Best Hdb Estate To Live In Singapore

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SINGAPORE: When it gets dark early in the morning, wake up and turn on the solar light. The motion sensor lights in the common areas come on when you leave the house, go to the bike rack where you parked your two bikes.

Best Hdb Estate To Live In Singapore

Best Hdb Estate To Live In Singapore

When you dispose of your waste, separate it into two bags – one for the waste chute and one for the central recycling bin.

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While this may be a vision of a green lifestyle for some, it is already a reality for many, particularly those in Punggol, Singapore’s first city to be built under the Housing and Development Board’s (HDB) 2011 Sustainable Development Framework.

Over the past 10 years, HDB has progressively greened the city and experimented with driving techniques such as using renewable energy to recover 30 percent of energy from kinetic energy and braking, motion sensor lighting for stairs and parking lots, and central heating. Recycling.

Rainwater collected via the rainwater system is used to irrigate and clean public areas, while the installation of two bike racks encourages people to cycle on sustainable routes.

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Household water use fell by 13.2 percent between 2011 and 2018, while household water use fell by 19.9 percent over the same period.

Recycling activities have also benefited, with about 1,285 tons of recyclables collected annually by Punggol, HDB said. That corresponds to the weight of 89 double-decker buses.

In addition, the city’s 50km cycle network will ensure that Punggol has 5.2km of cycle lanes per square kilometer of city, surpassing the world’s largest cycle network in Helsinki.

Best Hdb Estate To Live In Singapore

“As one of HDB’s smaller townships, Punggol provided HDB with an excellent opportunity to demonstrate sustainable urban planning, introduce green technologies and encourage more people to lead greener lifestyles,” HDB said in a recent press release. let go.

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“Intended to be a prosperous, intelligent and sustainable city, Punggol also functions as a ‘living laboratory’ where, together with various partners, new ideas and technologies have been tested and deployed to create a sustainable, livable and enjoyable place for its residents . . “

As part of Singapore’s fight against climate change, the use of solar energy is a key strategy in HDB’s efforts to promote green and sustainable living.

HDB is the country’s largest driver of the installation of photovoltaic (PV) panels on the roofs of public buildings.

Its solar plan, announced in December 2019, is expected to generate 540 megawatt peak by 2030. This would reduce CO2 emissions by 324,000 tons per year and generate enough energy annually to power 135,000 HDB residential units.

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As of March, 5,500 HDB blocks — or more than 50 percent of the island’s housing units — have been installed or identified for solar panels.

With the new SolarNova program, HDB intends to increase this share to 70 percent of HDB blocks by 2030.

A view of apartment blocks with solar panels mounted on the roofs of some blocks in Singapore on June 27, 2019. (File Photo: Reuters/Kevin Lam)

Best Hdb Estate To Live In Singapore

Reducing energy use through solar power is one of the three strands of HDB’s new Green Towns programme, which aims to make townships more sustainable and sustainable by 2030.

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“Since 2005, HDB has implemented initiatives to reduce energy consumption in HDB townships by 10 percent annually. Through the Green Towns program, HDB aims to reduce it by 15 percent by 2030,” the agency said in a press release in March when the program was launched.

To reduce energy consumption, since 2014, HDB has been “gradually implementing” smart lighting in areas such as parking lots, stairwells, halls, common corridors, playgrounds and vacant lots of new BTO projects.

They added that they will work with city councils to install electricity in areas built before 2014 that need to have their existing electricity replaced.

Expert renderings of the rooftop garden above Parc Residences @ Tengah’s multi-storey car park, which will feature a landscape intended to inspire residents. (Photo: HDB)

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Rainwater is stored in an underground tank and drained off before being reused to wash the common areas and for irrigation.

“This method can reduce the use of salt water (drinking water) for washing in common areas and for irrigation by 50 percent,” HDB said.

Regarding cooling HDB townships, then-Development Minister Lawrence Wong said in March HDB was planning to launch a pilot project to use cooling coatings, roofs and roads in several areas with the goal of bringing the temperature down to 2 degrees Celsius.

Best Hdb Estate To Live In Singapore

Additionally, HDB has greened multi-storey car parks, returning them to urban farming, green forests or community farming where possible.

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“In addition to providing visual and spatial support to the residents of our high-rise buildings, green also helps to cool our spaces and make them more livable,” said HDB.

These HDB efforts, along with the Building and Construction Authority’s (BCA) Green Mark initiative to promote green buildings, have been “good” at tackling climate change and initiatives, said Professor Subodh Mhaisalkar, Director of Energy Research. Institute @ NTU.

“Singapore is a densely populated city with a high standard of living. Despite being in the tropics, it has established one of the most sustainable building standards in the world.

“This is inspired by our HDB communities, who have long relied on design principles that improve ventilation, reduce heat, encourage common spaces and community spaces, and building principles that leverage new technologies,” he said.

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These projects, along with the Green Mark, have enabled Singapore to become a leader in sustainable construction technology, meet its sustainability goals and provide new opportunities for exporting technologies developed here, Prof. Subodh added.

HDB’s green initiatives will help “fight the heat island trapped in our urban slums,” he said.

“Using natural ventilation and natural ways to provide cooling will reduce our reliance on air conditioning and reduce our emissions.”

Best Hdb Estate To Live In Singapore

But Singapore can continue to develop new technologies and designs, he said, such as combining green roofs with solar panels, integrating solar cells into windows and building-integrated solar cells.

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As electric cars become cheaper and HDB builds more power plants in parking lots, those power plants can be powered by solar panels and energy storage, which “reduces our transport-related emissions significantly,” he said.

When building homes, HDB can use new technologies in pre-construction to reduce the amount of carbon generated by the concrete used in construction, he said. The Housing Board may also consider using recycled materials such as fly ash or recycled materials to construct these buildings.

Singapore should also look at ways to support the “circular economy” by reducing food waste, segregating waste streams for reuse and promoting sustainable practices, Prof Subodh added.

We know switching browsers is difficult, but we want your experience with CNA to be fast, safe, and the best it can be. HDB rental is the cheapest option compared to other types of accommodation. If you are a foreigner looking to rent in the suburbs to feel like a local these are the best HDB properties with plenty of amenities and transport links. From 2019, HDB owners will be able to rent out their apartments for two years at a time. If you are interested in renting an HDB apartment, see my guide How to rent your HDB apartment in Singapore.

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Want to rent in the suburbs to feel like a local? Here are some of the best HDB units in Singapore, packed with amenities and amenities.

Bedok is one of the largest residential areas in Singapore with approximately 300,000 people residing in this mature area. As Bedok is one of the oldest HDB townships in Singapore, most of the houses you will find here have 3 or 4 rooms; However, 5 bedrooms and luxury offices are also available.

If you work in Changi Business Park, Bedok Industrial Park or Kaki Bukit Industrial Park, getting to any of these places from your Bedok rental car is a breeze.

Best Hdb Estate To Live In Singapore

Kallang/Whampoa is a large area stretching from the city limits in the east (Kallang) to near Boon Keng in the northeast, ending north of the city limits in Whampoa and Balestier. Most HDB housing developments in Kallang/Whampoa are located near the CBD area.

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Every area in Kallang/Whampoa is slightly different. For those with a healthy and active lifestyle, we particularly recommend Kallang, home of the Singapore Sports Hub. The tenants will live in Boon Keng