Best Ondeh Ondeh Cake In Singapore

Best Ondeh Ondeh Cake In Singapore – Very good. The scent of coconut and Gula Melaka really. Some may find the latter too sweet, but I have a sweet tooth.

I read a lot of rave reviews about their Ondeh Ondeh Cake and decided to try it on Sunday afternoon. We were surprised that there was not a single soul in the restaurant except for the staff. The cake looks smaller than what we saw in the pictures. It is very mild and not too sweet. I expected the taste of Ondeh Ondeh to be stronger but it wasn’t. It’s not too bad overall, but it’s nothing to wow. $9.50 + vanilla ice cream for a small piece of cake is a bit pricey. Probably won’t be back.

Best Ondeh Ondeh Cake In Singapore

Best Ondeh Ondeh Cake In Singapore

Ondeh Ondeh Cake I have to agree that there are still many Ondeh Ondeh Cakes available, but not many others!

Onde Onde (ondeh Ondeh)

This version from @themalayancouncil here hits all the right notes for me! From the light coconut cream, to the soft spongy texture and semi solid Gula Melaka that added a little crunch! In general, the cake is not too sweet, although this may vary between individual tolerances. Although at $8.50, it’s still a lot to pay for a cake, but thanks, it’s good!

This rustic joint along Dunlop Street dishes out delicious mains worth every penny and space saving for desserts. Be sure to try the Smoked Duck Chili Padi ($28), which consists of thick slices of tender smoked duck sitting atop a creamy yet tangy tongue with a slight kick of chili apé sauce. For desserts, it’s almost a bother to leave without trying the overcooked, super sweet classic Ondeh-Ondeh Cake ($8), which features fluffy sponge layers and crispy Gula Melaka bits.

Famous for both their classic Ondeh-Ondeh and Durian Pangut Cakes, how can we not order both when we are at the Malay Council.

The latter is definitely not for the faint hearted! Richly layered with Mao Shan Wang puree and cream, the giant piece of cake is bathed in durian pangut – durian meat cooked with coconut milk and gula melka. The tantric treatment is guaranteed to make any durian lover sleepy, although this portion is too large to finish alone.

Halal Ondeh Ondeh Cake (9

Smoked Duck Linguine ($28) ️ 4.5/5 ️ Ondeh Ondeh Cake ($8.50) ️ 4/5 ️ Expensive but delicious food at this #halalrestaurant.

#smokedduckpasta has a wonderful creamy-chilli sauce full of aromas of some spices. It’s almost like a curry and although I don’t get the spiciness, adjusting the sauce to less spiciness and creaminess means that a non-chili consumer like me can still enjoy it. The smoked duck was also executed well – tender and flavorful. #ondehondehcake is an interesting local flavor of Singapore and true to its name, a sweet treat of coconut and gula melka. The fluffy sponge pairs well with a little crunchy sugar and ice cream.

[HALAL] Classic Ondeh Ondeh Cake $8.50+ *Highly Recommended* Thick pan layers of sponge cake with Coconut Butter Cream and lots of Ondeh Ondeh between the layers!

Best Ondeh Ondeh Cake In Singapore

I also tried their Durian Pengut $11.50+, which was amazing! Definitely one of the tastier durian cakes around, served with a dollop of durian puree! I also tried the Putu Piering Cake $9.50+, if Ondeh Ondeh isn’t coconut enough for you, this is the cake for you!

Ondeh Ondeh / Klepon Swiss Roll Cake

Thanks to @themalayancouncil for the complimentary chocolate ovalmaltine truly made for chocolate lovers. My Dining Partners Really Enjoyed It! Will be back to try the main courses in the near future!

Delicious! But I’d be surprised if it tastes even better served chilled in the fridge! ##high amount of sugar

It definitely deserves to be at the top of their list of cakes and probably the best ondeh ondeh cake ever! The Gula Melaka Coconut is not too sweet in the middle of the pandan/kaya flavored cake but the crunchiness makes you crave it more! Ah, yes. Ondeh Ondeh, the coconut-covered cobbler cake balls we all know and love. Bite into one and there’s a burst of soft, chewy rice bran, syrupy gula melaka that fills your mouth with sticky, sweet goodness. Swallow and grated coconut are delightful juices against your tongue…

OK, ondeh ondeh cake is not a completely new thing. We don’t know who first came up with “ondeh ondeh, but make a cake”, all we know is that we want them to shake hands. But you know what we do know? One of the best places in Singapore to try Ondeh Ondeh Cake.

Ondeh Ondeh Cake By Vanessa Kou

Located in a quiet corner of Haji Lane, Julie Bakes’ shop front makes it look like any other bakery in the area. You would never guess that their Ondeh-Ondeh Cake is one of the most popular in Singapore, with satisfied customers returning every time they visit.

Julie Bakes bakes all kinds, including cookies and cupcakes, but they’re known for their Western spin on traditional Southeast Asian kueh.

The outside of the cake looks exactly like what you’d expect from something called Ondeh Ondeh Cake: a similar cotton-candy pastel-green. It’s sprinkled with grated coconut, and looks so soft and fluffy, it almost melts in your mouth!

Best Ondeh Ondeh Cake In Singapore

Open it, and your hope is not disappointed. A bite into the cake reveals a dark green interior, revealing pandan chiffon with delicious, light cream and Gula Melaka Coconut.

Baker’s Brew Ondeh Ondeh Cake

The cake layers themselves are light and fluffy, not heavy. The Cream and Gula Melaka deliver a delicious, mellow coconut sweetness that isn’t too sweet or rich, and the flavors in the cake balance each other out so well, you can take a few slices of it without getting sick.

Don’t believe us? How delicious is Ondeh Ondeh Cake: It’s so popular that people have even requested it as a wedding cake!

Which means, when all is said and done, we will willingly go back for another piece of Ondeh Ondeh cake. And if we are in this place we will surely fall.

Of course, the Ondeh Ondeh Cake isn’t the only baked good you’d expect to find at Julie Bakes. Check out their Chocolate Mint Cake, the mint creaminess bites into the richer chocolate so it’s not too jellyk to eat. Or try their Sempedak Cake, featuring one of our favorite tropical fruits!

Famous Halal Ondeh Ondeh Cake With Gula Melaka Cream In Singapore!

Some of the other confectionery creations she’s featured on her Instagram page include this Maple Berry Pancake Slice Cake, which looks perfect for any occasion, really — as well as this Ovalmaltine Cheese Cake.

If you want something other than cake, Julie Bakes also does a variety of cupcakes! However, their selection seems to change daily, so which flavor to choose depends on when you go there. Some of the options they offer are Red Velvet, Salted Caramel, and yes, Ondeh Ondeh.

Sometimes you can order traditional kueh (yes, with Ondeh Ondeh again) at the shop. The menu also has churros and cookies.

Best Ondeh Ondeh Cake In Singapore

Oh, and you know what the best thing is? That Julie Bakes is halal! The shop is also owned by Muslims, so Muslim friends, head on down for some amazing cakes and kueh!

New* Ondeh Ondeh Cake Petite

Well there you have it folks. One of the best Ondeh Ondeh cakes in Singapore, and there are many other great options to satisfy your sweet tooth. If you were in Haji Lane, wouldn’t you come down and give it to Julie Becks? Home Feature – The Food Guide 10 Excellent Ondeh Ondeh Cakes in Singapore For the aroma of pandan and…

Which are cake balls filled with liquid palm sugar and coated with grated coconut. Always love the moment when the liquid gushes inside the mouth.

Its ingredients served as the backbone behind the “Ondeh Ondeh Cake” trend that has been trending in Singapore for the past few years, and I’m sure many of you are craving a slice right now.

It’s an East-meets-West style of cake, usually made of pandan cakes and topped with coconut soaked in gula melka (a type of palm sugar).

New* Ondeh Ondeh Cake Upsize

Many cafes have started offering local Ondeh Ondeh cakes in addition to the usual chocolates, cheesecakes and red velvet. Did you know that Starbucks Singapore also sells its own version?

For the purpose of this Ondeh Ondeh Cakes guide, I have only included cafes and bakeries with physical stores in Singapore, and not from a common cake supplier.

There are many homebakers who make positively reviewed versions, such as the very busy Eddie’s Homebake, Tina Indulgence, Ame’s Home Bakery, and Beliebakes. If you want to serve full cakes, look out for these too.

Best Ondeh Ondeh Cake In Singapore

Bakers Brew Cafe Orchard Paragon, 290 Orchard Road #05-46 Singapore 238859 (Orchard MRT) Tel: +65 6909 0669 Opening Hours: 11am – 9pm (Mon – Fri) 10am – 9pm (Sat – Sun)

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Of all the Ondeh Ondeh cakes I’ve tried in the market, Baker’s Brew Café manages to offer them in an elegant, aesthetically pleasing packaging.

Baker’s Brew Cafe is a contemporary cafe and baking studio in Orchard Paragon serving handmade cakes and artisanal desserts. There are outlets in Sembawang (No. 6 Jalan Tampang),