Best Rb Fifa 22 Career Mode

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Not only FIFA 22 brings many new features, but also new game statistics and ratings. Here, we look at the best defenders in FIFA 22.

Best Rb Fifa 22 Career Mode

Best Rb Fifa 22 Career Mode

If you are after a big, central back account or nippy fullbacks to pepper the box as opposed to a dangerous cross, you will want to take note of these players and sign them if you can.

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Let’s take a look at the under 28 players who can make your team better now and in the future. Our apologies to Sergio Ramos and Georgio Chiellini, although these are smart signings if there is a slot for a Champions League push in a single season.

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Ruben Dias is only 24 years old. He is 24 years old, and he is one of the best CBs in the world, and in FIFA 22. He will only get better, with an overall potential of 91. Physical power and is. Smart soccer player. , you will not have to worry about Dias hitting out of position if you lose the ball in midfield and have to scramble for a counterattack. He’s also sound on the ball, has better passing stats than other CBs, as well as being a real threat up front for set pieces.

Juventus’ Matthijs de Ligt has everything you need in a CB. Strong, great in the air, and a good reader of the game when the player is not in control, he will fit in any team in the world. For a central defender, he’s still pretty nippy, with a sprint speed of 75. It’s not Olympic sprinting, but it’s enough to disrupt the opposition’s attack and give him plenty of opportunities to use his strength stats.

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If you want a really fast CB, sign Dayot Upamecano. The French defender has the strength, tackling and aerial ability you’d expect from a top CB, but the real pèce de résistance is his 90-speed sprint. Of course, the acceleration of 70 is not smart, but when he accelerates, he will be able to take out all but the fastest strikers and wings, making it extremely difficult to beat a team with Upamecano at the back.

Theo Hernández is ridiculously calm. He wouldn’t be out of place as a winger, but his defensive qualities make him a fantastic left back to do any job you need. With fullbacks increasing in importance in football, it makes sense to invest more in the position, and Hernández is just what the doctor ordered. He is a quality cutter, and will find it easy to get into those positions with that pace and dribbling.

So, we know when we say that Theo Hernández is a runner. We are not lying. However, Bayern’s Canadian defender Alphonso Davies has 96 speed and sprint speed. This is truly wild. He’s also an amazing hitter, and can carry his own ball all over the field with 4-star skill moves and weak feet. Only 20 years old, he has plenty of development time ahead of him – not that he needs it to break into your starting XI.

Best Rb Fifa 22 Career Mode

Andy Robertson is the best LB in the world. Liverpool’s Scottish superstar has such a pervasive quality that it would be ridiculous not to include him here. Most impressive is his 95 endurance, because as a full player is expected to run up and down the field continuously without stopping – we can remember many FIFA careers where the full is running on empty with a crowded schedule. It’s far from a problem with Robertson’s work rate and patience, so you rarely have to send.

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Great fullbacks are hard to find. Liverpool somehow found two of them. What Trent lacks in stamina compared to Robertson, he makes up for in admiration with his ridiculously good playmaking skills. Getting Alexandre-Arnold off the ball is essential, as he can effortlessly shoot across the pitch to the left, or sweep the ball across his own side and knock the puck into the box. If you can get Trent on your team, you are one lucky soul indeed.

City’s Joao Cancelo is a fantastic addition to any team. He’s quick, a good cutter, and in a day where fullbacks essentially play as wings and defenders, his 4-star skills and weak feet set him apart from the rest. Being Manchester City’s first choice doesn’t come cheap, but it will all be worth it when he runs down the right side of the pitch.

Hakimi, PSG’s right back, has a speed of 95 and a sprint speed of 95. He defends well, but he may need to be covered by a good central game while he is busy in camp looking for goals and assists. . A weak 4-star foot allows him to cut inside and shoot himself, and the threat of this means you can use his incredible speed, run away from those who try to catch him and hit the ball over his head. (hopefully) approach the attacker. Hakimi has pockets of potential, and if you get the chance to use it, you’re in for a treat.

Nuno Mendes mostly plays on the left wing, but he is more than that. Chuck him in the left back or in the middle of the left and he will be exquisite, especially if it allows him to reach his full potential. His stamina leaves a little to be desired, but if you play a system with three central defenders, it doesn’t take much for Mendes to come back. Also, he is only 19 years old, so he will improve a lot!

Fifa 22 Best Young Defenders (lb, Rb, Cb) In Career Mode

Pedro Porro can keep his right hand. With playing time and training, his defensive stats will flourish, and you’ll be able to press high against any opponent with Porro in the role. It also comes into its own in attack, however, as the ball’s excellent control can overwhelm opponents focused too much on closing down the middle. Take it wide, get the cross in, and watch the goal flow out.

The British have really good wings and wings, right? Reece James is Chelsea’s choice in the position, and he’s a really strong kid for his position. He’s fast as well, so don’t expect to fumble around with your fallen wings trying to get in front of him as he’ll run and run away easily. At just 21 years old, he’s a great addition to any team for the next decade, so don’t hesitate to spend big! We cover youth football. For all you FIFA players out there, we’ve picked out some of our favorite young right-backs that are sure to fit your career path. From Achraf Hakimi to Gonçalo Esteves, here are some of the best young RBs in FIFA 22.

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Best Rb Fifa 22 Career Mode

Of course, if you’re looking for older players, we’re still in order, with a compilation of the top ten RBs at your starting safeties.

Best Defenders Fifa 22: 51 Career Mode Cb, Lb, Rb & Wing Backs

What can be said more than Trent Alexander-Arnold? Simply put, the England right-back is one of the most talented, creative full-backs to ever play the sport, and he was only 22 when he began his career-saving journey.

Exceptional passing statistics support his abilities, but he is not let down by his technical or defensive qualities. His lack of strength is the first concern, although it should be contrasted with the other attributes he brings to the table. The main negative is the high price and salary.

After an incredible season with Inter Milan, Paris Saint-Germain have made one of their moves in the summer of 2021 by securing the services of Moroccan right-back Achraf Hakimi. While, like Alexander-Arnold, he does not come cheap, Hakimi is the direct choice of the pace trader.

He has an incredible acceleration of 93 and a sprint speed of 95. Yes, his defensive attributes could be better, but with wheels like that, who needs to know how to hit? It can burn almost every player in the game.

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If Alexander-Arnold is a passing master, and Achraf Hakimi is a demon, then Reece James is a solid one. His physical attributes, especially his strength, are truly impressive for a full-time footballer who started his FIFA 22 career recorded at the age of 22.

With no major shortages for defenders, and coming at a cheaper price than the other two, James is a solid option at that