Best Ssr Relic Tower Of Fantasy

Best Ssr Relic Tower Of Fantasy – Rocket Fire Strange Cube Omnium Shield Drone Hologram Projector Colossus Arm Armor Type V Split Space Next End End.

When the Fantasy Tower sends the remnants of humanity to the make-believe world of Hades, players create characters that compete for the rare Omnium power source throughout the world. As another sci-fi and Genshin influence, Tower of Fantasy players can quickly benefit from their quest for survival by finding strange objects or objects with different positive effects.

Best Ssr Relic Tower Of Fantasy

Best Ssr Relic Tower Of Fantasy

Although players can complete the game without powerful items, having some that will make them different from their peers can give them a clear advantage. However, for players who are new to Fantasy Tower, what relics will they find to match their powerful character in the Genshin Impact tournament?

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Tower of Fantasy players will be delighted with the game’s impressive visual effects, even against the cuts of Genshin Impact. For players who want to try some serious analysis of their characters that might be interested in SSR records, Missile Barrage is a great SR show for such a check.

When activated, a rocket launcher appears behind the player for eight seconds, followed by multiple shots fired at nearby enemies for eight (8) seconds. Targets hit by the projectiles deal up to 34.8% of their ATK. And since Relic has a 60 second cooldown by default, Rocket Salvo is a great ability that allows you to get extra damage every second between skirmishes and mobs.

With the improvement of “Rocket Salvo”, players have more chances to damage enemies. Due to the offensive nature of this relic, players may want to upgrade this relic to fit their offensive deck.

1 star: fire the most shots per minute. Star 2: Weapon damage increased by 20 percent. Star 3: Relic is now available for 12 seconds. 4 stars: Players receive a 1.5% increase in physical damage, even if no relic is applied. 5 stars: players throw another rocket every second.

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Tower of Fantasy players may like the game for its freedom in terms of environmental effects such as the Genshin Impact attack, which allows players to have the ability to change the environment in their favor and destroy the individual enemy. Those who want a relic that is beginning to exhibit such qualities well will want to purchase a Unique Cube.

This monument will change the center of gravity around it when it is moved. Enemies caught on the modified field will receive 100% of the player’s ATK as additional damage and will be stopped in the air. After a while, enemies stuck in this way take 120 percent damage from the player’s ATK.

Players can use the Strange Cube’s anger abilities through additional upgrades. With enough power, players can use this simple cube to destroy entire battlefields, which will help players in a movement-based game.

Best Ssr Relic Tower Of Fantasy

Star 1: When deployed, Strange Cube increases damage dealt for 10 seconds by 10 percent. Star 2: When players activate the magic cube, the weapon cost of nearby enemies is now reduced by 200. 3 stars: Magic cubes can now be used in two ways. 4 stars: Players get a 1.5 percent increase in volley damage even without penetration. 5 Stars: Players receive weapon charges based on HP lost while performing a strange cube operation. Every 1 percent of health lost grants 10 weapon charges.

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Like legendary treasures like Tiberium in Command and Conquer, the Omnium and the Tower of Fantasy are sources of welcome power that have led to widespread conflict in the land of Hades. However, some players may call it for help in difficult combat situations. This is the ability of the Omnium Shield Relic, which is one of the best defenses in the game.

When powered up, players get a nice omnium shield that has 200% of the character’s maximum health. This will reduce the damage players receive from projectiles, protect players from aggressive opponents, and allow them to plan. Despite the lack of other effects, unlike other artifacts, the Omnium Shield has excellent protection from various projectiles, which are difficult to avoid.

By upgrading, players can enhance the defensive capabilities of the Omnium Shield. In addition to the recovery time and full health, the Omnium Shield can give players many ways to defeat even the toughest opponents.

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There are two types of monuments in Tower of Fantasy, SR and SSR. SSR relics are the most advanced and difficult to find (and better, understandably so).

It’s worth going through all the trouble grinding these SSR relics in ToF but because you’ll have the best, combat and discovery will be a piece of cake!

Although a perfect combination and the best weapons are required, SSR items will allow you to break and dominate! So, without further ado, let’s check out the best SSR records in Tower of Fantasy, below.

Best Ssr Relic Tower Of Fantasy

If your team has Coco Ritter, who is arguably the best healer in the game, or any of the support characters, the next option is a perfect SSR save. You should have your goals!

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Another option provides a good way out of the confusion in the form of a wallet. The feature makes both the player and the partners invincible.

In the 8 seconds it activates, Pocket Dimension also ensures that enemies cannot reduce your HP by 20%.

However, staying in that area for the full 8 seconds will prevent the player from hitting it for 45 seconds.

It will only take a minute and a half, and the SSR Relic Defense version gets better and better when upgraded. Let’s see!

Tower Of Fantasy

If you are one of those people who love to attack and provide support, closed memories will take you to a special level!

By creating a closed area with a space of 7 meters, this relic causes attacks against enemies and damage as much as 73.4% of your damage / second ATK for 10 seconds, which is good for DPS characters.

For example, Samir, whose weapon is Dual EM Stars, will deal 73.4% Electric damage while the King will deal the same amount of Fire damage.

Best Ssr Relic Tower Of Fantasy

In addition, enemies trying to leave the area have a brief effect that lasts for two seconds, and if used correctly, that’s enough to finish them off! However, you can only use the relic every quarter.

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Adding to your frustration, the Colossus army is a full combat unit that requires a robot with two giant arms to fight you for the 20 seconds it’s active.

Just like the closed spell, its damage depends on your ATK but it’s stronger! It deals a normal damage of 1387.7% of ATK while also knocking the enemy into the air. You can put your mouth together and completely eliminate the enemy.

It doesn’t stop there! The skill can cause 453.5% ATK damage and can keep the enemy in the air! The higher your level and character count, the more damage you can do with the Colossus Arm!

Implementing the concept of a black hole or vortex that attracts everything around it, Spacetime Rift can be a great addition to a DPS character.

How To Get The Hologram Projector Relic In Tower Of Fantasy

This invention allows you to push all the enemies into a closed space, since you have placed it in the right position. You release a proton bomb, which pulls enemies behind it.

From 1.5 seconds onwards, enemies are drawn to the area dealing 39.6% ATK damage every 0.5 seconds.

Lasting about 10 seconds and a cooldown of over a minute and a half, Spacetime Rift is even more powerful when upgraded.

Best Ssr Relic Tower Of Fantasy

Omnium Shield is one of the best defenses in the game, especially when it comes to PVE.

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Omnium Shield is perfect for tank characters, like Huma, because these characters come with the highest HP and the initial strength of the shield is 200% of that.

Not only that, the shield also provides 10 seconds of protection against missiles, bombs and thrown weapons. It can be repeated after every minute and a half. Let’s see how it can improve your security.

Transforming into a droid is a challenge in almost any game, and ToF is no different!

The V Armor is a giant drone-like robot that the player flies for 30 seconds. While on the drone, attacks such as hitstun are powerless

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