Best Nhl Goalies Of All Time

Best Nhl Goalies Of All Time – In the game of Hockey, a goaltender, also known as a goalkeeper, is the key to a team’s success.

When the defense gives up, they come to the rescue. They are the last line of defense.

Best Nhl Goalies Of All Time

Best Nhl Goalies Of All Time

It is a combination of both, and many more factors go into, to sum up, a good goalkeeper.

Fantasy Hockey Rankings

Based on performance and individual performance, compiling a list of the top 20 goaltenders of all time in the NHL.

His impressive time in the Swedish Hockey team Frölunda HC saw him play in the NHL in the colors of the New York Rangers.

Lundqvist became the first goaltender to record 11 30-win seasons in his first 12 NHL seasons before winning the prestigious Vezina Trophy.

Luongo was one of the best goalkeepers at the time, but his lack of winning a Stanley Cup or some other important awards was missing.

The Nhl’s Top 25 Goalies Of All Time

He was a two-time NHL All-Star second team member and is among the top 10 goaltenders in wins and shutouts.

Luongo was one of the most unique goaltenders in the NHL who unfortunately did not win a major championship.

Nicknamed Gump because of his comical likeness, he played for three different franchises in the NHL but only experienced team success with the Montreal Canadiens.

Best Nhl Goalies Of All Time

However, the highlight and career highlight were the boundaries he broke in the sport, including becoming the first black hockey player to win the prestigious Stanley Cup.

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Currently playing for the Montreal Canadiens, his impressive performance since his 2007 NHL debut has earned him a spot on the list.

Although he may seem limited in his play due to his positions, Price has defied the odds and, on several occasions, has been an effective game changer from his role.

Price became the first goaltender in NHL history to win the Jennings, Vezina, Pearson, and Hart awards in one season.

The fact that his career spanned two different eras in the league makes Belfour’s career quite interesting.

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After not being selected in the draft, he signed as a free agent with the Chicago Blackhawks, and that was the beginning of an illustrious career for Belfour as he became the center goaltender for the Falcons and won two Vezina trophies.

Belfour had a total of 484 wins at the time of his retirement, which ranks fourth among goaltenders in the NHL.

Brimsek dominated his time as he won more league games than any other goalkeeper of his era.

Best Nhl Goalies Of All Time

His ten seasons in the NHL saw him play for two franchises, the Boston Bears and the Chicago Hawks.

The 10 Best Nhl Goalies Of All Time

He won the Calder Memorial Trophy and two Vezina Trophies and was named to eight NHL All-Star teams.

Brimsek was the first American goaltender in NHL history to be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame.

He was the first goalie in NHL history to record a shutout and assist on a goal.

The fact that the famous Vezina award was named after him speaks to how good of a goaltender he was during his playing career.

Best Goalies: Toronto Maple Leafs

The former goaltender for the New York Islanders, who helped the franchise to four straight Stanley Cup titles, might not look good as a goaltender compared to the goaltender of the day in the NHL today.

But considering the 1970s when he played where innovation and technology had yet to transform the structure of the game, Smith was as good a goalkeeper as the game needed.

Broda spent his entire NHL career playing for the Toronto Maple Leafs and was one of the big names in the league among goaltenders.

Best Nhl Goalies Of All Time

Broda helped the franchise to a memorable comeback victory to secure the Stanley Cup title in the 1941–42 season.

Nhl Power Rankings: Top 3 Greatest Goalies Of All Time

But his outstanding performance earned him three Vezina Awards as well as the Calder Memorial Trophy in his rookie year.

He was a phenomenal goaltender who recorded some of the best single save percentages in NHL history.

He tops the league all-time in regular season wins leader with 691 wins in 1,266 games played, scoring a total of three goals.

He won five lifetime William M. Jennings awards, four Vezina Trophies, a Calder Memorial Trophy, and appeared on ten All-Star teams.

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With 447 wins and 107 shutouts, he was once the NHL’s leading goaltender, a record he held until his death.

He was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame and named among the 100 greatest NHL players.

He once topped the league in save percentage six times and helped the Maple Leafs to four Stanley Cup titles.

Best Nhl Goalies Of All Time

Although he was prolific for only a short period of time, he still cannot ignore his effectiveness during his prime.

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The father helped the Philadelphia Flyers win the Stanley Cup twice, won the prestigious Vezina Trophy consecutively, and the Conn Smythe Trophy.

Those more than two years of parenthood are probably responsible for the effectiveness of most goaltenders who have spent years in the NHL.

Parent was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame and placed 63 among the 100 greatest NHL players in history.

The first goaltender in the NHL to enjoy the butterfly system for a goaltender was amazing in net.

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Often referred to as Saint Patrick, Roy spent his entire NHL season playing for two franchises, the Montreal Canadien and the Colorado Avalanche.

After winning his third Conn Smythe Trophy, he became the only NHL player to win the award three times, especially with different teams and different decades.

But, more than that, he was one of the most versatile goaltenders the game has seen with a record winning six Vezina Awards as well as winning six Stanley Cup titles with the Montreal Canadiens.

Best Nhl Goalies Of All Time

Dryden topped the league in save percentage three times, won the Conn Smythe Trophy once, the Calder Trophy, five Vezina Awards, and the Stanley Cup six times.

Nhl Power Rankings: 30 Best Goaltenders Of All Time

His aggressive play on the road earned him the nickname “The Dominator”, and he lived up to the name.

Between 1993 to 2001, he won six Vezina Trophies, he was the first goaltender to win the Hart Trophy more than once, won it twice.

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Since then, writer Chris Boyle has spent hundreds of hours tracking thousands of images to break new ground on the best way to analyze and rank visitors. When he first got some of the information detailed below, he casually started thinking about coming up with a formula to compare visitors over time. However, we were deceived.

Top 10 Greatest Nhl Goalies Of All Time

One of the difficulties in any estimate of the greatest visitors of all time is the lack of save rate data prior to the 1980s. Rankings involving visitors from previous decades depended on team results and reputations created by storytellers. But two books set out to fill in the gaps by compiling old data from historical scoreboards to determine save percentages.

Armed with that data, I created league averages from 1954-55 and adjusted them for individual eras. That allowed me to create a baseline season for a league average goalie: 25-25-10, .898, 3.02. With that, I had a fair playing field to measure 59 years of NHL goaltending.

I focused my research on save percentage, but also reported on-ice success, longevity and innovation. Ken Dryden at the original research was so far ahead of the field it was Gretzkyesque. I even leveled the statistical playing field by comparing each goaltender’s eight-year (Dryden’s career) statistical highlights. I also adjusted for shooting attributes that have increased winning numbers over the past ten years.

Best Nhl Goalies Of All Time

(Adjusted tenure, eight-year major average, based on a 60-game workload) The biggest knock on Ken Dryden of all time is that his record was the result of playing behind a great team. One way to show the impact of a team is to rate all the players on a particular team. Vezina Trophy winner Tuukka Rask’s career save percentage manages to be .003 better than his backup. Dryden was .019 percentage points better than his backups over his eight-year career, fending off Chris Osgood-level criticism.

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Dryden produced an astronomical save percentage in his career -.024 above the league average. To put that into perspective, in 2013-14 numbers, that’s a .938 average (Rask was .930 last season). During the 1975-76 season, Dryden hit .927 when the league average was .890, equal to .945 the previous season.

Combine the statistics with on-ice results and it’s clear that Dryden is, without a doubt, the greatest goaltender of all time.

Both Patrick Roy and Dominik Hasek were contenders for the number 1 spot but statistically could not match Dryden’s dominance. Instead, they fought to be the best of their generation.

They posted nearly identical numbers, and while Roy played better teams during his prime, he outscored .020 over his

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