Best Hcg Injections For Weight Loss

Best Hcg Injections For Weight Loss – As obesity has become increasingly common in the United States in recent decades, many doctors and clinics across the country are focusing on offering a medical weight loss program. Through these specialized programs, they can help patients overcome obesity in a healthy and safe way.

The best weight loss programs offer medical supervision, motivation, and a diet and exercise program. Partnering with a weight loss pharmacy can help you achieve your goals. At Olympia, we are dedicated to helping both patients and physicians succeed in medically supervised weight loss through our available weight management treatment options. We also specialize in fat burning injections to help complement these weight loss programs for the best possible results.

Best Hcg Injections For Weight Loss

Best Hcg Injections For Weight Loss

As mentioned above, while the hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) diet has been a very popular treatment for years by doctors across the country, a 2020 FDA update reclassified hCG as a biological compound, a type of compounded drug. which cannot be produced from 503B facilities such as Olympia.

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However, we have created a weight management therapy program that is a great alternative to the hCG diet that can provide better results, can be used long-term, and may even be safer.

Our physician-supervised program is designed to help anyone achieve their specific weight loss goals safely and effectively. The Olympia Weight Management Protocol uses a combination of Naltrexone, Sermorelin, Lipo-Trim SL and a low calorie diet to achieve optimal weight loss results. The protocol can also increase metabolism and help patients lose large amounts of fat without feeling hungry.

Access our in-depth “Get the Skinny” physician-supervised weight loss webinar that covers everything from hCG updates and why it was reclassified by the FDA, to hCG diet alternatives available and what to do to move forward. Sign up today and we’ll send you a link to our webinar right away.

Currently, 1 in 3 adults in the United States is considered obese. According to the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS), adult obesity rates now exceed 35% in 12 states, 30% in 35 states, and 25% in 48 states. Middle-aged adults and the elderly also have the highest percentage of obesity of any age group in the United States.

The Hcg Diet: A Powerful Weight Loss Tool

Since many people struggle to lose weight, participating in a medically supervised weight loss program can be a great option with many benefits.

With physician-supervised weight loss, the doctor can monitor the patient’s overall health while making recommendations about the individual’s calorie intake, exercise regimen, and more.

In addition to motivation, diet, and exercise, a doctor can prescribe complex weight loss medications from the pharmacy, including HCG, B12, and other fat-burning vaccines to help people reach their weight loss goals.

Best Hcg Injections For Weight Loss

At Olympia, we offer several injectable treatment options, including our vitamin injections and our popular Lipo-Mino Mix, which can help reduce appetite, build muscle, and promote a healthy immune system. Delivering essential vitamins and minerals directly into your bloodstream increases compound bioavailability, meaning you’ll get the most out of your supplements.

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Weight loss injections are for clinically obese people with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or more. Vitamin injections are not meant to be a “quick fix” option. Learn more about the safety of vitamin injections and weight loss injections.

Although the hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) diet has been very popular among weight loss pharmacies to help patients lose weight over the years, the FDA’s 2020 the update reclassified hCG as a biological compound that has been removed from the list. of drugs that can be manufactured from 503B facilities such as Olympia.

Since we are directly regulated by the FDA, we are always on top of these changes and create a weight management kit that is a great alternative solution to the hCG diet. Our program is physician-supervised and takes a three-pronged approach to medical weight loss, offering treatment via oral pills, injectables, and sublingual spray. When combined with a doctor’s prescription and a low-calorie diet, it can be a perfect alternative to hCG for people who are still struggling to lose weight.

If you are affected by the new hCG regulations, learn more about our Weight Management Therapy program as an effective alternative to the hCG diet.

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Whether you are a patient looking to meet your weight goals or a physician looking to implement a weight management solution in your practice, Olympia is here to help.

Fill out our online form to speak with a member of our team today about our medically supervised weight loss options. What makes the HCG diet different from other diet fads are the controversial hormone injections the plan requires. Shutterstock

At the top of the list of strange fad diets, the original form of the HCG diet has been widely discredited by scientists. Yet many people are still lured by diet promises of losing up to half a pound or a pound a day by combining hormone injections, pills, drops or sprays with a restrictive 500-calorie diet, a risky proposition, says Liz Weinandy. RD, at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center in Columbus.

Best Hcg Injections For Weight Loss

“It is not safe by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA),” he warns. “We just don’t know the long-term effects.” The FDA has even issued warnings against HCG diet products. (1)

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Introduced an updated form of the HCG diet that allows up to 1,500 calories per day, while the classic version of the HCG diet restricted calories to 500. In his new and updated version of the diet, Dr. Oz even claims that the original HCG Diet “should no longer be administered by any physician,” even though his updated version of the diet still includes restrictions on similar foods and hormone injections. (2) Very little research has been done on this new version of the HCG diet, and it’s worth noting that the data used by Oz to support these claims is not from a peer-reviewed journal. (3)

In fact, Weinandy doesn’t believe that the version of the HCG diet presented by Oz on his show is any safer because it ‚Äústill requires injections, has not been approved by the FDA for safety or efficacy, and is still extremely low in calories. ” He says

So what exactly is the HCG diet and why do its proponents make such wild claims about its effects?

The diet requires you to consume just 500 calories per day, presumably as part of an effort to reset your metabolism and change your abnormal eating patterns, as the FDA explains in its warning against the diet. (1) The HCG diet also requires you to take a daily dose of the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). Available as injections, pellets, sprays, oral drops, and pills, HCG is a hormone produced by the placenta during pregnancy.

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In 1954, British doctor A.T.V. Simeons hypothesized that HCG allows expectant mothers to access fat stores to feed their fetuses. He published a book

The idea might be that if a woman has morning sickness or some other condition that prevents her from getting enough nutrition during a certain period of pregnancy, her baby will still have energy reserves and the HCG hormone. can help facilitate access to that supply, Weinandy says. But, she notes, that really oversimplifies the many systems at work during pregnancy. a number of hormones are at work, and the way they interact can sometimes even contribute to maternal obesity.

In fact, Weinandy says, this kind of speculation about HCG’s role in weight loss can be “really dangerous and sends the wrong message to people because we don’t know for sure how HCG works.” One more concern. Many chronic diseases, including breast and prostate cancer, are linked to hormonal imbalances, so we can’t predict what effects manipulating our hormones might have, cautions Weinand.

Best Hcg Injections For Weight Loss

The HCG diet restricts calorie intake significantly, usually to about 500 a day, but sometimes up to 1,500, Weinandy says. Because of that strict restriction, the HCG diet significantly restricts fat, he explains.

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So what are some foods that are definitely off limits on this plan? New York-based nutritionist Kerry Gans says the diet doesn’t allow for any of the following:

Some people who have followed the HCG diet find that it leads to rapid weight loss with minimal hunger. Gans says that people on the HCG diet will lose weight simply because they are consuming fewer calories.

“The number of calories allowed per day on this diet is below any amount recommended for safe weight loss,” says Gans. “For the average person, consuming 500 to 800 calories a day puts them at risk of malnutrition, in addition to a host of other side effects, including fatigue, dizziness, nausea and constipation.”

According to the HCG diet website, this is due to the fact that during the diet, the shape of the body begins to change; fat deposits leave the stomach and thighs and are instead immediately available for use by the body, leading to fat loss instead. muscles. loss

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But Weinandy says there’s no scientific proof that the diet doesn’t cause muscle loss, and studies on the diet are funded by the proponents of the HCG diet itself. Right now, he notes, it’s clear