Best Gems For Crusader Diablo Immortal

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Looking for the best Diablo Immortal Crusader build? The Crusader can fill both tank and support roles in Diablo Immortal, killing demons in lanes while using skills to upgrade themselves and allies. This versatility makes the Crusader an obvious choice for new players, but it doesn’t make it the most powerful to begin with. If you want to survive the most dangerous situations in your Diablo fight, you’ll need to know how to make the best Diablo Immortal Crusader build.

Best Gems For Crusader Diablo Immortal

Best Gems For Crusader Diablo Immortal

In this guide, we’ll break down the best Diablo Immortal Crusader designs, including the traits, skills, gear, and gems you should be using. We’ll also cover how to spend your Paragon points at the end, for those taking part in the final activity.

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Crusaders are holy warriors, who use light to smite the armies of hell. In Diablo Immortal, this allows you to deal massive AoE damage to tear through hordes of enemies, while helping yourself and allies become temporarily invincible. This will put you in the middle of the action, so if that’s not to your taste, check out our Necromancer and Demon Hunter build guides for alternative sets.

The best Diablo Immortal Crusader build is the Consecration Crusader build. It can deal and absorb large amounts of damage, making it an exceptional tank. There are several different Crusader builds you can choose from, but many of them lean toward either strict group or solo play. In our Diablo Immortal Crusader build, we’ve selected skills that offer the best in both devastating damage and a buff that will prove valuable whether you’re running a solo dungeon or planning to team up with friends.

Below, you’ll find the best traits, skills, gear, gems, and how to spend Paragon points to best build a Diablo Immortal Crusader.

When you get gear in Diablo Immortal, it will have a randomly generated set of stats. The most important aspect of these stats is the attribute score, which you should see at the top of the info panel when you select a piece of equipment. There are five different attributes, including: Strength, Intelligence, Vitality, Strength, and Power. However, they are not all equally important, so you need to know which traits are most important to the Crusader.

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Strength and Intelligence are the two main attributes of the Diablo Immortal, and each is more important to a small group of Diablo Immortal classes. Intelligence is more important for magical classes, like the Wizard, but you don’t have to worry about it as a Crusader. Strength, on the other hand, is your most important attribute for a melee build like Crusader or Barbarian, as it will increase the damage of all skills.

Vitality and strength are other qualities you should focus on, and they have similar effects. Vitality increases your life stat, allowing you to take more damage, and Strength increases your weapon stat, making enemy attacks do less damage. These combine to make your Crusader the perfect tank, so be sure to find weapons that play the right role in these stats, as well as strength.

Traits will increase your damage output and allow you to survive in the heat of battle, but you’ll need a good set of skills to slay the legions of hell. The skills we’ve chosen for the Crusader prioritize damage, as they’re often in the middle of a battle, but you’ll also unlock an important buff at level 50. Below, you’ll find the best skills for a Diablo . Build an Immortal Crusader:

Best Gems For Crusader Diablo Immortal

Holy Fire is the Primary Skill we suggest using as a Crusader, despite unlocking later than the alternative, Punish. Holy Fire is a great basic skill for dealing with groups of enemies, as it summons holy flames from your weapon that deal damage to one enemy and 25% damage to all surrounding enemy. It’s a simple attack, but stacking 25% extra damage on all other enemies in a group will make it easier to sneak through crowds on higher difficulties.

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Spinning Shield is another early Crusader skill that’s perfect for destroying infernal hordes. This allows you to unleash a spinning shield that deals massive damage to all enemies in its path. While the shield would normally bounce back and continue to hurt enemies as it bounced back, we opted for a piece of legendary gear that would slightly modify this ability and bounce between enemies in a group instead.

The crusaders must lead the charge, and what better way to do that than on horseback? Draw and Quarter allows you to summon a warhorse for five seconds, significantly increasing your movement speed and allowing you to swing down at enemies below. As you climb, it will also push the chains attached to nearby enemies and drag them back.

Considering how early you unlocked Consecration, it’s surprisingly powerful. This AoE spell places a rune on the ground that deals damage to all nearby enemies for six seconds. This wreaks havoc on demonic mobs and will be essential if you’re trying to survive hordes of enemies.

So far we’ve listed a lot of damage-based skills, but the Crusader is also a powerful leader. With that in mind, we recommend using Conjuration of Light, which summons a protective beam that makes you and all nearby allies invulnerable for three seconds. It won’t last long, but the three-second immunity will be invaluable when you’re fighting Diablo Immortal’s toughest bosses.

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You won’t unlock Conjuration of Light until level 50, so make sure you know how to level up Diablo Immortal quickly so you can include it in your Crusader build.

To get the most out of your skills, you’ll need a full set of legendary gear. Gear offers stats and attribute scores, as mentioned above, but legendary pieces also offer unique bonuses that change the capabilities of your skills. With that in mind, a full set of legendary gear is essential when creating any Diablo Immortal build.

The Many-Eyed Aegis is a legendary helmet that changes the effect of Consecration. With this item, Consecration will now follow your character around, instead of just dropping on the ground at your last location. This means you can switch between enemies and make them all suffer your Consecration effects. Fortress Hermetic, the legendary chest we chose to build it, further improves the designation by increasing its radius by 20%.

Best Gems For Crusader Diablo Immortal

Draw and Quarter is one of the best skills available to the Crusader, and Sivket’s Perk lets you milk it for every last drop. These Legendary Pauldrons increase Draw and Quarter duration by 30%, so you can spend a few more precious moments over your calls.

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Conjuration of Light is the best buff skill you can use as a Crusader, making your team invincible for seconds. However, you can gain more protection with this skill by equipping the Consigner’s Legendary Leggings, which deal 8% of the damage you take while this skill is active with a temporary shield when it expires .

Once all other skills are recharged, you will need to switch to your Primary Skill. Fortunately, Sacred Fire is very powerful, and you can make it even better with the Bristle Legendary Main-Hand weapon. The divine foot of fire also sends waves of fire towards enemies, dealing additional damage to anything in their path.

The Crusader is well-equipped to destroy hordes of enemies, and the Spinning Shield is the perfect example. While throwing this shield, it will destroy any enemies in its path, but you can maximize its effectiveness with the Pouncing Shield Legendary Off-Hand. With Pouncing Shield, the Spinning Shield skill now bounces between enemies, making sure it hits as many of your demon enemies as possible.

As always, this covers the main legendary gear for the Diablo Immortal Crusader build but still has 6 slots to spare. There you will equip a gear set, which is a collection of items that offer benefits if you wear several pieces of the same set. For the Crusader, we recommend the Windloft Perfection outfit, which offers the following benefits:

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Windloft Perfection is clearly the best gear set in Diablo Immortal, offering faster movement and damage while making you temporarily immune to damage with all 6 pieces of gear equipped.

All the gears mentioned above have gem sockets. You can put Legendary Gems in your Legendary Gear, while the Windloft Perfection set has slots for regular Gems. Below, we’ll discuss the best Legendary Gems you should use for our Diablo Immortal Crusader build and what they do:

You may struggle to find all of these Legendary Gems, but our guide to Diablo Immortal’s Elder Rifts and Legendary Crests should put you on the right track. Some of the gems we’ve included in the list above are the best of the best, making them work too

Best Gems For Crusader Diablo Immortal