Best Ml Player In The World

Best Ml Player In The World – Phuntsho Zangpo, considered the best Mobile Legend: Bang Bang player in Bhutan, started playing MOBA (multiple online battle arena) games when he was in Class III. After playing many MOBA games, he discovered Mobile Legends in 2018. He was in Class XI then.

“I saw my brothers and friends playing Mobile Legends and I started playing. “I liked this game because of the same idea as DOTA,” said Phuntsho. He spent six hours playing Mobile Legends during school and more than 11 hours during recess.

Best Ml Player In The World

Best Ml Player In The World

He goes by the name ICY 1LASTSEC while playing Mobile Legends and his team ICY has nine members. His team has played at least a dozen of the biggest Mobile Legends games in Bhutan, including top teams from Bhutan and other countries.

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With six (team) wins and four Most Valuable Player (MVP) awards, Phuntsho Zangpo is very happy with his success so far.

Many broadcasters and Bhutanese Mobile Legends players say that Phuntsho Zangpo is the best Mobile Legends player in Bhutan. MAYNIA, a famous Mobile Legends announcer with about 50,000 followers on his page and the best ML player in Bhutan told Phuntsho: “You have a chance to be one of the best players in the world if you play with a high ping (NKSK). Bhutan does not have a good ping. “Ping is the network latency between the player’s computer and the game server.

Phuntsho Zangpo is not only considered a good Mobile Legends player in Bhutan but also in other countries by Mobile Legends players.

A great player from Indonesia, the former owner of the world level 1 of Mobile Legends (Alucard), once invited him to play in his team. Phuntsho Zangpo could not leave his group and refused the invitation.

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Some spend a lot of money on games for nothing. On his part, Phuntsho Zangpo has not spent money in this game but he has received many gifts worth Nu 110,000 from the game so far.

Although he is an admirable actor, Phuntsho Zangpo talks about the negative aspects of electronic games such as health; The high involvement of young people in e-sports and the problems they present to their parents and education. However, there are positive aspects to video games, he admits.

Phuntsho had already decided to go to Thailand with the hope of becoming a successful Mobile Legends player. He couldn’t go to Bangkok, of course, because of the epidemic and many restrictions.

Best Ml Player In The World

“I am confident that I can become a successful Mobile Legends player in the future. I can live with it,” said Phuntsho. Professional Mobile Legends (ML) competitions at the national and international level never cease to promote famous Esports players. Recently, players from the Philippines, namely KarlTzy He succeeded in stealing attention because of his good performance in the M2 World Championship 2021. He succeeded in bringing Bren Esports to the top spot of M2 and won the title of MVP.

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Besides KarlTzy, it’s clear that there are still many good players out there. What do you think? Suddenly, we are discussing Spinners!

Who doesn’t know the name RRQ Lemon? Having a great hero role makes him a great actor. Its stable gameplay, play design, and multiple pool pools make it a worthy candidate from the beginning of the MLBB pro scene until now.

What he has done alone is amazing, he is one of the best Indonesian players except LJ and Indonesia MPL champions, which are 3 times.

In the international arena, Lemon led RRQ Hoshi to win the MSL Invitational back to back from season 1 to 2, won the MPL Invitational 4 Nations Cup 2020, won the M1 title, and won 3 M2. Therefore, you should be one of the best Legends players in the world.

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Calling Eko ‘Oura’ Julianto the best player in the Land of the Dawn is not fair at all. He won the Most Valuable Player (MVP) at the 2019 Mobile Legends World Championship (M1) in Malaysia.

Known as Mr. Assassin Indonesia, started his career in the pro game when he brought Saints Indo to win MSC 2017. After that, Oura’s name became very popular when he joined EVOS Esports and former King players.

His achievements in the pro event itself are many, he successfully brought Saints Indo to win MSC 2017, brought EVOS Legends to win MPL Season 4 until he won the M1 World Championship in the hands of EVOS Legends.

Best Ml Player In The World

Lim Yang or better known as Ly4ly4ly4 the actor of Singapore Resurgence should be counted as one of the best mobile Legends. The former Mobile Legends Season 4 world champion wants to hone his skills. He has also been known as a pro player in Arena of Valor and League of Legends.

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His success in Mobile Legends is considered a success because he was able to bring two different teams to win MPL MY/SG, namely IDNS Singapore in Season 1 and Resurgence won MPL MY/SG Season 5.

The jungler of the Malaysian Todak group, Ciku, should be included in the world of mobile tips. He was one of the best since his debut in MPL MY/SG in Season 4. The hyper carry meta that has evolved into a jungler today is very suitable for this player.

Todak’s performance in MPL MY / SG Season 6 was excellent. They finished all the games with wins and Ciku was the most important. His performance using assassins and heroes makes him the player with the most kills in the regular season, with 150 kills.

His success so far has seen Todak become the champion in MPL MY/SG Season 6 and a successful third place in the 2019 M1 championship. In M2 he shines and gets maniac when he plays Wanwan against EVOS SG in the lower bracket competition.

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KarlTzy, whose real name is Karl Gabriel Nepumuceno, is listed as the most talented young player of his age who is 16 years old. Despite his young age, his success cannot be underestimated.

According to SPIN Esports, KarlTzy is the best Mobile Legends (ML) player of all time! The first place title and MVP M2 Mobile Legends is proof.

At the age of 15, KarlTzy won the gold medal at the SEA Games in 2019. He is the youngest player in the Philippine eSports national team. Apart from M2, he also managed to bring BREN Esports to become the champion of MPL PH Season 6.

Best Ml Player In The World

Do you agree with this statement? In the comments below, which spinners do you think from the five players above deserve the title of ‘best’ in the world?

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It will be interesting if these five characters meet again later in M3. Who will win the title of the best player of Legends (MLBB)? Or will there be new players who will stand out and win the title in M3? In fact, she has a full-time job and is a mom who only plays MLBB at night after her son goes to bed.

MLBB isn’t the only game Viorell is talented at. He has been an actor for the past 17 years – believe it or not, Viorell is 38 years old.

“I have always been an actor. When I started around 2003 I played Counterstrike, and I was able to go pro-level there as well. At that time, female players were few and far between,” Viorell told ONE Esports.

“I joined a team of five girls, but some women’s teams were not enough so we had to enter different competitions. We used to be invited to tournaments to be featured by guests, but eventually we broke up because it was difficult at that time to grow as an all-female band. Later, I joined the regular CS group, where I was the only girl.”

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After playing CS semi-professionally for seven years, Viorell stopped playing Dota. Unfortunately, shortly after Dota 2 came out he stopped playing games completely after his father’s illness.

Viorell’s father passed away in 2017, and after six years from playing competitively, he finally started playing again.

“My son was eating while watching YouTube when an ad for Mobile Legends came on. “I saw it and the graphics looked good, so I thought I’d give it a try,” Viorell said.

Best Ml Player In The World

“I was a Marksman, but I started playing Tank because no one wanted to take this position,” continued Viorell. “When I was choosing which tank, they all looked bad. I liked Lolita because she was beautiful, with her hammer.

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“At first, I didn’t really understand how to play Tank,” he said. “I played Lolita a lot until I reached the international level of 70, but at that time