Best Kway Teow Soup In Jb

Best Kway Teow Soup In Jb – Updated 23 May 2019. Ah Hua at Sekee Coffee Shop in Jalan Segget is the old name in JB’s Teochew Kway Teow soup. I haven’t been back for a few years because foraging took me away from searching for some of Johor’s hidden gems. Ah Hua Kway Teow hasn’t changed a bit – the owners have kept the traditions.

Located in the old and beautiful JB town, Ah Hua in Jalan Segget is the only kway teow soup place I know that still cooks its bone broth with a charcoal stove. The orange flame caresses the pot of soup and slowly removes the bones.

Best Kway Teow Soup In Jb

Best Kway Teow Soup In Jb

It was sunny, Sunday morning. The old 1960s coffee shop was packed and some customers had to wait for their seats. Ah Hua has many regulars, followed by several versions of the classic kway teow soup.

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Everyone is happy because we see that each dish is cooked with love one by one. No more cooking. Do not pre-cook. Everything is fresh and half from scratch.

Doesn’t that look so cute? There is great pride in serving this bowl of kway teow soup.

The ingredients are well placed in a bowl and filled with soup. Steam rising as it was delivered to our table.

The piece of kidney was well done. Pure taste. A soft, creamy jelly-like bite.

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My kway teow has a light, tangy sauce on grape ivories dressed with light soy sauce, lard, fried shallot oil and black vinegar. There was a scattering of fried shallots fried in the barn.

The flat rice noodles coated in red chili sauce are smooth, soft and have the flavor of rice.

>> There is no speculation here in Ah Hua. There is no magic. It’s just good, good Teochew Kway Teow soup. And so it always makes me happy.

Best Kway Teow Soup In Jb

Articles: Ah Hua 发华 司機 Kway Teow Soup, food – don’t waste another calorie, JB Old Town, Kway Teow Soup, TeochewIn JB, I love when I share a table with strangers. I always take the opportunity to ask a new friend why they like the place. I’ll go ahead and ask him for some advice. That’s how I was introduced to Tua Thow kway teow thng which old customers call “Larkin Bomba kway teow thng” because it’s across the street from the fire station. That was in January 2012, and I’ve been returning to Tua Thow regularly ever since.

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(Important note for drivers – when driving along Jalan Tun Abdul Razak towards Skudai, slow down and look to your left for a small mobile station, then turn left. If not, you will miss Tua Thow coffee shop and now they are not used at the Shell station altogether and there is no other entrance to the entire Susur 4 route.)

Lady Mr Mdm Tan is busy at her station, as she has been for the past 30 years.

Our usual preparation – a bowl of “dry” kway teow, soup with fish, pork liver and kidney. From the stall next door, fried leather jacket fish and braided tofu.

Mdm Tan cooked everything perfectly – the pork liver, kidney and seafood all had the perfect texture and taste. All ingredients are fresh.

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I really like the pork in Johor because it is fresh and the skill of the chef like Mdm Tan cooks it. I can taste the flavor of the pork in the small piece of kidney and it is soft and a little springy to the bite.

The quay soup was marinated in soy sauce and dirt. The smell of pork fat sticks in our noses with shame as we throw down the noodles. I love the rice noodles they use at Tua Thow because they are soft, spicy and sweet rice noodles.

The neighborhood has sea buck, cured pork belly, straight pork and more, but we always opt for their fried leather jacket (this piece at RM18). I prefer a lighter flavor to go with Tua Thow’s kway teow soup.

Best Kway Teow Soup In Jb

The leathery skinned fish is crunchy on the outside, plump, the white flesh is slightly dry and has a sweet taste. It perfectly complements tua tov fish and pork bone soup.

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The plain tofu is soft, smooth and marinated in a sweet and mildly sweet sauce. I like to eat grilled tofu with Tua Thow’s kway teow soup.

When we finished, we couldn’t take it anymore, so we ordered another tour. This time it’s all in one big bowl (RM7).

In fact, I feel that kway teow soup tastes better with whatever is added to it, as everything brings a little bit of flavor into the soup. For example, the taste of rice porridge sweetens the whole soup.

👍 Locals in JB love this little old coffee shop where they serve Teochew Kway Teow soup and BBQ stalls, side by side. Well, Tua Thow’s old school gimmick kway teow soup came through at the Shell station nearby – which should say something about their food 😀

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Address: Susur 4, Jalan Tun Abdul Razak (near Shell petrol station), Johor Bahru (turn left after passing the ESO station, otherwise you cannot enter on the side of the road). A soup shop at Golden Plus One Kopitiam in Taman Bukit Indah, Johor Bahru.

We followed Kane’s instructions and found the place. This stall serves Thai style chicken kway teow soup (horror fun) and prawn mee (which I cover in another post).

The hot kway teow soup was filled with rice noodles, white chicken, green beans and chopped onion.

Best Kway Teow Soup In Jb

The rich texture of the chicken and bones simmered for hours is light but flavorful. The chicken meat is soft and has the natural flavor of chicken. The bean sprouts are well made as they are firm and sweet. The rice dishes (kway teow) are average.

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The kway teow chicken soup came with a small slice of the perfect sambal pepper. The sweet taste of the sambalhas hae (shrimp) and the hot bite of the chili. As I love my food with chili, the excellent sambal chili gives the kway teow soup a nice kick.

Then I suddenly remembered that Keen said that in Taiping, their tradition is to add sambal pepper to the chicken broth to make a “spicy soup”. Cain said, “Once you try, you can’t stop!”.

Wanting to know how it tastes, we ordered another bowl of Kway Teow Chicken Soup to try.

Chicken Kwai Teow soup mixed with sambal pepper. No, these are not MyKuali Penang white curry noodles although the look reminded me of it.

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The flavor of chicken and hay goes well with the flavor of hot pepper and other spices. This unique way of eating kway teow soup is really delicious.

If you like spicy food, this Taiping special way of eating chicken kway teow soup is a must try. Johor Yumi member Charles Tan recommended 锦都茶室 and many other members such as Candle Tay and Kumes quickly made suggestions for us all to give it a go. Shop and try.

锦都茶室 is one of the shops located in a quiet corner of Taman Century along Jalan Dato Sulaiman, a few doors down from Poh Kee 宝记 Teochew Kway Teow Soup.

Best Kway Teow Soup In Jb

The big yellow sign says 锦都茶室 They serve Teochew Kwai Teow Soup, Bi Hon Fish Soup, Curry Laksa, Wanton Mee, and Gourd Spicy Soup.

Restaurant Leong Seng Huat 两成发茶餐室 @ Taman Perling, Skudai

A friendly host, Mr. Tan worked in a steakhouse in Singapore. He returned to Johor Bahru after his marriage and was a kway teow soup chef for 32. Today, Mr. Tan runs 锦都茶室 with his daughter and son.

We ordered teochew soup and mee pok and fish soup with kway teow (dry). Maybe, I’m off from a long trip to Australia…. It was a very good breakfast even though I ordered it 😛

The mee pok is still a little springy even though it has been soaked in the soup for a long time, taking pictures. I hope the dry version is better.

The dry kway teow – a soy sauce with a little dirt is chewy and gooey. I asked for chili, hence the maroon globe in the picture. When he was pushed and shaken, it would immediately become like a thick black thread. Chili is rich in dried fish (hae bi).

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The fresh fish is so tender that it was breaking apart while Itried took this photo. Tan goes to the market to buy fish every week morning, so you can be sure it’s fresh. This also explains why 锦都茶室 is closed on Mondays, as the wet markets are also closed on that day.

This slightly unphotogenic pork liver is a favorite. It is fresh and cooked in a