Best Pq For Leveling Xenoverse 2

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Best Pq For Leveling Xenoverse 2

Best Pq For Leveling Xenoverse 2

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Steam Community :: Guide :: Parallel Quest’s Time Patroller Locations In Dragon Ball: Xenoverse

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This guide will show you where the Time Patroller spawns in every mission in Dragon Ball: Xenoverse, so you can create your own farming techniques to get Dragon Balls!

Hello again! I’m the happiest of cats, Happy Fun Cat, and I want to give you the spawn locations for all Dragon Ball: Xenoverse Time Patrollers.

Now you may be wondering why I would do something like this and I have voices in my head. While there are great guides here that list which side quests hold patrols and which are best for farming Dragon Balls, there is no list of where they appear on the map. I want to give you some information about these areas and let you decide for yourself which one is best for farming Dragon Ball, or if you are farming one of these paid (skills, equipment, etc.) quests, where is the Time Patroller and try to kill 2 birds with 1 Kamehameha!

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If you want to know what wishes can be made, or just want a visible list of all the available quests without all the junk I add, I recommend the Scarlet Vampire Queen’s Guide to Location and the Dragon Ball Information Guide. They did a great job with the guide and let me check each assignment to make sure I didn’t miss any!

I think this quest is one of the most polished because it’s easy compared to other Time Patrollers quests (of course when you’re doing 3rd FP, the quests better be easy!). To get the Time Patroller, you must first defeat the elite members of the Z Warriors! When I said elite, I meant useless. Yes, I’m talking about everyone’s favorite Krillins, Tien and Yamcha. Yes, this is a very difficult mission. As soon as you manage to beat them (I like to just watch them fall and pass out, but that’s just me), a gate will open, but if you look where the building is, there’s a chance at the door A Time Patroller appears there. If they don’t appear, restarting the level and continuing this process will sooner or later spawn a Time Patroller. The same goes for if this Time Patroller has no balls (I mean Dragon Balls), restart and keep hitting them!

Oh no, the Saiyans are attacking! Good thing Omega Shenron is taking care of them! Oh wait, yes, you grow Dragon Balls to possibly wish him. Well, let’s hope the Time Patrol makes an appearance then! You’ll have to beat Raditz to see if the Time Patroller appears. Defeating him will open a gate, but if you look to the left of the gate on a cliff (it’s a cliff, I’ll call it a cliff) that may or may not have time patrols. this. Talk to him and defeat them and get his Dragon Ball!

Best Pq For Leveling Xenoverse 2

Tip: Unless you’re farming something that drops from Ultimate Finish (which I think the soul does), DO NOT defeat Saibamen in the Raditz and Nappa parts. This will make the task longer than if you just go to Dragon Ball.

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I really like the name of this Parallel Quest, and it’s the first Parallel Quest with a Time Patrol ending! Trying to get the Ultimate Finish isn’t too hard, just complete it in 10 minutes. Almost any decent level character can finish this quickly. In each stage you can go Nappa, Raditz or Vegeta with 2 variations of Saibamen. Defeat them like you did in Mission 5 and go back to the start where you appeared and get ready to fight Vegeta’s Giant Ape… Form (TFS link ftw). Yes, Vegeta will turn into a giant ape in the first Parallel Quest, defeat him and if you can complete it in less than 10 minutes, you will be able to start the final finish of this quest. A gate will open and take you to the Time Patroller. The Scouter feature (whatever it’s called) will be your best friend as it will make finding hidden gates much easier. Once you find him, a Time Patroller will come and start attacking him (the other Time Patrollers at this point were rude, at least asking for a battle). Show no mercy to this ranger and expect him to give you something good!

Tip: I won’t do this task unless you need it. It’s quite long and if you don’t get the final finish, it will require you to go back and start the quest again even if it doesn’t drop the Dragon Ball. I would skip this quest to hunt Dragon Ball.

So that’s one thing! These kinds of missions work best in Dragon Balls, as the Time Patroller appears at the beginning of the level with no enemies to fight. Once you start spawning, start moving forward along certain paths. If you can’t see the orange! then just restart the mission. If you do, talk to them, defeat them, and steal their stuff (you’ll be in GTA for this mission)! Restart if they didn’t and keep doing it until you see you have the main item, pat yourself on the back and sigh because you still have to complete the whole quest. You’ll likely complete this quest as well, depending on how well you’re doing.

Very easy and simple mission. Your goal is to beat 100% Power Frieza within 3 minutes before the planet around you explodes. Seems simple enough. Do what I said in the last sentence and bam! You’ve been attacked by the Time Patroller again! Honestly, why do these time patrollers want to fight you so badly and they just show up and attack rudely again. This is another Ultimate Finish Time Patroller fight, just defeat Frieza and hope the RNGesus love you.

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Tip: Unlike the first Ultimate Finish Time Patroller fight, this one is good for farming. It’s still RNG if the Time Patroller shows up, but a properly leveled character can finish it in about 10-30 seconds, which is better than fighting 9 enemies and then monkeying around with another one just for the chance to get the final finish.

It seems like a lazy quest until you see Ginyu transform into a super saiyan in Goku’s body, and then you think it’s probably still a lazy quest, but it’s still cool! Like PQ 12, the Time Patroller spawns on the first map, in the same place where there are no enemies. It’s the same concept as the others: no spawn, reset, spawn and no drop, reset, repeat until you get bored or have a Dragon Ball. The only real difference between this and PQ 12 is that this one is harder and the 2 sets of Ginyu Force members you fight are mixed up (Jeice and Recoome switch places) and you fight Ginyu in Goku’s body with the option to go Super. Saiyan.

Yes! Let’s all start doing that “I love trains” thing! Ah, wrong train, dammit… Anyway, this Time Patroller appears on the first map where they’re not enemies, right next to the gate that leads to Goku and Gohan. At the beginning of the quests, look left and then down until you see a gate. If there is no time patrol (you may need to get a little closer to the portal depending on your settings), restart the quest and try again. Honestly, rinse and repeat is a repetitive element

Best Pq For Leveling Xenoverse 2