Best Gem For Necromancer Diablo Immortal

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To get the most out of your rig, you need to plug the best legendary games into their sockets. We’ve updated the list below to include everything we’ve seen in the game so far, including the strongest 5-star games.

Best Gem For Necromancer Diablo Immortal

Best Gem For Necromancer Diablo Immortal

Legendary Gems are very powerful and transferable buffs that give your character huge bonuses to their stats or give them devastating new abilities.

How To Awaken Legendaries In Diablo Immortal

While there’s a lot to get your hands on and you’re sure to have a rich metagame by tweaking your entire setup, adding them to your inventory is no easy task.

You can buy legendary gems from other players using a dedicated system with your own currency, but there are other ways too.

One of the easiest ways is to do it yourself using runes, but it can be a complicated, messy and intense process.

So you know where to focus your efforts on saving the world from evil, here’s everything you need to know about legendary gems and runes in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal: Totenbeschwörer Summoner Build

Gems in Diablo Immortal are rare items that increase the power of your character and their equipment. They can be easily divided into 2 categories: legendary and common gems, which can be red, yellow and blue gems.

Legendary Gems are grouped into basic equipment: your main weapon, arm pull-out gear, shoulder, leg, body, and rudder. They increase your combat rating and resonance, which breaks all of your gear’s attributes. Their main point is the unique special abilities they unlock.

Regardless of the best class you choose in Diablo Immortal, they are key to getting the most out of your gear.

Best Gem For Necromancer Diablo Immortal

Red, yellow, and blue gems are featured in secondary equipment. This includes your neckwear, rings, gloves, shoes and belts. They provide minor benefits such as extra health, damage, or penetration.

Diablo Immortal Best Legendary Gems, Legendary Gem Tier List

You can upgrade the effects of common gems by collecting multiples of one in your inventory. Although fans are modest individually, they can quickly add up to a significant difference.

You can earn legendary gems in Diablo Immortal by completing the main story, daily login rewards, scaling various battle corridors, the auction house, unlocking the Elder Rift with a legendary crest, and unlocking yourself using Runes.

As you’d expect, the two easiest types of Legendary Games to earn in Diablo Immortal are the ones you spend in main story quests and the ones you get by logging in for 3 days in a row.

In addition, you can buy more from other players by spending platinum (the currency purchased in the in-game store, which can only be purchased with real-world money) at Venton, the Grand Market, in Rockies Plaza, southeast of Westmarch. You can also earn small amounts of platinum by completing daily activities in your codex.

Diablo Immortal Best Builds: Skills, Gems, Pve, And Pvp

Winton’s Grand Market is similar to the auction house in previous Diablo games, where you can list your rare and valuable items for sale to other players. You can only buy gems in Diablo Immortal, and they cost two platinum to buy.

Also in Westmarch, you’ll get guaranteed Legendary play if you unlock and complete the Elder Rift with a legendary Crest, we have a full guide page for that. They are mostly bought with real money, but they can also rarely be obtained in-game. You also have a very small chance of falling off a rare crest.

Finally, the cheapest way to get legendary gems in the game of Diablo Immortal is by using runes.

Best Gem For Necromancer Diablo Immortal

There is a wonderful range of them to collect and it can be overwhelming to work out what you have and how to spend it.

Diablo Immortal: Farming And Crafting Legendary Gems

Completing Elder Rift Dungeons unlocked with at least one rare crest collects runes. At the end of the dungeon you will receive random runes.

The easiest is the Fa Rune. Visit Serial the Apprentice Jeweler in Westmarch’s Rockies Plaza and you can use the 7 Fa Runes to create a Legendary Star Gem. A 2 star is worth 28 Fa Runes, and random legendary runes up to 5 stars are worth 22 Fa.

You can buy 1 Fa Rune Fading Ember from the merchant to the left of the Rift in the Palace Courtyard for 18 Fading Ember. It doesn’t take much more than a quick calculation to see that you’ll need a lot of amber feed to make gems, so you’ll need to remember to collect some every day.

To create specific legendary gems, you need to collect Ati Runes and various rare and common runes. Ati Runes are also collected from the Elder Rift, but you can also trade additional Runes from the Feeding Ember Merchant for more.

Diablo Immortal Gems Guide

Collecting rare and common runes is pure luck, so you just have to grind the dungeon until you need it.

These are the most legendary gems we’ve seen in Diablo Immortal so far, including an incredibly powerful 5-star tier. We will continue to update the list as more are added and as we learn about their implications.

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Best Gem For Necromancer Diablo Immortal

The Diablo Immortal Necromancer is exactly what you’d expect: a summoner of skeleton soldiers and a user of dark magic.

Diablo Immortal Legendary Gems Tier List

They are warriors who cut down their enemies with a scythe, corpses that can explode or bones that can protect them while using death as a weapon.

All of Necromancer’s kit makes it not only a good class for beginners, but also very powerful and fun – it covers a good range of situations, from pure damage to crowd control.

Regardless, we’ve put together this guide to teach necromancy in Diablo Immortal, not only explaining how to play the class, but the best skills, gear, gems, and paragon points.

If you’re interested in the other Diablo Immortal classes, we also have a deep dive on the Crusader.

Best Diablo Immortal Barbarian Build

In Diablo Immortal, the Necromancer is one of the most flexible classes you’ll find in the game. Therefore, the first thing to understand is how to play this class in order to choose a playstyle to follow.

You can deal massive damage to them on single or multiple targets, making them great DPS. On the other hand, you can change his build a bit and make a combination of damage and support or full support, with the ability to damage the tank and make enemies uncomfortable.

Choosing one of these methods isn’t a final decision, so you don’t have to worry, although it will inevitably affect the skills, gear, and gems you need to build.

Best Gem For Necromancer Diablo Immortal

Regardless of your chosen playstyle, there are general aspects of the class to consider when playing as a Necromancer.

Diablo Immortal Charms: The Definitive Guide

First, it’s a mid-range attack class, which means that when you try to attack enemies, you’ll be far away to avoid some of their abilities, but you’ll still be close enough to hit them. Learn how to position yourself to avoid unnecessary losses.

Another important detail to keep in mind when playing as a necromancer is that if your build isn’t focused on tanks, you can’t do much damage.

While other classes like the Sorcerer or Demon Hunter are softer than the Necromancer, this class is not designed to play frontline against enemies without a proper build.

So movement is the key to survival while dealing with hordes of demons. Slash them until your skills cool down while using your basic attack.

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Before we dive into the first level of many factors regarding necromancer, it is fundamental to understand that this is not the only answer.

The skills we’ll recommend here are built around using the Necromancer’s summons to fight and protect you. This is great for completing dungeons and killing bosses. However, you can play around with the skills to find what works best for you.

Here’s the next gear to coordinate with our chosen skills, but you can bring other gear depending on your build.

Best Gem For Necromancer Diablo Immortal

It is important to prioritize certain features in your equipment. For the necromancer, intelligence and life are very important.

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For secondary items (hands, feet, waist, neck, and two fingers), you should check out the Shepherd’s Call to Wolves set, as these items give your summon some interesting flair.

This list of gems is focused on increasing your or your sim’s damage output. Here are the best gems you can get for building that we offer:

Diablo Immortal is here! If you’re just starting out, you want to know which classes are best for you