Best Dtg Printer For Small Business

Best Dtg Printer For Small Business – Have you just started a textile printing business? There are many printing options out there, but only a select few stand out as the best DTG printer for a small business. If you decide to run a small operation with limited manpower, you should check out the TexJet Echo before buying another printer on the market.

The TexJet Echo can print sharp images on a wide range of items, from shirts and hoodies to leggings and small accessories such as socks and underwear. By using TexJet echo you can reduce your costs per print and successfully print on dark clothing. In addition, the TexJet Echo can print on a wide variety of materials, including cotton, leather, linen, polyester, polyester blends and more. Equipped with nine plates of different sizes, you can print a variety of materials that you cannot with other machines. Unlike other textile printing equipment, the TexJet Echo requires very little space and fits into almost any shop.

Best Dtg Printer For Small Business

Best Dtg Printer For Small Business

It should be noted that when using TexJet Echo, it requires the use of water-based textile pigment dye. These inks come in a select set of colors (CMYKW) that provide a bright, sharp quality image even when printing on dark materials with our vibrant white inks.

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When it comes to printed textiles, digital direct garment is now more affordable and productive than ever before. TexJet echo prints in hours instead of days, requires little maintenance and offers low ink costs for clothing. Since the TexJet Echo prints like a home office printer, you can expect ease of operation and the ability to produce the exact number of pieces needed. Whether it’s 1 or 100 articles, you can save time and money by using the machine to avoid overprinting and waste of printed materials.

Maintaining your TexJet Echo is simpler than you might think. Here are some simple steps you can follow to ensure your TexJet Echo is clean and ready to print.

When you’re ready to clean your Texjet echo, first make sure the machine is in the “off” setting. You don’t want to clean your machine while it’s running.

Next, lift the transparent cover over the machine to reveal the inside of your TexJet Echo.

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Open the print head inside your TexJet echo and use the wheel on the right side of the machine to move it out. You can see the wiper and cover station.

Just go in and use a syringe full of cleaning solution and a foam mop to get to work. Dip your foam cloth into the solution and start cleaning the wiper. Clean it thoroughly enough to remove the dried ink.

Snap the head back into place and use the same wheel on the right side of your machine to lock the head back into place.

Best Dtg Printer For Small Business

With the combination of your TexJet Echo and its RIP software, you will never see the ink cost per strip before printing. You can preview each design, so if it’s not exactly what you want, you have a chance to make sure you’re getting the right print job. TexJet Echo RIP software is PC-based but integrates easily into Mac and PC environments.

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The TexJet Echo comes with nine pressure plates that can be replaced in a flash as you move from job to job. Available sizes for the TexJet echo are as follows:

Another great feature is that each plate for the TexJet echo can be used interchangeably with the TexJet shortee.

When you start your small business in the printing industry with us at EXILE Technologies, you can expect quality printing solutions combined with customer service. Visit one of our trade shows or contact us today to learn why the TexJet Echo is the best DTG printer for your small business. The successor to the TexJet Plus is the TexJet Echo, the only printer that can fill a direct gap in the clothing printer market. The invention of web-to-print has significantly changed today’s printing practices with the introduction of TDG printers that have revolutionized the printing process. Processes with increased efficiency. Here is the list of 5 best DTG printers in 2020 – 2021

Introducing the Kornit Avalanche HD6, a robust, high-volume industrial printer with HD technology. The new generation printer significantly reduces ink consumption and provides a smooth, instantly noticeable hand feel. Get exceptional quality printing at a fraction of the cost.

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The KYO series print quality offers unmatched print speeds and features the highest quality industrial components. For extra flexibility, there are over 30 standard plates with a maximum print area of ​​92 x 98 cm. With AUN’s open architecture, workflow processes can be easily achieved, improving the industry’s lowest cost per unit. form. Based on optimal ink consumption.

There is no better solution for establishing or expanding a highly productive, versatile and profitable DTG production business. The Kio series gives you maximum output, maximum print area and maximum performance!

Ocean panel printing is gaining momentum in strike and small-scale production with fashion houses and contract decorators due to the flexibility offered by flatbed digital printing. A roller is not required to roll the sticky belt, which means a massive reduction in equipment and personnel costs.

Best Dtg Printer For Small Business

DTG Digital M6 supports common panel sizes up to 1100 x 980 mm. Fabrics and cut pieces and many finished garments can be decorated under 100 square feet per hour with a dual CMYK piezo print head with a droplet size of at least 3.5 picoliters. Penetration.

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Since 2005, Brother has been known for producing custom clothing printers from scratch. We develop our own firmware, software and print heads. Combined with our specially formulated inks and advanced features, the GTXpro printer provides a powerful tool to help grow your business.

The FreeJet 330DX model is the best quality printer in its class and the best value. The 330TX is the perfect solution for a T-shirt start-up, a screen printing or embroidery business complementing an apparel business, or a commercial printing business looking to add new product lines.

Srinivasan Perumal is the Chief Marketing Officer at Nitbrain International Pvt Ltd and is passionate about supplying, selling and launching new fashion apparel lines to fashion brands and customers. Invest in the best clothing equipment to make new clothes, and print the highest quality clothes in minutes.

If you’ve been researching and searching for the best embroidery and apparel printing techniques to set up and run a highly successful t-shirt printing business, you’ve probably come across TDG. This printing equipment allows companies to produce high quality printed t-shirts in bulk and efficiently. But what is this printing technique or equipment all about?

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Designed to effortlessly print over 200 high-quality and durable t-shirt or apparel prints in minutes (an hour or less), DTG is arguably the best, especially if you incorporate the latest, most advanced technologies. Garment printing technology you want a piece of.

TDG printing first came to light when a Florida-based company called DIS released its flagship garment printing machine called Revolution. At the time Revolution was introduced to the market, the only printing options or techniques for commercial use or mass production included sublimation, thermal transfer and screen printing. This new entrant revolutionized the industry by transferring images onto garments without the use of transfer paper or screen printing.

In an instant, the clothing industry underwent a revolution. There is no denying the ability of apparel printers to produce high quality/resolution images compared to any other fabric printing method that has been around for quite a few years.

Best Dtg Printer For Small Business

DTG or Garment Printers, also known as DTG printing, refers to a process that allows images to be printed directly onto t-shirts and all other types of fabrics/garments. This printing technique is made possible by the use of special ink. The printer looks like an inkjet printer and it prints in full color on fabric.

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In order for the prints to be transferred to the fabric, the garment to be printed is placed directly under the press and then the printer starts printing. The printing system is unique and set up to prevent distortions, meaning this printing process is superior to other printing techniques used for fabric printing.

When the garment is printed or the image is printed directly onto the t-shirt, the ink is absorbed into the fibers before being heat sealed.

This means that DTG printing is done directly on your printer, and no