Best Things To Do In London

Best Things To Do In London – London is calling! The most visited city in Europe and the second most popular place on the planet, the British capital has a charm like no other. Whatever you like, London has it. It’s everyone’s dream destination, so start packing if you haven’t already!

Brekkie is huge in England. The first step is to eat a full English breakfast and make sure you’re hungry! After this essential experience, it’s time to start exploring the world of modern British cuisine.

Best Things To Do In London

Best Things To Do In London

Forget everything you’ve heard about food in the UK and get ready for the brunch of a lifetime. I don’t think I could even narrow it down to a top ten. There are so many great restaurants throughout the city.

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In the center of Westminster you will find the legendary Trafalgar Square. It is full of incredible museums, galleries, cultural spaces and historic buildings that you cannot miss.

Get off at Charing Cross, pop into a cafe in the square and plan to spend at least a few hours walking around and taking photos.

Forget the tourist shops! Shoreditch and Notting Hill are shopping places in London. You will find so many unique items. You can wander around until you find treasures or consult a local guide for the best of the best.

Sure, it may be touristy, but it’s a must-stop for any first-time visitor. No photo does justice to this impressive monument perched beautifully on the river. Be sure to visit the rest of the Palace of Westminster and join one of the Houses of Parliament tours while you’re in town!

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Once you reach Big Ben, you will immediately see Westminster Abbey. One of the largest churches in the world, the outside is stunning, so I highly recommend going inside to see the 700 year old building. It’s still one of my favorite places in London and a real pillar of English history.

In the city center you will find one of the most beautiful parks in Great Britain. From “St. James Café has stunning views of the lake and fountain, and if you’re lucky enough to catch a sunny day in London, you’ll never want to leave.

St James’s Park, Westminster Abbey and Big Ben are within walking distance of Buckingham Palace and the whole area is very tourist friendly. All of these are located in central London Westminster, making it truly the best place to spend your first day in London.

Best Things To Do In London

Another cool thing about Shoreditch is the street art. This is where Banksy made his name and you can still see some of his original works in the area.

Best Things To Do In London With Teens

There are local street artists who run tours around Shoreditch; If you have time, go ahead and they will show you all the best places.

No Harry Potter fan will want to miss a proper tea at the Royal Horseguards Hotel. Be sure to try the strawberry and cream tea for a sweet treat.

British tea with French pastries? Yes please! Step into the Wallace Collection Hotel Peyton and Byrne’s French-style brasserie for an afternoon tea you won’t soon forget.

Open from 10:00 to 17:00. From Wednesday to Sunday, Borough Market is a mecca for foodies looking for something fresh and local.

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Portobello Road Market is literally the largest antiques market in the world and a must-see for any serious shopper. The market is open from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, so it’s easy to get to both markets.

Fashionista? Head to Old Spitalfields Market for the best of British fashion – also open 10am-5pm. daily!

The River Thames is the true center of London and the Thames Clipper River Bus will give you a great view of the best of England’s capital.

Best Things To Do In London

Not only is London home to some world-class museums, but many of them offer free entry! For free entertainment in the city, visit the British Museum between 10am and 5.30pm any day.

The Best Things To Do In The City Of London

If you have time, the National Gallery and Natural History Museums are also free and have some impressive exhibits.

The best view in London is from the Shangri-La Hotel bar. It’s cheaper than the London Eye and you can have a glass of bubbly while you’re there.

Welcome to heaven, Harry Potter fans! In the Harry Potter Studio Tour, you can experience the making of Harry Potter and be completely blown away.

What’s a visit to London without a pint or two? Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese is everything its name suggests and has hosted guests such as Mark Twain and Arthur Conan Doyle since 1538.

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And if you’re just visiting another pub, head to the Churchill Arms for a curry and admire the Churchill memorabilia. Let’s face it, traveling to the UK with teenagers isn’t always 100% stress-free – especially if you’re struggling to find things to do in London with teenagers. Boredom and overwhelming anxiety have a habit of derailing that vacation plan you’ve been planning for ages. So as tempting as it may be to stock the fridge and leave the kids at home with Netflix and fast food while you hit the town with a bottle of rosé at a fancy rooftop bar, you know you’ll only feel guilty later. . . You will do

The good news is that London is full of world-class cultural and entertainment experiences that will delight even the most lovelorn and hormonal teenager! So don’t worry, here’s a handy list of the best things to do in London with teenagers that will keep the whole family entertained.

It’s no secret that teenagers crave social media bragging rights, and what better way to boost their sensitive self-esteem than a selfie party with the world’s biggest superstars? Offering an easy and loving ‘celebrity meeting’ experience, Madame Tussauds will make your teenager want to leave.

Best Things To Do In London

There are now over 20 Madame Tussauds around the world. But the original is right here in London. First opened in 1835. Located on Baker Street, it has grown over time to display over 400 carefully crafted wax figures of recognizable people from around the world. Everyone from Prince Harry to Donald Trump, Miley Cyrus and One Direction are represented here, so you can do whatever isolation you want with them. It makes for some serious laughs and some pretty great photos to capture the moment.

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The record figure Hulk is Madame Tussauds’ largest wax figure in the world. In addition, there are some truly impressive multi-sensory attractions that immerse you in the realms of Star Wars, Marvel or Alien, with state-of-the-art 4D cinematography and meticulously designed sets.

Nothing inspires an angsty teen poem like watching a piranha scurry for lunch. Metaphors about their own existential bleakness aside, watching red-bellied piranhas chomp their way through pounds of flesh can get your youngsters thinking about the life of a jellyfish and wandering a giant ocean tunnel patrolled by dozens of sharks razor-toothed sand tiger. and the blacktip reef sharks are child’s play compared to the grumpy school sharks!

SEA LIFE London also offers an amazing underwater safari with the world’s amazing marine life. There are graceful rays, beautiful sea turtles, sea horses, sea dragons and hundreds of species of tropical fish. You can also see some animals that spend time outside the water, such as crocodiles, penguins and even tarantulas big enough to devour birds.

The aquarium regularly participates in conservation efforts such as coral propagation and endangered species breeding programs, so it’s sure to appeal to the Z-conscious sensibilities of today’s teenager. Look out for the aquarium’s Polar Adventure, which will run until 2020 and includes an Antarctic simulation with augmented reality polar bears and adorable seals. This is the real London

Best Things To Do In London At Night

Are your teens acting up again? Send them to the dungeon! Just kidding – well, kind of. The London Underground is a great way to get your teenager learning about the incredible, if terrifying, history of the British capital while having fun at the same time. Step back into London’s dramatic 1,000-year past as you immerse yourself in 19 unique locations, brought to life by a fantastic cast, authentic sets and special effects depicting the grim crime events and characters of London’s bloody history.

For thrill seekers, the dungeon also has two very dark and very scary rides. You worry that your children might be worried

Scared of this experience? Don’t worry, aside from the usual shock scares, the cast engages in hilarious comic dialogue that will make even the most nervous teenager laugh. Visitors can also opt out of tours.

Best Things To Do In London

London is home to some of the biggest and best sports arenas in the world, so there’s no better way to surprise your football-mad tweens than with a stadium tour.

Best Things To Do In London On A Sunday

The latest addition to the capital’s list of modern Coliseums is Tottenham Hotspur’s stadium. Not only can you see the first team locker rooms and areas designed specifically for broad-shouldered NFL teams, but