Best Ssr Weapon Tower Of Fantasy

Best Ssr Weapon Tower Of Fantasy – Fantasy Tower is finally released after months and months of worldwide beta testing! With an open world MMORPG with a built-in gacha system, mark for multiplayer, whether those who like open world games, anime aesthetics, gacha games, or MMORPGs. Along with a selection of weapons to use, our Tower of Fantasy Best Weapons guide will reveal the 5 best weapons to use in the game! Considering most of us will be new players, the Tower of Fantasy Beginner Guide should be a big help!

Before we get into the guide, let’s address some common misconceptions people may have about weapons and characters! The truth is that the player who shoots the weapon at this time in a standard script or for a limited time, after receiving the “character skin”, which he can use on the main player.

Best Ssr Weapon Tower Of Fantasy

Best Ssr Weapon Tower Of Fantasy

The player will switch between three weapons during the battle, helping them fight against the enemy. Another thing, please note that these are the first 5 characters when the global server opens, and the meta can change at any time! With that, let’s get started!

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Starting with player weapon options, let’s dive deeper into the weapons/characters players can choose from.

The first and probably one of the Tower of Fantasy Best Weapons and characters will present that of Samir, the skin of the character of the weapon known as “Dual EM Stars”. Samir is an SS unit that can be removed from the gacha system, and his main role in combat is frontline DPS, taking on enemy after enemy and eliminating them.

As for his weapons, the Dual EM Stars will be filled with Lightning elements, which already makes him as powerful as possible. His weapon type is Dual Pistols. As for his stats, his basic attack is 18, while his HP is 1165, and his critical score is 14. To better understand the mercy system, players can take help from the Fantasy Tower Mercy System guide!

Samir has 8 abilities, which allow him to really survive, as you can see below:

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The next Best Weaponskin in the Fantasy Tower that we want to cover is King, who will have his weapon called the Scythe of The Crow, and the element of the weapon is fire, which allows him to burn the his enemy. . from one

Its main role is that of great DPS as well, allowing the player to take down enemies with ease. King is another SSR unit with 16 attack, 6 resistance and 1165 HP. Don’t miss our Fantasy Tower Tips and Tricks guide to get the most out of the game as a freshman!

Moving forward, Nemesis has been dropped into the Tower of Fantasy Best Weapons as a support unit because its weapons support the player during battle. Nemesis’s unique element is lightning, and its weapon type is that of the EM Blaster. It is also an SSR that can be purchased through the gacha system that the game offers. While we’re on the subject of weapons, why not check out our Fantasy Weapon Tier tower list?

Best Ssr Weapon Tower Of Fantasy

Next, another one of the Tower of Fantasy Best Weapons as a DPS in the Tower of Fantasy that can fulfill the role of DPS and will be there to eliminate the enemy and help the player to win in all kinds of battles. He will have the element called “Greivous” and Chakram as his main weapons. With it being SSR, players can get it from gacha. You may find the Fantasy Tower character level list useful!

Tower Of Fantasy: Best Ssr Weapons To Use First

Last but not least, we have the Huma skin, and for players who want one of the Tower of Fantasy Best Weapons to protect players in battle, the Molten Shield V2, which is a weapon self defense, and the type of weapon will be a weapon. shield.

Mina is a Gacha game guide writer with years of writing experience. When she’s not working, Mina can be found hanging out at Mondtstat and Liyue, a place she calls her second home. In the Tower of Fantasy, weapons are where they belong. While it’s fun to download cool Simulacra, they’re just avatars – the real thrill comes with the weapons they unlock. From fast double blades, to hard clay, from fast healing staffs, to heavy shields, these bad boys keep the game interesting, and sticking to different play styles, skills and their related advancements are essential. if you want to succeed.

In our Tower of Fantasy weapons guide, we list all current weapons, along with their stats, abilities, and bonuses, for your reference. which one is right for your style of play. We’ve also looked at what all the words mean, how to improve your weapons, and how to get more of them to help keep your arsenal in tip-top shape.

For more help setting yourself up in this new open world MMORPG, check out the Fantasy Tower character creation, Fantasy Tower characters and Fantasy Tower cooking guides. We also have Fantasy Tower cheats available as well as a list of Fantasy Tower levels.

Tower Of Fantasy Weapons, Tiers, Types, And Upgrades Explained

As mentioned above, the weapons in Fantasy Tower work a little differently than other games – especially other gachas. Instead of having a list of people who have their own responsibilities, but have weapons, each with their own skills, stats and benefits. At the beginning of the game, you can only equip two weapons at a time, but this increases to three later on.

Weapons come in R, SR, and SSR attributes, with the R weapon being the most common, tied to all Simulacra. You unlock SR weapons by pulling each SR simulacrum from the gacha banner, and it’s the same as SSR weapons.

When you look at the weapon descriptions, you will see many words that you may not understand at first, so here is a glossary of terms so that you can follow the information about each weapon.

Best Ssr Weapon Tower Of Fantasy

As mentioned above, each weapon has a different type of damage. Currently there are four different types. Here are its advantages:

Best Ssr Weapons To Choose First In Tower Of Fantasy

Although there are no roles, jobs, or anything like that in Tower of Fantasy, you can get bonuses depending on the weapons you get. Weapons are classified as defense type, DPS type or support type, depending on their abilities. You can find these types by looking at the icons on the weapon description page.

The benefits you get from various weapon items are called “weapon resonance effects”. Here are all the bonuses they offer.

To improve the weapon, you need special equipment. A common device is a weapon battery. They come in different tiers, with higher tiers offering more weapon EXP. You can get weapon batteries from reward missions, gacha, or weapon shops.

When your weapon reaches its cap, it requires different tools to “release” and remove the cap. In general, you need:

How Does Weapon Rarity Work In Tower Of Fantasy? Answered

In addition to general upgrades and upgrades to your weapons, you can also upgrade your SR and SSR weapons. To do this, you need a special fusion base of the weapon you want to upgrade. Fusion cores come from getting duplicates of a character, either by downloading them from the gacha or by buying them from the weapon shop.

You can upgrade your weapon up to six stars, with each advancement giving a unique bonus to the weapon.

In general, SSR weapons are almost superior to SR weapons due to CS and higher stats. Fortunately, most SSR weapons have SR or R of similar (even weaker) abilities, so you can always use one of those to fill the role you want as long as you pull the one you want.

Best Ssr Weapon Tower Of Fantasy

There’s no clear answer as to which weapon is the best in Fantasy Tower, and we’re still crunching numbers right now. However, you can check the Tower of Fantasy tier list to see where each Simulacra weapon is located.

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The main way to get Tower of Fantasy weapons is through the gacha system. Many scripts offer some sort of SR and SSR Simulacra after multiple rolls, although there is no randomness to which roll. In the higher pulls, however, you can pick up R-rank weapons and weapon upgrades to complete your inventory.

You can collect a lot of black cores to use in basic weapon scripts by exploring the world alone. You can also check the Tower of Fantasy code to see if you can get two free gold coins for the delicious limited edition banners.

Below are all the Fantasy Tower weapons in order. We’ve also included their stats, abilities and progressions, so you can better understand what suits your playstyle. The stats are for the base version of the weapon, so they will decrease as you level up