Best Fmcg Companies To Work For

Best Fmcg Companies To Work For – RIYADH, Saudi Arabia–( BUSINESS WIRE / AETOSWire )– Novo Nordisk Saudi, Johnson & Johnson Saudi, Tamkin Technologies, International Maritime Industries, Al Safi Danone and MSD Animal Health have been recognized as the top 6 best places to work in Saudi Arabia for 2020, the prestigious According to the annual “Best Place to Work” certification program. Best Place to Work is an international certification program that gives employers from different countries the opportunity to learn more about employee engagement and satisfaction and to celebrate those who bring an excellent work experience with high standards related to working conditions.

Novo Nordisk Saudi was ranked top for the second year in a row, followed by Johnson & Johnson Saudi, a subsidiary of global pharmaceutical giant. Tamkeen Technology, a leading technology company based in Riyadh, is ranked third this year. International Maritime Industries, the largest fully-integrated marine yard in MENA, is ranked fourth, followed by Al Safi Danone Company of the Al Faisaliyah Group, which operates in the dairy industry, which ranks first among FMCG companies across the UK. MSD AH, a subsidiary of MSD’s global veterinary business unit in Saudi Arabia, is ranked sixth.

Best Fmcg Companies To Work For

Best Fmcg Companies To Work For

“It’s great to see Novo Nordisk being recognized as the #1 Best Place to Work in Saudi Arabia. I think this is a reflection of working in a patient-centric company where we all have a mission to help people with serious illnesses like diabetes and obesity. Likewise, we are delighted to see Novo Nordisk being seen as an enabling environment for women, where emerging female talents build their future careers,” said Melvin D’Souza, CVP Novo Nordisk Saudi Arabia.

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“We are delighted to see Johnson & Johnson being best placed to work in Saudi Arabia this year. It’s a testament to the work everyone at J&J does every day to change the course of human health and our commitment to our business in this state,” said Ehab Abdel Hafez, head of talent acquisition at META for Johnson & Johnson. .

“We are proud of the culture we create for our people through trust, transparency, engagement, empowerment and opportunity. We should all be proud that we have been certified and recognized as one of the best places to work in Saudi Arabia for the second time in the Raw program, proving that initiative is heard. Listen and appreciate and we are committed to creating. A perfect experience for our employees,” said Mohammad Alshaibi, General Manager of Tamkin Technologies.

“IMI is delighted to receive this award, which reflects the continued progress we have made to support and engage our valued employees. We are proud of their contribution to our new company and this new industry in Saudi Arabia and look forward to making history together in the Kingdom. This award is dedicated to the hard work of each of our IMI colleagues,” said Fathi Al Salim, CEO of International Maritime Industries.

“I am delighted and honored to receive this wonderful response from our employees. The “Best Place to Work” certification is a tribute to all our efforts to provide the best work environment in which our employees can grow, prosper and thrive. They express their ambition to grow as successful individuals,” said Tolga Cesar, CEO of Al. Sefi Danone.

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“I am happy to see MSD AH in KSA on the top list of best places to work in 2020 despite all the challenges this year, especially social distancing, social distancing, socialization, working from home and wanting to connect with each other and us. key customers and partners,” said Mohammad Usman, MSD AH Saudi Arabia Country Lead.

Despite the disruption caused by the pandemic this year, the average engagement of the top 6 companies is 82%, which is something to be proud of. Hamza Idrisi, program manager for Saudi Arabia, said it is an elite group of employers who ensure their employees are happy, healthy and enjoy work.

Companies shortlisted this year were recognized for their culture, leadership and management, benefits, compensation and benefits, exceptional HR programs and policies. A future-thinking workplace.

Best Fmcg Companies To Work For

Lexi Thompson wins New York at Aramco Team Series by knocking out Brooke Henderson and Nelly Korda in the finals 3 011 FMCG startups and scalers Explore our industry in-depth and get data-driven insights into technology-driven solutions in our FMCG innovation. Map!

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The Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry is undergoing significant changes in response to demand for greater convenience, the COVID-19 pandemic and changes in consumer behaviour. Key FMCG industry trends addressing these changes include sustainable product development and packaging, solutions that improve customer experience, and digitalization. In order to provide a better customer experience and gain a competitive advantage, FMCG companies look to omnichannel and e-commerce in addition to implementing big data, analytics and AI solutions. Ready (AI). Internet of Things (IoT) devices and 3D printing technologies are enabling FMCG companies to increase direct delivery to meet rising consumer expectations.

For this in-depth study of top FMCG industry trends and startups, we analyzed a sample of 3,011 global startups and scalers. The result of this research is data-driven innovation intelligence that improves strategic decision-making by giving you an overview of emerging technologies and startups in the FMCG industry. These insights are gained by working with our Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Insights Discovery Platform, which includes more than 500,000 startups and scales worldwide. bridge. The platform provides a comprehensive overview of emerging technologies in a specific field as well as early identification of relevant startups and scalers.

In the Innovation Map below, you’ll find an overview of 10 FMCG trends and innovations impacting companies around the world. Furthermore, the FMCG Innovation Map showcases 20 selected startups, all of which are working on emerging technologies to advance their fields. To explore custom details, just contact us.

Based on the FMCG Innovation Map, the tree map below illustrates the impact of 10 FMCG industry trends. Startups and scalers work on technology solutions to meet FMCG consumers’ growing demand for convenience, sustainability and engaging experiences. The global flood of smartphones is also fueling the digitization and growth of e-commerce, prompting companies to deploy technologies such as AI, big data, IoT, blockchain and 3D printing. FMCG brands adapt product development, manufacturing and packaging to meet consumer demand for sustainable processes and improved convenience. Online stores open up new avenues for data management and analytics, helping FMCG companies grow revenue. For example, more and more brands distribute and sell directly to their customers through online channels, which reduces logistics costs.

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The global startup heat map below highlights the global distribution of the 3,011 startups and typical sizes we analyzed for this study. Generated by the StartUs Insights Discovery Platform, the Heat Map reveals that the US is home to most of these companies while we also see increased activity in the UK, France as well as India.

Below you can meet 20 of these 3,011 promising startups and scalers and the solutions they have developed. These 20 startups were selected based on criteria such as year of establishment, location, source of funding and more. Depending on your specific needs, your top picks may look completely different.

Consumers are becoming more aware of climate change and its impact on the environment. As a result, they pay more attention to a company’s social activities and look for those that offer more responsible product options. Staying at the forefront, FMCG companies not only dictate how they present and package their products, but also what materials they use in their products. To meet consumer demand, more and more FMCG companies are offering compostable, recyclable and reusable packaging. Additionally, non-toxic vegan ingredients are increasing not only in foods, but also in non-food products such as cosmetics and cleaning products.

Best Fmcg Companies To Work For

UK-based startup Flexi-Hex creates environmentally sustainable packaging that allows FMCG companies to reduce packaging waste. The startup offers an eco-friendly, plastic-free solution with a patented honeycomb design made from recycled paper. The startup aims to eliminate plastic from the packaging industry and raise awareness about the threat plastic poses to the oceans.

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German startup Vegshelf has developed a digital business-to-business (B2B) platform that connects healthy, vegan FMCG brands with online stores, supermarkets and food services. The platform allows round-the-clock visibility and direct access to buyers. As a result, VegShelf shortens the sales cycle, allowing FMCG brands to build and maintain relationships with new and existing customers.

With the increasing demand for convenience in the FMCG sector, companies are always striving to significantly improve the customer experience. The startup uses Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) to make products more engaging and interactive. 3D videos and gamification engage and entertain customers while providing them with more information about the product. Furthermore, investing in improving the customer experience builds trust and increases brand loyalty. Hence more and more FMCG