Best Lmg In Cod Mobile 2022

Best Lmg In Cod Mobile 2022 – Is a free-to-play first-person shooter developed by TiMi Studio Group and published by Activision for Android and iOS, released on October 1. 2019. Initially launched in the United States, the game was later published in other regions by Garena, Tencent Games, VNG Games, and TiMi Studio Group.

This game was so anticipated and successful at the time of release that it became one of the most important mobile games released in history. This fact is supported by its massive sales record, generating a revenue of $480 million with a total of 270 million downloads worldwide in one year.

Best Lmg In Cod Mobile 2022

Best Lmg In Cod Mobile 2022

The game has a huge collection of weapons that players can use to defeat their opponents. The weapons in each game are so diverse that they are suitable for any kind of play style. Each gun is divided into one of five categories:

Cod Mobile Best Guns In Each Category

In this article, we highlight the Light Machine Gun (LMG) category and which one should be used in today’s meta. We’ve narrowed the list down to the top five LMGs

, all of which are powerful in their own way, but some are just superior to others.

Chopper LMG takes the back seat on this list. While it’s not that simple in the LMG department, it’s no match for the better guns in the category. This weapon’s damage is the lowest of the five weapons, though its high rate of fire generally makes up for it. The low accuracy stats are also a concern, but the gun’s low recoil makes up for it.

Where the Chopper LMG shines is its versatility. A pistol can hold any type of load with various attachments that either increase its strength or cover its weaknesses. By far, one of the better payloads to use Chopper is:

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This loadout increases his damage by nearly 50% while fixing his accuracy issues. The only place it suffers here is its low range, but as an LMG, getting into close or medium range is usually preferred.

Hades is a dormant option in the LMG department and his potential is slowly being noticed. Introduced in Season Seven, this LMG was popular when it first came out, but gradually fell into oblivion with all the more popular weapons in the meta. When first released, it had one of the fastest rates of fire of any weapon, though it has little competition now.

The only big problem with this gun is the fact that it is generally a larger weapon compared to the other LMGs on this list. Hades payloads are quite diverse, but there are some payload types that have a better track record of performance than others. One of our favorite uploads is:

Best Lmg In Cod Mobile 2022

This special loadout makes Hades fire faster than normal. This loadout also increases damage per hit, which is further enhanced by the increased rate of fire.

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The M4LMG is the LMG with the highest damage flow in the game. While it may not have the fastest rate of fire, it makes up for it with balanced accuracy and good range. This stat is neither the highest nor the lowest LMG, so the M4LMG is the most balanced LMG

The M4LMG’s only real drawback is probably its high amount of recoil, although this can be reduced with the help of proper attachments. Another thing to keep in mind is that the M4LMG is a very heavy LMG, and unless the player has a custom version with a useful light score, it makes every move a bit of a pain. Fortunately, these weapons can also be obtained from airdrops.

This loadout specifically addresses the weapon’s weight problem by making it lighter, thus increasing its mobility. Accuracy is slightly reduced which is good because the M4LMG is pretty accurate to begin with. The range is pretty much the same, with all these stat changes making it better overall.

The RPD is the only LMG with unmatched fire rate that requires no additional equipment or attachments. The RPD was also the first LMG to be introduced

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In the first season since then, his stats have kept him relevant over the years, though his abilities and stats have remained mostly unchanged.

RPD Bullets are probably one of the best things about RPD, as they are very common on most maps and make it possible to maintain a fast rate of fire. Retraction can be a bit of a problem, but can be solved by using special attachments.

This layout increases RPD damage and improves its knockback. It also increases mobility, making it easier to run while taking a lot of damage.

Best Lmg In Cod Mobile 2022

Arguably the frontrunner for the top spot, the Holger 26 has held the top spot as the best LMG since its inception. It has become the majority

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If that’s not enough, the gun stats speak for themselves. The Holger 26 is light, fast, and does a lot of damage with a high rate of fire. Some may argue that the lower accuracy rate can offset some of its advantage in high-level play, but the accuracy stat doesn’t matter much when it comes to LMGs and high fire rates.

This layout brings out the best in the Holger 26, increasing its damage and rate of fire even more than the vanilla version, while reducing its high recoil. With most players unanimously agreeing on the capabilities of the Holger 26, it is considered a high performance LMG while playing battle royale games like Call of Duty Mobile, the adrenaline rush of engaging your enemies in close quarters combat. It is one size. More interesting. What’s even more exciting than others is the powerful feeling you get after taking out an entire team in one shot. But for such success, you need to have the best LMG in COD Mobile loadout.

After the assault rifle, the Light Machine Gun or LMG is very useful and one of the most popular weapons in Call of Duty Mobile. There are various machine guns available in the game, and in this article I will list and rank their abilities. So you can choose the best LMG in COD mobile season 10 according to your preference.

The Light Machine Gun features listed above, such as damage and accuracy, are default features without any attachments. You can always modify your LMG with attachments to further these abilities.

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The light machine gun in COD Mobile is characterized by its large magazine size. Thus, the rifle can load between 60 and 100 rounds at a time, dealing significant damage with a spray of bullets without the need for repeated reloads. However, there is a deal with the larger magazine that owns the LMG. Large mags increase the weight of the rifle and therefore reduce the mobility of the rifle. Also LMGs in COD Mobile are less accurate, however the best LMGs in COD Mobile are useful in medium range battles.

So, the idea here is to choose the best LMG in COD Mobile that has a balanced mag size, mobility and accuracy. Because as far as damage goes, most Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 Nightmare LMGs have similar damage except for the M4LMG.

In COD Mobile Season 9 Nightmare, the best LMG for the game is the Holger 26. The USP of the Holger 26 is its versatility, this LMG can be adapted to many forms and offers the best choice for different scenarios. Also, compared to the other best LMGs in COD Mobile, the Holger 26 is very light. Add to that the perks and light attachments and what you get is the best LMG in COD mobile, surpassing the M4LMG, RPD and Hades.

Best Lmg In Cod Mobile 2022

LMG base stats in Call of Duty Mobile may not look like what they appear on paper. However, with the right attachments, this LMG is a complete game changer, dominating assault rifles and even SMGs. Holger 26 has 31 damage with 53 accuracy and 60 range. Rate of fire, meanwhile, is where the Holger shines as the best LMG in COD Mobile, with an amazing rate of fire of 71 that ranks high on the list compared to the other best LMGs in COD Mobile.

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As mentioned above, the M4LMG is the single LMG with the most damage, along with fairly balanced accuracy, rate of fire, and range of 32, 61, 63, and 58 respectively. This score is neither the highest nor the lowest in this category, making the M4LMG one of the best LMGs in mobile COD.

When testing the M4LMG in Battle Royale mode, it did 31 damage when aimed at the head. On the other hand, explosions from body fires between 25 and 29 HP, depending on the hit/miss ratio. Speaking of weaknesses and what makes the M4LMG the second best LMG in COD Mobile is the powerful vertical recoil, although it can be reduced.