Best Sr Relic Tower Of Fantasy

Best Sr Relic Tower Of Fantasy – One thing that sets Tower of Fantasy apart from other open world games is the addition of relics. You will encounter many different artifacts that will help you in different ways. From jetpacks and jetboard relics for sports, to missile barrages and giant arm relics for combat.

Every relic in the Tower of Fantasy can be upgraded for additional benefits, but you don’t want to waste shards on useless upgrades. Let’s see which relic you should upgrade first in Tower of Fantasy.

Best Sr Relic Tower Of Fantasy

Best Sr Relic Tower Of Fantasy

If you’re a combat player or focused on exploring your first relic, the one you should level up is the Colossus Arm (if you have one). This is an SSR relic that you can easily get if you own the Collector’s Edition Battle Pass. Using relics in combat increases damage and makes them immune to stuns. This is very useful in itself.

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Upgrading the Colossus Arm allows you to fire a missile with each attack, dealing more damage to your target. Further upgrades reduce the relic’s cooldown, fire more missiles, and always take less damage. Even if you’re not as focused on combat as others, this is a great relic. Injury reduction helps with everything you try to do.

If you don’t have a Colossus Arm, you’ll need to use shards to upgrade your missile barrage. This is an SR relic that you can get early in the story and is very useful when leveling up. Missile Barrage is also a damage-boosting relic, so it’s similar to Colossus Arm, but doesn’t provide stun immunity.

A basic missile barrage fires missiles in the direction you are facing for 8 seconds. Upgrading Relics increases missile damage, makes barrage last longer, increases missile fire rate, and always deals more damage. While not as effective as the Colossus Arm, the damage bonus provided by the upgrade is very strong.

The next relic of the upgrade site is the V-armor. This relic is very powerful at the base level and is worthy of SSR status. The basic version allows you to pilot the mech for 30 seconds. During this time, you are immune to stuns and can use rapid-fire aiming fire attacks. Where this relic really shines, however, is in the upgrades.

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Upgrading your V-armor allows you to gain two unique abilities while driving. bombed. This allows you to fire shots that deal moderate damage to locked targets. The full upgrade gives you Field of Fire, which can blanket a large area in flames and deal a lot of damage. Additional upgrades to the V-armor allow attacks made with this armor to deal burn damage and always increase fire damage.

Finally, if you’re looking for a traversal-oriented relic to upgrade, look no further than the Jetpack Relic. Most crossing relics don’t offer upgrades to help you get around the map. However, Jetpack upgrades offer bonuses that you can use outside of combat, as well as actions that can help you get started.

The Jetpack’s first upgrade is so powerful that it reduces the takeoff charge cooldown to 100 seconds and allows you to glide indefinitely. Further upgrades reduce Liftoff Charge’s cooldown to 60 seconds, allowing you to store extra charge, increase your attack power to stun enemies, and always deal less damage. Check out our other guides if you need it.

Best Sr Relic Tower Of Fantasy

Fanboy Attack / Game Guide / Which relic should be upgraded first in Tower of Fantasy Fragments? Pick up some of them. I received an SSR Relic Gift Box with Relic Fragments in it, but I don’t know which one to choose. Well my friends we got the fantasy tower SSR relic level list with this guide. It’s a good idea to bring all your relics to level 4 and get passive benefits, but with that in mind, you’ll want to make sure you prioritize properly equipped resources. In this guide, you’ll find out which are the top and best SSR relics in the game. So without further ado, let’s start at the bottom.

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7. V-Armor – The V-Armor allows the player to drive the mech for 30 seconds. This is similar to the V-armor that players wear when doing MSQs in the mines. This powerful but sluggish machine is powerful enough to protect players from being stunned inside, but especially with its 200-second cooldown, the 30-second time limit is worth the investment. It’s also much better in PvP than the Colossus Arm, so all things considered, using V-armor is pretty impractical. However, progressing to level 5 gives you powerful burst attacks, but it takes a long time to get to that level.

6. Omnium Shield – As we always say, attack is the best defense, hiding behind a shield can buy you time, but never win. Shields at 200% energy level can be broken in small amounts, easily broken within 10 seconds. The 90-second cooldown is also very painful if you rely on defense. On top of that, the Omnium Shield can’t even cover you from all sides, so it’s hard to recommend it as a top relic from the Tower of Fantasy.

5. Time Rift – This relic is known as the Black Hole Relic and is one of the most interesting relics in the Tower of Fantasy. It’s not the best, but you can use the rift to fire proton bombs at enemies and suck them in for 10 seconds. This is a great way to deal with crowds, disable heavy enemies, and keep enemies in one position while punishing. However, it’s not as good as the other relics below.

4. Holographic Projector – Your best ally in Tower of Dreams is yourself. Having it is like having a Mimic Tear in the Elden Ring. Duplicate your entire gear and fight against AI fighters. If your base gear already has strong DPS, using the Holographic Projector can effectively double your damage output for 15 seconds. That’s why it’s so high on this list. However, as you’ll soon discover, there are ways to more than double your DPS, which do double the damage but have better benefits. Still, a holographic projector is one of two relics you’ll need. Introducing PvP because it helps you deal more damage to your opponents.

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3. Alternate Fate – We mentioned earlier that offense is the best defense, but Alternate Fate is so good at increasing the defense of you and your team that it was included in this list. Having this move early in the game is very important going forward, as it helps you get through the tougher PvE parts of the game, and even lets you do things alone that you’re supposed to be doing in a party. This is a relic. When active, Alternate Fate increases your resistance to stuns and prevents your HP from dropping below 20% when active. This gives you the defensive advantage of Omnium Shield and V-armor that you can share with your allies, so it ranks high on this list.

2. Imprisonment – Back to the mantra, “Attack is the best defense”. Imprisonment is another destiny, but used in Offensive Mode. It also creates a field that offers bonuses inside and stays for nearly 10 seconds. The energy continues to spread throughout the radius, dealing elemental damage to enemies. the best