Best Lnb Frequency For Free Dish

Best Lnb Frequency For Free Dish – Come April 1, 2022, DD Free Dish users may miss or worry if some of their favorite channels are missing from their DD Free Dish STB.

1 April 2022 se Agar aapko DD Free Dish New channels nahi dekh pa rahe hai toh aap neeche diye gaye information aur pictures se apne dd free dish box ke old channels delete karke new channels ko scan kar lijiye. Aap ko wapas saare dd free antenna ke new channels apke dd free antenna set top box/receiver par mil jayenge.

Best Lnb Frequency For Free Dish

Best Lnb Frequency For Free Dish

Apr 1, 2022 If you can’t see new DD Free Dish channels, you can scan new channels by deleting old channels from your dd free dish box from the information and images provided below. You will return all new dd free dish channels to your dd free dish tuner/receiver.

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From 1st April 2022, DD Free Dish will add new channels and also remove some channels and mix some channels to new TP / Frequencies.

So DD Free Dish users have to reset their STB/autoscan their FTA STB to get the channel list back correctly.

The first step is to delete the existing channels on your set-top box so that you don’t have duplicate channels and that you don’t get messages about your tuner being full, as some older tuners have very. less channel storage capacity.

Using the images below, you can remove the old channels from your box and scan for new channels.

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To delete existing channels, go to MENU by pressing the menu button on the remote control, then go to the “Edit” option, which will be the 4th option, if it’s a free dd software, like melbon or cisco, you can. see the same options in the provided images here for your guidance.

Now click OK on “Edit app” and you will find “Delete all settings” and click OK.

Now you can start a new scan by adding DD Free antenna frequencies like 11090 V 29500, 11170 V 29500, 11470 V 29500, 11510 V 29500, 11550 V 29500 and if you have MPEG 104 box 29500 and if you can also add MPEG 104 163. training channels add 11590 V 29500, 11670 V 29500 and 11550 H 30000. Add tps just like that to get the correct LCN.

Best Lnb Frequency For Free Dish

Press “Menu” on the remote control to enter the FTA STB menu and go to the “SETUP” program, then go to the “Auto Scan” option and enter the LNB values ​​as 09750 (Lo) and 09750 (Hi) and set the mode scan FREE and do auto scan to return all channels

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