Best Rb Fifa 21 Career Mode

Best Rb Fifa 21 Career Mode – Long gone are the days when a one-dimensional defender at left-back was solely focused on cleaning up the opposition’s attacking threats.

The best full-backs are now expected to attack threats in their own right, break into the box and exploit large areas.

Best Rb Fifa 21 Career Mode

Best Rb Fifa 21 Career Mode

Unsurprisingly, players who can contribute to defensive stability and act as an attacking force are rare; they are worth their weight in gold and then some as a result.

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One way to get around such expensive tags is to buy a young star and turn him into a world beater, which is why you’ll find all the prodigies on the back left of this page.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of all the left-backs in FIFA 21 who are 21 years old or younger and have a potential rating of at least 82.

The main part of the article features the top five young left backs with the highest potential rating. At the end of the article, you can find a complete list of the best left backs (LB) in FIFA 21.

Last season’s Champions League winner with Bayern Munich, Alphonso Davies is the best young left-back in FIFA 21. The Canadian made his name in MLS with the Vancouver Whitecaps before moving to Bayern Munich in January 2019.

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He made just six appearances in the second half of the 2018/19 campaign, but enjoyed a breakthrough season a year later. In another successful season, Davies, who played 46 times for the German giants in all leagues, had ten assists and three goals.

All season, defenses have struggled to cope with his electric pace as Davies darts up and down the left wing at breakneck speed. Davies’ FIFA 21 rating reflects this, with his 92 sprint speed and 95 acceleration meaning he’s never really out.

His 79 stamina is worth developing on the training ground, but his impact in games may be waning at the moment. The prodigy’s 68 assists and 63 long-range shots are also aspects of his game worth focusing on improving over time.

Best Rb Fifa 21 Career Mode

Davies is currently worth just £20.3m and has a release clause of £38m. While not pocket money, it’s a surprisingly affordable option for a player of his potential in such a coveted position, especially for one of Europe’s top clubs.

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Nuno Mendes’s pace is enough to make opposing players think he should be singled out. The youngster earned a starting role at Sporting CP at the start of last season. Although usually played as a left midfielder, he is more than capable as a left back when needed.

Leading the Under-23s, Mendes has made nine first-team appearances since the restart of the season and is expected to retain his starting place throughout 2020/21.

Blessed with an 87 acceleration and 86 sprint speed in FIFA 21, Mendes’ pace is the greatest, but there’s more to the teenager than just foot speed. His defensive ratings are good enough to make him a full-time left back, even for those looking to ditch the right front four.

His 68 standing and 67 sliding tackles are good enough for a 17-year-old still learning his craft, while his 70-year-old defensive awareness shows a natural affinity for the defensive side of the game.

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In terms of his development, the focus should be on his 48 strength and 54 long passes; Improving his 40 and 38 long-range power adds a new dimension to his game.

At £5.4m and 14.3m release points, Mendes is not the cheapest player in FIFA 21, especially as he is not ready to start at clubs who can afford to pay the asking price. However, it should prove to be more than a worthwhile investment in the long run.

Admittedly, at the age of 17, it may be too early to predict what Luka Netz can achieve, especially in the real world, but in FIFA 21 he is certainly on his way to big things.

Best Rb Fifa 21 Career Mode

Nevertheless, to play a competitive game for Hertha, Netz have, at the time of writing, built an impressive reputation as the second team from the Regionalliga Nord, the fourth tier of the German football pyramid.

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Netz’s 77 is by some distance his best quality. That said, his 70 acceleration, 69 sprinting, 68 sliding, 68 dribbling and 66 crossing points suggest he’s the strongest all-around game ever developed.

The Nets also have significant room for improvement, especially with his 29 long-range shots and 32 power shots; weaknesses that can and should be eliminated in the field of training.

His remarkable potential ensures that with the right training and development path, the 17-year-old can rise from humble beginnings to superstardom. It’s definitely worth the risk given his affordable price and low salary requirements.

Roma youth product Luca Pellegrini has playing experience in several Serie A clubs. Parent club Juventus, who bought him for €22 million in 2019, sent him on loan to Cagliari Calcio, where he played in the second half of the 2018/19 campaign and is now at Genoa.

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Pellegrini played 24 league games for Cagliari last season, providing six assists, while the Sardinian side had 14.

Pellegrini isn’t one of the fastest left-backs, but with 78 acceleration and 75 sprint speed, he has plenty of speed to get up and down. Additionally, his 78 passes provide enough quality to do damage in the final third.

To develop the Italian into a more complete defender, you should focus on his 72 standing tackle rating, as well as his 68 awareness and 60 sliding play. His 68 saves and 62 interceptions are also areas where Pellegrini can improve his game.

Best Rb Fifa 21 Career Mode

Ryan Ait-Nour, who signed on loan from Ligue 1 side Angers, has the potential to become one of the best in the world at the FIFA 21 position.

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The French full-back made 17 Ligue 1 appearances last season, providing three assists for a side that scored just 33 goals in 28 league games, suggesting that while his greatest strength may be in defense, he can also contribute in attack. row.

The 19-year-old starts with an OVR of 71, his 76 balance and 72 balls are the highlights of his rating sheet, while he has over 70 at both stand and slip.

An obvious weakness in his game is his lack of pace, with Ait-Nouri’s 66 acceleration and 70 sprint speed below the level of a modern full-back. This, combined with his 63-year-old stamina, means that Ait-Nour’s attacking powers may be limited early in your career, especially if you play in a fast-paced and physical league like the Premier League or Bundesliga.

Still, his salary demands and release point are modest enough to make him a solid investment, especially if you’re looking for a defenseman who fights hard.

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The table below lists all the best Magic LBs and LWBs in FIFA 21 with a potential of 82 and above:

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Best Rb Fifa 21 Career Mode

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You can’t lose games if you don’t agree. Many defensive leaders have lived and died by this approach in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

Actually, and especially with FIFA 21, that’s easier said than done. Defending in FIFA is an art, and the new improvements to dribbling and passing in this year’s game make it possible

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