Best Jse Shares To Buy 2022

Best Jse Shares To Buy 2022 – With thousands of stocks to choose from, it can be overwhelming to know which ones to buy. This is especially true if you’re new to stocks and stocks. After all, an experienced investor wouldn’t buy a stock without doing in-depth research and analysis first.

With that in mind, here we discuss the best stocks to buy in South Africa right now. Not only have we covered the best South African stocks, but we’ve also provided a step-by-step guide on how you can buy stocks for yourself today!

Best Jse Shares To Buy 2022

Best Jse Shares To Buy 2022

Before we take a closer look at the best stocks to buy in South Africa right now, here are our top 10 picks:

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British American Tobacco is primarily listed on the London Stock Exchange, while the cigarette giant is also listed on the JSE. Under the ticker symbol BTI, the company is actually one of JSE’s largest stocks by market capitalization. At its current share price, a share of British American Tobacco is priced at 56,947 ZAC.

As the chart below shows, British American Tobacco had been on a very successful upward trend until 2017. The stock has been relatively flat since then. However, there’s a lot to like about this tobacco market leader — including a generous dividend yield of over 7%, which is why it’s one of the best dividend-paying stocks on the JSE.

Well, you need to take into account that BAT products fall under the category of “staples”. This means that demand for its products is relatively unaffected in uncertain economic conditions. Best of all, this JSE stock pick has very strong free cash flow. This leaves the company open to acquisitions when opportunities arise.

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Naspers was ranked South Africa’s third largest company by Forbes, and it’s easy to see why. Headquartered in Cape Town, Naspers has a diversified business model focusing on areas such as publishing, retail and venture capital. Through this channel, Naspers has grown to the point where the company can easily generate over $22 billion in annual revenue.

As you can see from the price chart above, Naspers has actually fallen over the past six months, down about 9.19% from the same period last year. While this may seem negative, this decline actually presents an excellent opportunity to invest in Naspers at a premium. One of the main selling points of investing in Naspers is the company’s 31% stake in Tencent – worth about $250 billion in today’s market!

Naspers actually sold about 2% of its Tencent stake in April, netting the company $14.6 billion. This provides enough free cash flow for investments in global high-growth sectors such as e-commerce and food delivery. Additionally, it positions the company well for the rest of the year and beyond, as Naspers continues to add further investments through its venture capital arm.

Best Jse Shares To Buy 2022

Netflix is ​​another high-growth stock we’re interested in. As was the case with Tesla, many investors in South Africa believe they may have missed the boat. For example, its 2002 IPO was priced at just $15. Now? In July 2020, the same stock was worth more than $548.

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However, the actual return is much higher than that. After all, Netflix has initiated 2 separate stock splits since its launch — one for 2-for-1 and another for a whopping 7-for-1. As a result, the stock’s end-to-end run now sees a 43,000% gain. In terms of its viability as a long-term growth stock, there are two things to keep in mind.

For one, Netflix is ​​still reporting year-over-year subscriber growth — thanks in large part to the company’s focus on original and more lucrative content. Second, there’s a good chance that Netflix will start paying a dividend in the near future. So it could be a very bright future for the leader in the content streaming market, and we think Netflix stock is one of the best South African stocks in 2020.

Shoprite is Africa’s largest food retailer with more than 2,800 stores in 14 different countries. At the time of writing, Shoprite has a team of over 140,000 employees, making it one of the largest employers in Africa. The company is known for its low-cost consumer products and even owns several brands, including MediRite Pharmacy and LiquorShops.

Shares of Shoprite are currently up about 11.86% since the beginning of the year and 47.83% since this time last year. Much of this growth can be attributed to increased consumer demand due to the easing of restrictions; in addition, increased foot traffic in major cities due to the convenience of Shoprite stores has driven sales growth.

Best Shares To Buy In South Africa

We think Shoprite is a good investment opportunity right now, as consumer spending in Africa is expected to increase significantly over the next few years, reaching $2.1 trillion by 2025. Shoprite relies on its strong brand image and efficient supply chain. In addition, the company’s revenue increased year-on-year, as did its EBIT. Combined with Shoprite’s ongoing dividend, these factors make the company a great buy at current levels.

Another JSE stock worth considering is Gold Fields Limited, one of the top performers on the JSE. As the name suggests, the company is involved in gold mining. On the one hand, its share largely depends on the global value of gold. After all, it’s the company’s staple commodity, so higher prices mean higher operating margins.

That being said, institutional investors typically flock to gold during times of uncertainty, which is why this stock is on this list. Gold Fields Limited is currently at an all-time high in terms of current stock positions. In fact, its stock has been going parabolic since the beginning of 2018, when you only pay 3,600 ZAC

Best Jse Shares To Buy 2022

Fast forward to July 2020 and the same stock is worth 20,627 ZAC. So — assuming you entered the market in early 2018, you’d now be eyeing a gain of over 427%, so it’s easy to see why Gold Fields is one of the best JSE stocks to buy right now. It remains to be seen how far Gold Fields Limited can go in the long run. However, with the current rise in gold prices, this looks like an attractive option in the short term.

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Anglo American has had a tough few weeks, down 24% from its August high. Much of this decline can be attributed to the fall in iron ore prices, which has negatively impacted all mining stocks. However, now may be a good time to buy Anglo American shares due to the low prices.

Iron ore prices tend to be positively affected when the economy is booming and the material is needed for major infrastructure projects. As life returns to normal after COVID-19, we may see an increase in construction activity, leading to higher iron ore prices. This will lead to better performance for Anglo American.

Operating margins remain above 18%, and the company has reduced debt levels by $3.6 billion, strengthening its fundamentals. Additionally, revenue is more than double what it was in 2020, according to the latest deal update as of June. For this reason, we believe Anglo American will bounce back and deliver solid returns in the coming months.

Richemont (full name Compagnie Financiere Richemont SA) is the name of the parent company, which owns various luxury brands in the fields of jewelry, pens, watches, leather goods and more. Some of Richemont’s most famous brands include Montblanc, Cartier, Lancel, Roger Dubuis and Chloe. Richemont was founded by a South African entrepreneur named John Rupert, who serves as the company’s chairman.

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We like the look of Richemont, as the stock has been steadily rising since March 2020. Additionally, the financials still look healthy, with results for the latest fiscal year showing that Richemont’s net income rose 39%. This comes after an 8% drop in revenue, which shows how profitable the company is.

According to the latest earnings report, free cash flow remains high at around 3.2 billion euros. Finally, Richemont’s price-to-earnings ratio is significantly higher than the industry norm, at 40.29 at the time of writing. With these strong metrics, coupled with the company’s impressive brand portfolio, we see no reason for the stock to stop growing in the years ahead.

Airbnb’s IPO was one of the most closely watched events in the stock market in the final months of 2020. The stock jumped 113% in its first day of trading, before rising another 40% in the following month.

Best Jse Shares To Buy 2022

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