Best Kcpe Composition Samples Pdf Download

Best Kcpe Composition Samples Pdf Download – “With two shakes of a lamb’s tail, I ran to the frog’s kingdom to blame the dirt. . . .”

Well, although some of​​​​these expressions may not be grammatically incorrect in themselves, they are clichés that show a lack of imagination/creativity and will thus prevent you from getting a quality mark in the imaginative composition of KCSE English 101/3 .

Best Kcpe Composition Samples Pdf Download

Best Kcpe Composition Samples Pdf Download

According to Wikipedia, creative writing is any writing that goes beyond the boundaries of normal professional, journalistic, academic or technical forms of literature, typically identified by an emphasis on narrative craft, character development, and the use of literary tropes or with various traditions of poetry. . and poetic.

Ways To Start A Primary School Composition

You must ensure that these objectives are met by the end of the course before your students attempt the English 101/3 tests.

D) write clear and correct sentences, and organize ideas in a logical sequence;

L) demonstrate competence in using a wide variety of sentence structures and vocabulary to create the desired effect.

Therefore, in addition to teaching creative writing (excellent compositions) which is taught in Form 3, teachers should ensure that students also acquire other writing skills. These include;

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II. Structure of the paragraph: topic sentences, supporting sentences, cliché sentences, sequence of ideas, unity in paragraphs.

Iii. variation of phrase; Use simple, compound and complex sentences Tools for developing paragraphs: give reasons/examples, compare and contrast, use idiomatic expressions, use facts/statistics and use rhetorical questions.

Use transition words and phrases Choice of words Repeating words (different words that refer to the same idea in the paragraph) to create emphasis Paraphrasing.

Best Kcpe Composition Samples Pdf Download

E) Punctuation: capital letters, final / final punctuation, commas, quotation marks, apostrophe, hyphen, colon, semicolon, bifan, parentheses, devices for presenting titles of publications, citations and headings.

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To help your students perform well in the imaginative composition of KCSE, you should teach different types of writing and provide them with enough practice. You should also impress upon them that expository writing is about language ability, because it is not about the points.

The best imaginative compositions of KCSE score between 19-20 marks. Your sentence must have the following to enter this category.

· Understandable (understandable) · Correct · Accuracy (no errors) · Fluency (communicates easily/very well/fluently) · Resume · Originality (new and different in a good and attractive way)

The category your essay falls into depends on the degree of communication. Other factors discussed below will determine the specific numerical sign you earn.

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· D class: (1-5 marks) chaotic-no communication · C class: (6-10 marks) strained communication-weak communication due to tension (lack of fluency) · B class: (11-15 grade) smooth-ease of Communication due to greater fluency · A grade: (16-20 marks) effective/efficient communication-attractive, creative, command of language.

We all want to write pleasant essays that fall in a class to earn high marks.

· Write fluently and attractively · Must have originality (new and different) / efficiency · Make us feel your deep feelings (senses), emotions (strong feelings eg love, fear, anger, bitterness, relief, joy etc.) and enthusiasm (strong). interest, passion, excitement) · should be attractive (pleasant / attractive / interesting)

Best Kcpe Composition Samples Pdf Download

This article, however, aims to help you write a KCSE imaginative composition that will score between 19-20 marks.

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· Express yourself freely · Show no visible limit · Show maturity (avoid crude, suggestive, steamy or graphic description of sexual abuse or other forms of immorality), good planning, humor (funny/funny) · Have many merits (proper vocabulary (or jargon-informal language does not count), phrasal verbs, idioms, proverbs, aspects of literary techniques, for example, irony, suspense, imagery, etc.). Suspense) · have luck of expression (well-chosen features in writing / communication)

A) Missing paragraph b) Repetition/redundancy (using a phrase etc. that repeats something else and is therefore unnecessary – for example lean, back, middle, repeat again) c) Illegality (impossible or difficult to read or decipher because of a bad handwriting) d) vagueness (thoughts that are not clearly stated or expressed; in a general and non-specific way) comprehensibility (vague, difficult to understand) h) incorrect word order/illogical (lack of sense or clear sound reasoning) or Inconsistent (inconsistent) statements f) broken English (e.g. his business caught instead of his business gober, hunger bites me, etc.) g) contracted forms (e.g. didn’t instead of didn’t; N.B. they can be used in direct speech). )

Major errors contribute to a lower score and students whose compositions have the following errors are more likely to fail to score more than 15 marks in their compositions. Gross errors include;

A) errors of subject-verb agreement b) big tense error c) errors of elementary vocabulary, misuse of vocabulary, incorrect spelling of vocabulary words (avoid clichés, for example I ran as fast as my weak legs could carry me, I had breakfast in one). blink) d) punctuation errors e.g. Missing punctuation (missing final punctuation, eg full stop is heavily penalized) h) Errors in sentence construction f) Ridiculous use of idioms thus affecting communication c) Misuse of common prepositions.

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KCSE ENGLISH 101/3 IMAGINE COMPOSITION 2017 For Composition 1 (a) You should write a story; 1 (b) Write an expository essay.

1 (b) Write an expository essay. Simply give facts about what you think should be done to reduce indiscipline in schools (don’t write a story)

Your essay should not exceed 450 words (about 3 pages of your KCSE answer booklet). Otherwise you risk losing 2 marks.

Best Kcpe Composition Samples Pdf Download

American spelling eg. Color, work, center, meter etc. are not penalized. It is only penalized if there is a lack of consistency.

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· Understand the configuration of the sentence according to the rubric. If the sentence is about a crime scene, this informs you about the physical setting of your story. You don’t have to start your story on a cool morning with birds chirping or breakfast. Take us to the scene and give us the events that happen before and maybe after the crime. · Have a simple, clear story line with an introduction, climax and conclusion. · Have a clear, consistent point of view. · Be a character in the story. Use the first person pronoun “I” · Use direct speech to give your story ‘life’. · Develop your characters fully (describe them and make it easy for readers to refer to their characters). Have relatable, realistic characters. · Evoke emotions in the reader. Create an air of touching-painfully affecting the feelings (elicit feelings of sadness, joy, sympathy, anger, bitterness, longing, etc.). Share your deep feelings. · Maintain morals and avoid flattering jokes. · Tell an original story – New and interesting · It helps to start your story with direct speech, poem, poem etc if possible.(Only if you have not learned to start with certain words) · Titles are not necessary because they do not add any value to your essay. However, they can make you lose marks if they contain some errors. · Build suspense · Avoid oral stories (about … or fantasies with ogres in the forest – unless you have met someone or know someone who has). Your essay should be Creative but realistic. · It must be a story. If not, you risk losing 4 marks! You don’t want to lose four hard-earned brands, do you? · Start or end with the given words or else you will lose 2 Valuable marks. Avoid any mistakes · Write clearly and concisely, just write a story. Tell a story like you would when talking to your grandmother or your friends. There is no set format, so don’t copy story lines from books (eg the Bible) and movies – this can expose your lack of creativity. Express yourself freely. Do not fill out a sentence and cross your fingers hoping you will get a similar one in KCSE.

For expository compositions, we should not worry about the points, but about the language skills. · Introduce your essay on the first paragraph, write at least four points in at least four separate paragraphs, and conclude or summarize your essay in the last paragraph. · Develop cohesive paragraphs for a smooth flowing essay. Use transition words to connect your paragraphs and sentences. · A paragraph must present the main idea in the topic sentence (the first sentence of each paragraph). The next two or three sentences add information to support the main idea. Summarize the paragraph with a bullet point – a statement that summarizes the paragraph before introducing a new point. · Write lilly. · Avoid any mistakes.

The descriptive essay is a genre of essay that asks the student to describe something—an object, person, place, experience, emotion, situation, etc. The goal is to paint a picture that is vivid and sharp in the reader’s mind. .The reader must clearly form an impression of the thing you describe.

· Brainstorm the characteristics of the person or thing and write them down. · Use simple, clear language · Use vivid language, e.g. An ox instead of a cow, rage instead of violent

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