Best Nxt Matches Of All Time

Best Nxt Matches Of All Time – Six years after the inaugural TakeOver event, NXT TakeOver XXX will celebrate the legacy of WWE’s transition from developmental to global brand. During that time, fans have been rewarded with a rich roster of talented wrestlers and incredible matches that make TakeOver events must-see programming.

With anticipation high for the upcoming Pay-Per-View, it’s a chance to reconnect with some classic matches from the previous 29 events. There are collections that are key to NXT fabric and contribute to its success today. I note that this does not include UK TakeOvers as WWE does not count them either.

Best Nxt Matches Of All Time

Best Nxt Matches Of All Time

I’m curious from the comments section what would be their number one pick from this list? Which division do you think was stronger? And name the match you think is missing the most from this list.

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NXT TakeOver: Fatal 4 Way (September 11, 2014) Fatal 4 Way for the NXT Championship: Adrian Neville & Tyler Breeze vs. Tyson Kidd & Sami Zayn

An often forgotten match in NXT history. There were strong positive reactions then, and the main event was an incredible performance by the then NXT model. You have a foursome that have previously feuded over the past few months, with Neville being unfairly underrated for his strong work in the early days of NXT, veteran general Tyson Kidd helping to shape the future of WWE, while fellow villain Tyler Breeze has been very crafty and cunning, trying to steal the victory.

Neville was the longest reigning NXT Champion at the time and was known for being skilled and doing enough to retain his championship while building a feud with Zayn. The feud involved the suave and crowd favorite, Sami Zayn, coming very close to winning, only for Neville to get the upper hand. NXT was and still is an early sign of potential NXT.

I admit I was a little biased with this pick because the match made me an NXT fan. I just luckily bought the WWE Network and found out that there was a PPV exclusive that night that it happened. At the time I had no idea who these two men were, but through the impeccable narration and commentary by Rich Brennan, Corey Graves and Alex Riley, I was drawn in and fully understood the level of the stakes.

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With Zayn’s career on the line and a full crowd behind him, the emotion of the moment permeated everyone in the crowd. Great rhythm, great action, emotionally conflicted moments where Zayn fought his need to win against his belief that he would win the right way, it was all a rollercoaster match. A referee was even added to the match, and the final act of the match is one of the most exciting moments in NXT history. An emotionally rewarding story that deserves respect.

NXT TakeOver: Contender (February 11, 2015) NXT Championship #1 Contenders Match: Finn Balor vs. Adrian Neville

As Neville represented his NXT past after his record-breaking reign as NXT Champion, his match with Balor became the passing of the torch. Balor had already joined NXT with a huge aura and unmatched potential, his demonic entrance was unlike anything seen in NXT up to that point.

Best Nxt Matches Of All Time

With striking strikes the main feature of this intense battle, Neville dominated his opponent in impressive fashion and gave legitimacy to the teenager. Balor gained momentum from this match and became one of the most important champions in NXT history, leading tours and raising the bar for the brand.

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NXT TakeOver: Contender (February 11, 2015) NXT Women’s Championship 4-Way Fatal Match: Charlotte & Sasha Banks vs. Becky Lynch & Bayley

When Paige was forced to vacate the NXT Women’s Championship after being promoted to the main roster, Charlotte defeated Natalya to become champion. Ahead of this Fatal 4-Way match, Triple-H has openly admitted that he wants to see the women on the main roster with more opportunities. With the NXT universe watching, Triple-H made his intentions public when the four women revealed that the problem with women’s wrestling is not a lack of talent, but a lack of opportunity.

In a match that combined high-octane action with intense near falls, the competitors helped sell the importance of the championship. With counter-offensive efforts and desperate tactics, there was no weak link in this competitive battle. Charlotte showed her natural ability, Bayley’s connection with the crowd had them on the edge of their seats, while Sasha’s character work was second to none. Lynch seemed like a mild afterthought at the time, but the potential for his future character began here.

One of the main strengths of NXT in its early years is the great storyline and long-term booking to create cute babyfaces that connect with the crowd. Whether it’s the original iteration of Zayn and Balor or the recent success of Johnny Gargano, audiences in NXT have been rewarded for caring, but perhaps the best example is Bayley, who has gone from innocent fan to legitimate competitor in two years. for the women’s championship. She enters this match as an underdog against Banks, who has been the champion for 192 days.

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In the build-up to this match, Banks criticized Bayley’s efforts and brutally attacked Bayley’s injured arm during the match. However, with the will of the NXT crowd behind her, Bayley got back to her feet and the two had an exciting match that ended with Bayley’s Venom Storm off the top rope. After Bayley-To-Belly won her match, Bayley celebrated in the ring alongside Sasha, Charlotte and Becky Lynch in a heart-warming moment.

NXT TakeOver: Respect (October 7, 2015) Iron Man 30 Minute Match for the NXT Women’s Championship: Bayley vs. Sasha Banks

The first women’s match to headline a WWE PPV. The first Iron Man women’s match. Not only the culmination of the Sasha-Bayley feud, but also a confirmation of the impact that the four Horsewomen (including Charlotte and Becky Lynch) have had in women’s wrestling. There were many firsts after this match, the first women’s PPV at Evolution, the first women’s match at Hell In A Cell, the first Royal Rumble. There have even been better women’s matches in NXT since then, but have they been more significant?

Best Nxt Matches Of All Time

Even before the match began, the fans chanted and cheered for “women’s wrestling”, a fitting tribute to the efforts of NXT and their division to raise the level of women’s wrestling. With the perfect combination of Sasha’s brutal violence and Bayley’s babyface fire, this is an emotional story that allowed Bayley to become the new face of NXT. After that, both women received a well-deserved round of applause.

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Despite the beauty of his well-deserved victory over Neville for the NXT Championship and his continued presence as a favorite observer in the NXT world, Zayn has failed to promote Dallas. He lost the title to Kevin Owens, marking the end of his time with the NXT Universe, so commissioner William Regal rewarded him with a match against debuting superstar Nakamura. With his unique singing and mysterious rock star charisma, the audience was immediately captivated and the crowd was in a frenzy before this match.

The chemistry between the two was electric, the battle between the brutality of Nakamura’s powerful style and Zayn’s never-say-die heart was intoxicating for all viewers. A match built on respect, intensity and aggression, both men tried to make an impact, and did so with gusto. Unfortunately, in hindsight, it seems neither of them will ever reach the heights of this moment again, but they caught lightning in a bottle in the match of the year.

NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II (August 20, 2016) NXT Tag Team Championship Match: The Revival (Dash & Dawson) vs #DIY (Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano)

Currently making waves as the newest tag team in All Wrestling Wrestling, The Revival originally rose to prominence in NXT and became the first two-time NXT Tag Team Champions in history. They previously had a string of strong matches with Alpha America, but this is where they cemented their reputation as one of the best teams in the world. Gargano and Ciampa were coming off an impressive Cruiserweight Classic match when Commissioner Regal recorded the match.

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A mix of hard hitting, old school renaissance tactics, full ring cutting and independent #DIY inspired style created a story full of action and psychology. With some huge fake finishes and a great crowd, this match continued the good work that started earlier this year with the NXT tag team split.

NXT TakeOver: Toronto (November 19, 2016) 2-Out-Of-3 Falls Match for the NXT Tag Team Championship: The Revival (Dash & Dawson) vs #DIY (Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano)

After an absolute blast at the previous event, #DIY got a second chance after The Revival knocked them out of the semi-finals of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. By winning the #DIY one

Best Nxt Matches Of All Time