Best Mnc To Work For In Singapore

Best Mnc To Work For In Singapore – SINGAPORE – Industry giant Microsoft and mobile security firm Treebox Solutions are among the best technology companies to work for in the country, according to the Computer Society of Singapore (SCS).

Winners of the Singapore Computer Association’s Best Technology Companies to Work for Awards Ceremony. Photo: Computer Society of Singapore/Facebook

Best Mnc To Work For In Singapore

Best Mnc To Work For In Singapore

SINGAPORE – Industry giant Microsoft Singapore, LinkedIn and games studio Ubisoft Singapore are among the top 10 tech companies to work for in the country, according to the Computer Society of Singapore.

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The association said these companies demonstrated “exemplary qualities of a strong talent development framework, an enviable corporate culture and innovation excellence”.

They were evaluated by an independent panel of judges representing the public and private sectors in the field of information, communication and media (ICM). Five main criteria are considered: innovation, human resource management, human resource development, people culture, financial stability.

The awards, which were handed out yesterday (July 8), also picked four winners out of 10 for the best tech company to work for.

They were selected from three categories based on the size of the company: large organizations or multinational companies, medium-sized organizations with 50-200 employees, and start-ups or small parties with up to five years of establishment or less than 50 employees.

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The four winners were: Microsoft Singapore and Ubisoft Singapore, JustCommodity Software Solutions, a commodity trading and risk management software provider, and mobile security startup Treebox Solutions.

CommGate manages IT strategy in the areas of e-commerce, customer relationship management and custom web applications. Clients include Nanyang Technological University, Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory and EZ Link.

A leading provider of commodity trading and risk management software in Asia, JustCommodity has been honored with the top brokerage firm award here for its focus on providing ample opportunities for employees to develop their knowledge and skill base.

Best Mnc To Work For In Singapore

Professional networking website LinkedIn opened its Asia Pacific headquarters in Singapore in 2011. It was the second online networking site to open after Facebook set up shop in Singapore in 2010.

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The joint winner in the Large Organization / MNC category is involved in strengthening the local technology scene. Last week, Microsoft Singapore, in partnership with Singapore’s Infocomm Development Authority, launched Code for Change, which aims to encourage 1.2 million people to use coding to develop solutions to everyday problems.

American MNC Red Hat is an open source services company with a satellite office in Singapore. Its flagship product is Red Hat Enterprise Linux, which focuses on cloud computing.

Mobile banking software provider Tagit designs mobile apps for the likes of DBS, Standard Chartered, UOB, Singapore Airlines and PSA Marine. The Singaporean medium-sized company was founded in 2004 and is ranked among the 500 fastest growing technologies in Asia by Deloitte.

The startup is a specialized mobile security solutions company that focuses on developing military-grade mobile security. The main starting point chosen here by SCS, TreeBox prioritizes proper use and opening and separation in the working environment.

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The game studio has a multicultural team. It established a base in Singapore in 2008 and has contributed to major gaming titles such as the Assassin’s Creed franchise. Cultivating local talent has resulted in a fun, open and creative atmosphere.

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We know it’s hard to switch browsers, but we want your experience TODAY to be fast, secure, and the best. When choosing the type of company to work for, knowing what you want and finding the right fit can be the difference between a smooth and rough start to your career.

Best Mnc To Work For In Singapore

While you’re concerned about the type of jobs you should apply for, don’t overlook the importance of finding the type of company that fits your personality and career goals. Think about it – no matter how attractive the offer may seem, if you don’t fit in with your new company, you won’t be satisfied with your job.

Sme Vs Mnc

So, while each company has its own characteristics that you will only really understand when you say yes to a job offer, it is still possible that your work environment will depend on the organization’s business structure. be

Since employers come in all shapes and sizes, they can be divided into three groups. There are multinational corporations (MNCs) like Visa and Nestlé, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) like BreadTalk and startups.

Each type has specific characteristics that you should keep in mind when planning your job search, so it’s probably a good idea to look at different types of employers.

These are large companies that usually have global headquarters and maintain facilities and assets in many countries other than their home country. MNCs are usually well-known companies with large operating bases and revenues.

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Some of the common positives mentioned about working in an MNC are the opportunity for continuous improvement as well as the many benefits that employees are aware of. However, the pitfalls are often the lack of flexibility and the high level of bureaucracy in the company, as well as the fierce competition to find a job there.

In short, SMEs are companies with less than 200 employees or an annual turnover of less than 100 million US dollars. Regardless of their size, SMEs employ two-thirds of Singapore’s workforce and account for nearly 50% of the country’s GDP.

Some of the advantages of working in an SME include faster career advancement as competence and achievements are easily recognized. However, on the other hand, no formal training or degree schemes are offered and you are required to learn independently and on the job.

Best Mnc To Work For In Singapore

According to SPRING Singapore, startups are newly established businesses that have not reached the five-year milestone. Startups depend on scalable business models. They have also developed a reputation for offering a product or service that cannot be found anywhere else in the market.

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Some graduates love the hustle and constant innovation that comes with startups, but the constant desire to generate new proposals can leave them with burnout.

At the end of the day, there is no right answer to what type of company you want to work for. Your choice really depends on your preferences, personality and even personal preference. So think about what is right for you and find your ideal job and organization!

Just because there is less buzz about the humanities in general (compared to other more “glamorous” disciplines like STEM) doesn’t mean that humanities graduates are unemployable.

If you’re looking for a tech employer with a strong focus on diversity and inclusion, Trina Yeung has some suggestions for you.

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It’s never too early to start preparing for your career, so consider using your summer vacation to get off to a good start! According to Glassdoor’s inaugural 2020 edition of “Best Places to Work in Singapore”, here are the top 10 companies:

Reviews examine many factors that affect employee performance, including career opportunities, compensation, top management, culture and values.

Interestingly, these are the top 10 international MNC companies in Singapore. It’s true that companies must have more than 1,000 employees to qualify for the list in the first place.

Best Mnc To Work For In Singapore

Glassdoor Singapore also highlights the trend for companies – large companies in Singapore and around the world – to place increasing emphasis on culture and inclusion as a defining trend for the next decade.

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“In today’s era of workplace transparency, a company’s mission, culture and values ​​are critical to employers’ ability to attract and retain top talent.”

The account manager also talked about “amazing benefits” with “very people-oriented and supportive managers.” Overall, “there is an excellent company culture with very good benefits. Great focus on personal development and plenty of opportunities for career advancement.”

“…this is the company I’ve loved the most in my career. Lots of work-life balance, freedom to experiment in my role. I’m never bossy… [I] really love working here.”

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“…the culture is forgiving and very open. Everyone is ready to help, conversations with bosses are transparent, responsibility is given early.”

“[Amazon] offers an incredible learning opportunity and collaborative work environment. [You’re] surrounded by smart people and have endless opportunities with clients.”

“You work with amazing and smart people. It has an open and inclusive environment. You have incredible access to technology and learning opportunities.”

Best Mnc To Work For In Singapore

“Visa offers you an international business experience, regardless of the group you work for. It’s a very open company culture with a strong focus on eliminating silos in business functions. “

Singapore Business Review (april

“Cool sound of technology. Good boss from whom I learned a lot. Open, transparent and Agile driven. Convenient location. Good benefits.”

“HubSpot values ​​learning and growth and practices what it preaches. As a HubSpotter, I’ve always felt like my work is valued. Plus, it’s amazing to see how leadership supports everyone’s personal growth.” The staff is very caring and I see myself growing so much at HubSpot. I never want to leave!”