Best Khao Soi In Chiang Mai

Best Khao Soi In Chiang Mai – This article covers the 5 best places to eat hao soy in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and the story of the day I decided to make the impossible – eat all 5 of them back to back and pick one as the best Khao Soi spot in Chiang Mai.

Doing the impossible is fun even with good friends, so we boldly set out together in search of the best hao soi in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Best Khao Soi In Chiang Mai

Best Khao Soi In Chiang Mai

In this article, I will share with you the details of how these 5 restaurants compete (in our minds and stomachs) for the title of the best khao soy bowl in Chiang Mai (ที่ วิด).

Chiang Mai’s Khao Soi Named World’s Best Soup By Foodie Website

Note: All 5 of these restaurants serve hao soy which is so good I have written individual restaurant reviews for them. The links are listed in each section by restaurant and then re-listed at the end.

I have been fortunate enough to visit northern Thailand several times but never took the opportunity to really hunt down a restaurant which I can confidently say is the best hao soi I have ever tasted in Chiang Mai.

So that day we decided to try kao soi (ต้า วิว) noodles in 5 different restaurants in Chiang Mai, eating them all in a row.

Below are restaurants, links to individual articles for each one, and our restaurant selection that serves the best hao soybeans in Chiang Mai we have ever had.

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Yes you read that right, we walked straight from one restaurant to another until we finished all 5 bowls * of the best hao soy in Chiang Mai (ต้า วิด).

Although it may sound a bit at first, I think we should always change this type of food in the future.

Never before have I been able to so clearly and clearly compare variations in one food. The memories and reasoning behind this decision are literally as fresh as the pasta bowls you just finished that day.

Best Khao Soi In Chiang Mai

(* five bowls of pasta and a bowl of goat biryani in the first restaurant (โท ย วัก ตัว วิ วั่ ม้า วั่ ม่ วิ ว้ ย้า) because it’s too good not to order if you’re there …)

A Taste Of Chiang Mai: Khao Soi, Coconut Curry Noodle Soup

We made sure we did our homework because most Thai people will tell you, “if you didn’t have khao soi, you didn’t come to Chiang Mai.”

It really shows that searching for the best khao soy in Chiang Mai is not only about competition between tourists – Thais absolutely

We had to hit the spot on this day, not only to eat Thai food, but also to Thailand.

Thought it would be fair to go to this restaurant first, not only because I already know they serve a great bowl of khao soi (ขา วิ วิว) but also because it would describe it as an overall great staple version of khao soy, good to compare with others.

Headed To Chiang Mai? Don’t Miss The Stellar Khao Soi At Lamduon Fahrm

It’s a great place to start your day with Khao Soi, but it’s also a great restaurant to start your other day food tour in Chiang Mai.

Khao Soi Islam recipes are unique and slightly softer than some of the other popular khao soi restaurants across the city.

As this is a Halal restaurant, they have experience in making kao soybeans with beef, but it is also a guarantee that their flavors will be a bit special as you already know that none of their broths or soup recipes contain anything with pork, meat pork. fat or other pork products.

Best Khao Soi In Chiang Mai

Homemade chili paste (ក កង ង្រ្រ nam prik pao). The version they are doing here is unique. You should definitely add at least a heaped spoonful of their magic chili paste when you come here for khao soy.

Where To Eat The Best Khao Soi In Chiang Mai?

The curry soup is also fragrant, even though it is quite mild and while not very spicy, it still has a wonderful and unique khao soy flavor.

Finally, if you want soybean kao to be a healthy dish, the way they use coconut milk here (instead of coconut cream which is richer in fat) could make it your soybean kao restaurant.

The curry soup is just not thick enough for me to consider it “the best khao soy in Chiang Mai”.

That being said, I still love this restaurant and highly recommend it for many reasons;

Best Khao Soi Chiang Mai 2022

Their biryani for one is excellent and is one of, if not the best biryani in all of Chiang Mai (we just couldn’t have not ordered an extra plate of mutton biryani (ต้า ว ม ก สี่ khao mok pae) as we came to try khao soi to secretly enjoy aside).

Lastly, it would also be one of the best halal restaurants in Chiang Mai serving amazing beef tail soup and the fried chicken is quite tasty too.

The recipe they use here reminds me of a recent Chinese Muslim-style feast from Yunnan. I think they also use local chillies instead of the larger ones made on the farm. I think here they use a chili paste made from Prik Kariang (สับ กั่ ม, a Northern Thai chili variety) which has a very light flavor, unlike Prik Kee Noo (บ รับ ก ข peppers in Thailand.

Best Khao Soi In Chiang Mai

This restaurant is probably the one that gets the most attention from online sources and I’d say it’s Khun Yai and another restaurant called Khao Soi Samer Jai * that had the most inhabitants (on Thai websites) claiming to be personal. Favourite.

Best Khao Soi In Town!!

Having already visited Kun Yai to enjoy her almost perfect and wonderful hao soy recipe, I thought she definitely deserves a second visit on this day of pasta madness.

* (I had previously eaten hao soybeans at Summer Jai restaurant, and although it was highly rated on the Internet, I found it too sweet to be in today’s request for the best chao soy in Chiang Mai.)

In all of the other four restaurants today we ordered our khao soi with beef, but since Khun Yai chose khao soi gai (ที้ วั้ วิ ต้า) as her specialty, we ordered it with chicken instead of beef.

Khao Soi Khun Yai Restaurant serves a noodle dish that is slightly smaller, but one thing I can say for sure, this chef knows the balance of flavors.

Khao Soi Mae Manee

It serves the perfect blend of flavors and textures, and where some restaurants may add either too much crunchy noodles on top or too much coconut milk (or sugar), Kun Yai’s years of experience is immediately apparent when you take your first bite of noodles.

Less spicy, but still a great version of hao soybeans, because here the taste of the original recipe is almost perfect – almost no additional spices are needed.

I always add accompanying red onions, pickled mustard and lime to make it a fuller dish, but in Khao Soi Kun Yai you can be satisfied with the usual curry soup and the pasta itself. It is so well done.

Best Khao Soi In Chiang Mai

The meat was too dry for me and the curry was a little sweet. Honestly, I can’t say it was a bowl of kao soybeans to go crazy, maybe she started to tame her recipe a bit as more and more foreigners come to enjoy her popular noodles.

Khao Soi (chiang Mai) Noodles Recipe

It’s not a bad thing, it’s just my opinion, and her culinary knowledge deserves to be known. This is one of the Khao Soi pillars in Chiang Mai, the best of all time, but not my personal # 1 pick.

While I would recommend this as one of the must-see places for any traveler who is new to this food (very good location, walk, easy to find in the old town) unfortunately it’s not a soybean chao bowl anymore. would recommend food pilgrimage for pasta lover.

From the moment you step into Loong Prakit Restaurant, you just know it will be a good dining experience no matter what you order.

The first thing you can see is a smiling old man standing behind several huge steaming noodle pots. This is Lung Prakit, the owner and creator of an amazing khao soi recipe that will likely be found with confidence but calmly welcoming customers to the lounge area of ​​a small restaurant.

A Roadtrip In Search Of Thailand’s Best Khao Soi

With only five tables inside and three or four chairs each, the restaurant is almost always full, so whatever food it serves is always the freshest.

You enter the restaurant under a white plastic canopy and go to the self-service table for water. Use the metal spoon to add ice to the glasses and return to the table to arrange the accompanying three plates they bring you, filled with shallots, mustard, and fresh lime wedges.

The size of the plates

Best Khao Soi In Chiang Mai