Best Ntse Books For Class 10

Best Ntse Books For Class 10 – Before starting NTSE preparation, the first question that arises in the aspirant’s mind is “What is the best book for NTSE preparation?”. While preparing for competitive exams, students seem to gravitate towards different reference books to get more study material and knowledge on different topics. Prof. Vipin Joshi, Mentor National Record for Producing NTSE Scholars –

“There is no perfect book for NTSE preparation. Some subjects are too easy and some have very difficult content for NTSE preparation.” Students are looking for books with more study materials. They don’t realize that some books are too easy for students to prepare and practice, while some books have really difficult material. Moreover, some of the topics included in these books are not part of the curriculum. Students believe that solving really difficult questions will prepare them well for the exam. They don’t know that spending hours on irrelevant study material is what leftovers Your study materials must meet the standards of the examination course.

Best Ntse Books For Class 10

Best Ntse Books For Class 10

NTSE Phase I papers are based on state board syllabus, so students should follow their state book for proper preparation. And NTSE Phase II papers are based on NCERT syllabus so students should prepare well from NCERT books.

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Subjects like Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry require a lot of practice, where you have to solve all the questions given at the back of each chapter. The number of questions from the government books and NCERT is not enough for preparation. So you should focus on practice papers after completing all state board and NCERT questions. These practice papers provide enough material to practice.

Moreover, State Board and NCERT books do not provide anything for MAT preparation. MAT is an important part and requires continuous practice. To prepare for the MAT section, you should first understand the verbal and non-verbal concepts and then solve the practice papers to cover as many questions as possible.

When you are done with school books and practice papers, you should spend your time on model papers and previous year questions. This is the most effective way to prepare for NTSE or competitive exams in general. There’s no need to waste your parents’ money on irrelevant books that won’t help you reach your potential. State books, NCERT books and standard study materials are all you need for NTSE preparation. A deep understanding of various subjects and consistent practice is the key to ace NTSE.

We posed this question to Professor Vipin Joshi in our rare interview, and he answered in his elegant style. Watch this video till the end and maybe you will get things.

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If you still want to read from a reference book, you can refer to the following NTSE books, but remember: “Too much dependence on any book is suicidal if NTSE is prepared.”

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Best Ntse Books For Class 10

Before buying NTSE books in India, check the list of Indian products available in online stores. Top 10 NTSE books are analyzed to bring you the cheapest and best. Our team searches NTSE Books Indian online stores and filters the best Indian products by NTSE Books, NTSE Books reviews and ratings. Choose one of the NTSE books from the list below:

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