Best Ib School In The World

Best Ib School In The World – Schools offering the International Baccalaureate Curriculum are very popular in Eastern Europe. Discover the best international baccalaureate schools in Eastern Europe.

The International Baccalaureate, also called the IB, is one of the most popular programs worldwide thanks to its international recognition and transferability. Most students love learning in the IB system because it not only teaches students content or knowledge, but also teaches them how to learn and think. Many students describe the IB curriculum as challenging but rewarding. PYP is very affordable, as is MYP. For this, DP students must be prepared to work hard as the IB Diploma prepares students for university.

Best Ib School In The World

Best Ib School In The World

The first thing to look for is accreditation. An IB school must be authorized for each IB program it offers. When a school is licensed, you can be confident that it meets the high standards of IB around the world. When choosing an IB school, it can be helpful to check your average score over the past few academic years and compare it to your overall average score and average grade.

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Would you like to find out which are the best IB schools in Eastern Europe? Follow the links below and find the best schools and all the information you need: tuition fees, exam results, study programs offered, language courses, student-teacher ratio and extracurricular activities!

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IB schools in Central and Eastern European countries such as the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia or Ukraine open their doors to local families seeking a more global education for their children and expatriate families living or moving here. Check out the list below and find the best option for your child!

Unfortunately, there are still no schools in the current region. Please try again later or contact us for personal assistance. The International Baccalaureate is based in Switzerland and the main objective of this curriculum is to create lifelong learners and open-minded citizens of the world. The IB curriculum ensures a holistic approach to education. There are many IB schools in India that provide higher education to students in every way. IB programs come in three levels as Primary (1 to 5), Middle (6 to 10) and Diploma (11 and 12) program. The list of IB schools in Delhi is growing year by year, offering the best education and extracurricular activities. Parents seeking admission may be confused about the best IB schools in Delhi considering many parameters. To make them convenient and comfortable, here we have provided a list of top 10 IB international schools in Delhi NCR 2019.

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The British School, New Delhi is a non-profit school located in Chanakyapuri and was founded in the year 1963. The British School is one of the best international IB schools in Delhi NCR. The school offers the National Curriculum of England adapted to an international context from EYFS to Year 9, IGCSE to Years 10 and 11 and the IB Diploma Program to Years 12 and 13. TBS was named Best International School in Delhi for the year 2018 .It admits students of 66 nationalities. TBS offers student-centered teaching in a safe environment. The student-teacher ratio is about 8:1, which encourages teachers to serve each student individually.

Pathway World School was established in the year 2003 which is a day school and a private school. Pathway Aravali is the first IB continuous school in North India and the first residential school to follow the IB Curriculum. The campus is situated on 34 hectares of land with various facilities available to its students. The school’s curriculum includes primary years, intermediate years and the diploma program of the International Baccalaureate organization in Geneva.

G D Goenka Global School was founded in the year 1994 with world class facilities for students. The school offers daytime and boarding facilities. G D Goenka is one of the top educational institutions in the lists of top 10 IB schools in Gurgaon. They tend to provide your children with remarkable learning experiences. The school follows holistic education, giving equal attention to academic and extracurricular activities. The teacher-student ratio is maintained at 1:8 to ensure individualized teaching.

Best Ib School In The World

Amity Global School was established in the year 2008 which offers grades from Kindergarten to XII. Amity Global School is one of the best IB international schools in Delhi, NCR as it provides a safe and good environment for your children. The school’s mission is to create socially responsible individuals by providing a solid educational program. The school guarantees students enormous opportunities to improve their academic, social and sporting skills.

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Excel American School is among the Top 10 International Schools (IB) in Delhi, NCR. It was created in the year 2006, where day and boarding facilities are available. Excelsior’s motto is “self-inspired learning”, which encourages independent thinking and an analytical approach to learning. The school’s campus spreads over 5 hectares, which provides a safe and secure environment. Excelsior American School offers the Cambridge Assessment International Education curriculum for grades 6-12, and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) is available as an option for students in grades 11 and 12.

Lancers International School is a 30-year-old school that provides world-class infrastructure and education for children. Lancer International School offers day and boarding facilities for the convenience of students. The school’s mission is to make the Lancers understand and respect people of all races and cultures. The school firmly believes in concept-driven learning rather than content-driven learning. The International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum is offered in three programs, which include primary, intermediate and diploma programs. The school also offers the IGCSE curriculum as an option in grades 9 and 10.

Scottish High International School is a day school that is spread over 5 hectares of beautifully landscaped land and well developed ecological plantations. “INTERROGO,   PERCIPIO,   ADICIO”, which translated from Latin into English reads “Ask, Understand, Apply”, with this as its motto, the school develops its children as a strong personality, pursuing, evaluating and practicing knowledge in all aspects of life. The Scottish International School emphasizes providing holistic education. The school is an authorized IB World School for Primary Years Program (IB PYP) and Diploma Program (IBDP).

Genesis Global School in Noida was established in the year 2009 which has a good reputation and in the top lists of IB schools in Noida. Genesis Global offers kindergarten to 12th grade education

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Where students’ educational needs are supported with solid curricula, sports activities, and other common curriculum requirements. They were ranked 1st in Noida and 2nd in Delhi in the category of best international day boarding school by Education World Magazine, 2019. The school has imparted holistic education to its students with international standards. Genesis Global is affiliated with the IB board and the IGCSE board.

The American Embassy School is located in the heart of the city on around twelve acres of land and is among the top IB international schools in Delhi. AES provides a friendly atmosphere and provides a balanced education to excel in academics, athletics, arts and services. The American Embassy School provides education from Kindergarten through Grade 12 to students from the United States and other nations. AES offers a US-based program with Advanced Placement (AP) classes and the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma. AES students are enrolled at highly selective universities in the US, Canada, UK and many other countries.

Shiv Nadar School is an initiative of Shiv Nadar Foundation in urban private education k12 and is among IB top 10 international schools in Delhi. The school aims to produce respectful citizens with adequate academic and ethical values. The school provides an environment where students can discover their talents and abilities and achieve their goals. Shiv Nadar School has its two other branches in Gurgaon and Faridabad. Schools offering the International Baccalaureate Curriculum are very popular in Germany. Discover the 10 best international baccalaureate schools in Germany.

Best Ib School In The World

Originally founded as a response to the lack of flexibility in the school systems available at the time, the IB (International Baccalaureate) organization has grown to become one of the most recognized international curricula – recognized in over 100 countries worldwide. Many leading UK and US universities place a high value on potential students with an IB degree. In an article published in The Telegraph, John Claugthon, retired headmaster of King Edward’s School, sheds light on some of the reasons why schools around the world choose to offer the IB Diploma Program. He points to the breadth of the program as one of the main motivations: “The IB schools believe that the old dispensation from the narrow world of specialization is no longer enough”.

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Many top universities agree, and a growing number are revising their admissions criteria to attract more IB applicants. Among other examples, Claugthon cites King’s College, London, and points out that 20% of the university’s new undergraduates are IB students. If you are looking for an education that