swimming in a thick, creamy, tamarind-scented sauce. If you like your curry extra, opt for the delicious Nyonya Fishhead Curry with coconut milk.

IVINS Peranakan Hotel is located at 21 Binjai Park, Singapore 589827, p. +65 6468 3060. Open Friday-Wednesday 11am-3pm and 5pm-9pm. Closed on Thursdays.

Best Curry Fish Head Near Me

The porridge store slash-Teochew is a Westie’s place to find solace. Zai Shun’s claim to fame rests on his large, exotic fish, which is meticulously looked after daily by Ong’s grandfather. His name is Curry Fish Head, one, fixed star, red animal caught in the Assamese style. Simply put, Steamed Red Garoupa is a crowd favorite for its pure flavor and tender texture.

Fish Head Curry Recipe

Zai Shun Curry Fish Head is located at Blk 253 Jurong East Street 24 #01-205, Singapore 600253, p. +65 8521 1584. Open Monday-Tuesday 7am–5pm, Thursday-Sunday 7am–2.30pm. Closed on Wednesdays.

Ocean’s Assam Curry Fish Head (S$26/S$40) makes for great value, but a group of musicians use its meat to kill the tide. Their version of Nyonya curry is an explosion of sweet, sour, and hot, which is more than just a sprinkling of onions and chilies mixed together – you have to pour it over your white rice. If you’re saving room for other dishes, they also have a simple option of Assam Curry Fish Slices (S$10).

Ocean Curry Fish Head has outlets in Toa Payoh, Telok Ayer, and Bedok North. For more location information, see here.

Spot on, West Co’z Café offers a spread of Thai and Chinese cuisine. What keeps the crowd coming back, of course, is the delicious Curry Fish Head (S$22++) – a mouthwatering treat to challenge the palate. We got a handful of long beans, taupok, and brinjals in the mix too.

Yu Cun Claypot Curry Fish Head

West Co’z Café is located at West Coast Plaza, Yew Tee Point, and Junction 10. Open daily 11.30am–9.30pm.

As the name suggests, Apolo’s Banana Leaf helps South and North Indians nosh on freshly cut banana leaves. Apart from dishes like chicken masala and garlic naan, the Apolo Fish Head Curry (S$32.50++) is a favorite here – imagine a cute little fish head floating in a big bowl of seaweed.

Apolo Banana Books has outlets on Race Course Road, Little India Arcade, and Parkway Parade. For more location information, see here.

Best Curry Fish Head Near Me

Filled with Indian spices, Karu’s version of the Fish Head Deluxe (S$26++) is bold and delicious. Don’t expect to beat the heat here, though – this curry is well made with tomatoes on the go, perfect for those of us who can’t handle the heat. The fish is cooked with a large amount of fruit; with rice, vegetables, and papadum to complete the meal, you won’t leave hungry.

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Karu’s Indian Banana Leaf Restaurant is located at 808/810 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 678144, p. +65 6762 7284. Open Tuesday-Sunday 10.30am–10pm. Closed on Mondays.

Jolene has a very sweet tooth and will happily eat breadcrumbs at every meal. When she’s not dreaming of cheesecake, she can be found at the club, working on art, or covered in pretty paper. Food from around Singapore 12 Fish Head Curry Restaurants to Eat with Family April 8, 2022

With dining capacity now increasing to 10 people in restaurants, and five in shopping centers and coffee shops, sharing dishes such as fish curry is back on the cards. If you’re planning your next family gathering, treat your second cousin or fifth cousin to the best fish curry in Singapore.

If you’re a blue-collar Singaporean, chances are you’ve heard of Na Na Curry. Following its Michelin Bib Gourmand recognition, the chain expanded to 10 locations across the islands. Curry Fish Head ($25 half, $36 whole), plan or red snapper or gold work, AKA angoli, are respected for their firm meat and gelatin.

Fish Head Curry

Apart from the pieces of cooked potato, you will also get a comb that has been cooked until it falls apart.