Best Nyonya Food In Penang 2022

Best Nyonya Food In Penang 2022 – Penang Island is popular among visitors who enjoy a variety of cuisines during their Malaysia trip. Apart from the famous street vendors, the island also has some good and beautiful restaurants to satisfy even the most fastidious eaters. In detail, George has a rich and beautiful cuisine that has become the champion of Malaysian cuisine. So, where to eat in Georgetown and where to eat in Penang? Check out the top 20 must try restaurants in Penang, best places to eat in Georgetown and best places to eat in Penang with best restaurants in Georgetown Penang, best restaurants best places to eat in Penang Island, best places to eat in Penang, best restaurants In Penang, must eat places in Penang, top places to eat in Georgetown, best restaurants in Georgetown and what to eat in Penang, you must try the food in Penang as below to find the answer!

If you go to this place, you can try delicious dishes from all over the world, such as ambrosia from Malaysia, India, China, Italy and Vietnam. However, it is very difficult to choose the right item for you because there are many restaurants, which are opening soon to serve the food needs of the tourists these days. Therefore, we would like to introduce the 20 best restaurants and street shops in George Town to help you have a great trip.

Best Nyonya Food In Penang 2022

Best Nyonya Food In Penang 2022

Mew Café is a popular restaurant in George Town, due to its wide space and varied menus. You can experience first-hand Malaysian cuisine made from fresh local ingredients.

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Surrounded by a lush garden, everyone will enjoy Mews Café | Best places to eat in Penang

At Mews Cafe, you can choose to dine in a cozy indoor or outdoor space overlooking Muntri Street to see Old George Town. The highlight of Mews Cafe is that it is the perfect host to just a few small restaurants. Do not worry because your pigs are allowed to bring without leaving them at home with fear if you eat out.

The coffee in this place has a special aroma because it uses a unique aroma, a drink that is not old, perfect to wake up the morning mood for your trip. You can enjoy some soft pastries to go with your coffee to experience the best taste.

Not only is it a relaxing place to enjoy a good cup of coffee, but you can choose for yourself a draft beer to make you happy again. A little advice for you, is that on Saturday night starting at 8:00, there is a live music show that is lively and beautiful.

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Amok Curry is a traditional Cambodian fish dish covered with banana leaves Best places to eat in Penang

The restaurant also welcomes guests with Nyonya dishes – the quintessence of Malaysian cuisine, prepared; Otak Otak – one of the famous street food in Malaysia and many South Asian countries; Amok Curry – a traditional Cambodian curry dish, smoked in spicy banana leaves and melts in the mouth; Or just your hometown dish – super soft meaty legs.

If you are a seafood lover, you should not miss the Bali Hai Seafood Market. This is a famous seafood restaurant, with the motto “If it swims, we have it” that has been around for a long time. The fish is very fresh and brought from local fishermen to Alaskan crab, or Australian lobster.

Best Nyonya Food In Penang 2022

With a team of well-trained and experienced chefs and a unique restaurant design, you can watch the preparation of your chosen seafood dish from the large glass window between diners and including the kitchen partition. Of course you will be amazed by the skills of talented chefs.

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Bali Hai Seafood Market is a Chinese seafood restaurant, so you have many dim sum to choose from. In addition to the restaurant, there are many interesting dishes that are highly appreciated by guests such as abalone, scallops, lobster and Alaskan crab, …

In addition to fresh fish, you can choose a dim sum for your meal at the restaurant | Best restaurants in Georgetown Penang

The restaurant is very proud of the giant lobsters. If you think that the above dishes are very expensive, you can be sure, because there are the most popular dishes such as fish, crab, smoke and others that are very suitable and suitable for the general social class. In addition, the restaurant has a clean and tidy outdoor area, highchairs for babies and wheelchair access.

Sri Ananda Bahwan Restaurant was established in 1991, and it has won the hearts of tourists and Malaysians because the restaurant offers rich and delicious food. The idea is to have a great appreciation for the quality, safety and cleanliness of the food (when you enter, you can clearly see a restaurant menu). The staff are friendly and professional, they speak English fluently, so you don’t have to worry too much about the language barrier.

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How to eat banana leaf curry rice, a popular dish at Sri Ananda Bahwan | Best restaurants in Georgetown Penang

Originally founded by a single mother, Sri Ananda Bahwan, the hot banana leaf curry rice is popular even today. This restaurant is slowly trying to become the best banana leaf restaurant around the world. The home family is like a vacation at home.

A large room with customers waiting for their food | Best restaurants in Georgetown Penang

Best Nyonya Food In Penang 2022

The dishes are usually placed on a banana leaf. This is one of the reasons why Sri Ananda Bhawan is famous as the Banana Leaf Restaurant | Best restaurants in Georgetown Penang

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If you are a lover of Indian food, Sri Ananda Bhawan is the perfect choice. We encourage you to enjoy the delicious Indian coffee mixed with warm cow’s milk, the spicy Indian-style rice nasi kandar curry, or the famous chicken curry.

A new Chinese restaurant to please you – Tai Tong Restaurant. The restaurant is known by many names such as “Food House”, “Dim Sum Restaurant”. The reason for a delicious and beautiful dim sum is that it requires the skill and interpretation of the chef. To distinguish it from other areas of taste, it is also necessary to get tricks and features. Tai Tong Restaurant is one of the few restaurants that have these.

Dim Sum is a common dish in this restaurant due to its popularity | Best restaurants in Georgetown Penang

The restaurant welcomes customers with the freshest delicacies, traditional Chinese breakfast dishes and the lowest prices. The restaurant is beautifully decorated, with many lanterns hanging from the ceiling as if you were in the middle of a Chinese lantern festival. You can “check” before you eat because of this mask.

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It is not only famous for many kinds of dim sum, but also delicious for restaurant dishes that you can try such as seaweed soup, lotus vermicelli, egg tart, etc. The number of guests, you should think about arranging your time to be able to eat comfortably, as you like.

Indochina Cafe is “Indochina Cuisine” in the heart of George Town, with food and drinks from many places such as Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, … Cafe to enjoy the delicious food of the city.

The restaurant makes a first impression on visitors through menus based on local cuisine of interesting dishes, friendly staff and a friendly owner. There is a cafe and a restaurant, beautifully decorated, with a large space and a garden; Light is shown in eastern and less western forms.

Best Nyonya Food In Penang 2022

If you come here, we recommend some foods as “best sellers”: Thai-style sticky rice, green chicken curry, meat vermicelli, barbecue meat, Thai noodles, and what’s more, they are all beautifully decorated. If you have a chance, you should try Vietnamese coffee – it is hot, fragrant and has a strong taste of the Mui Ne style.

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Kebaya Restaurant is a restaurant serving local food, Indochinese and Chinese food modified with Malaysian taste by the chefs. A special thing about this place is that the owner Christopher Ong, a respected person – he won the hotel that manages the preservation of the heritage the grand prize and got the time to work with the chefs of the five-star hotel to create the classics . of Indonesia and the Straits. Nyunya recipes.

With the talents, cooking skills and creativity of the owner, in Kebaya, Nyonya cuisine and Western cuisine with rich traditional spices and sauces come together to create the Chinese culture in local style. The dishes use traditional Malaysian flavors, sweet Vietnamese, Thai spiciness and French cooking style. As a result, tourists enjoy a delicious meal and activity.

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