Best Time To Visit New Zealand

Best Time To Visit New Zealand – Thinking of visiting New Zealand in October, November or December? It’s our spring season and you have the following question: How is spring in New Zealand, is it like the northern hemisphere? We’re sure you have some questions. and “What should I do in the spring?” This is the complete guide to traveling to New Zealand in spring, including what the weather will be like, why you should visit in spring, the best things to do, what to do and more.

We have been running small group tours in New Zealand since 1971, which means we have spent several spring seasons with our guests. Hope you find this spring travel guide useful!

Best Time To Visit New Zealand

Best Time To Visit New Zealand

For many people, summer is a happy season. Autumn (or autumn as it is called) can be beautiful and romantic. But do you know what survives the hot summer and dark autumn nights? Our time. Early spring is a reminder of the natural beauty of our world, when plants bloom and newborn animals arrive.

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But when spring ends, another year is gone. Or is it? Wouldn’t it be nice to switch from autumn to spring for once? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience spring twice in less than 12 months? Well, it is possible. Even without a time machine. Residents of the United States, European residents and the rest of the Northern Hemisphere can enjoy spring again by heading to New Zealand. On the way south, the seasons change.

Just like in the US and Europe, spring comes at slightly different times depending on the latitude. Officially, the spring months are September, October and November, but we know that for Kiwis, December is more like spring than summer.

Spring comes first in the North Island, so October in Northland is much warmer than October in Queenstown. A good tip is to travel from north to south, so you can make the most of the heat at the start and acclimatize when you’re on the south island, where the weather gets a little warmer.

The weather in September in New Zealand varies from year to year (thanks to strong weather fronts) and varies depending on the location of the country. In Queenstown, one of the country’s southernmost cities, the minimum temperature varies from 2°C to 37°C. Temperatures in Auckland rarely fall below 10 C / 50 F in September.

Best Time To Visit Auckland, New Zealand

In October, the weather is usually a degree or two warmer. Christchurch, the largest city in the South Island, will see temperatures as high as 17 degrees Celsius / 67 degrees Celsius. The weather in Christchurch is quite dry and sunny. Although Wellington is located in the north, it receives cold winds from the south and maximum temperatures are usually around 15 C / 59 F.

November weather in New Zealand is pleasant everywhere, with temperatures in the mid-teens and even in Auckland in the 20s. Queenstown is still a bit chilly at this time of year, with overnight temperatures dropping to 6C/43 some days. In spring, freezing temperatures are common overnight in New Zealand until November, especially in the South Island.

By December, the weather gets warmer and the days are very long (our longest day is December 21st), but although it varies from year to year, we often don’t feel like summer has really arrived until January. Average temperatures will be in the upper 20s in Auckland, while Queenstown will be in the upper 20s in the south, but average temperatures will remain in the mid-teens.

Best Time To Visit New Zealand

To see what spring travel looks like, take a look at some of the best spring travel photos from last season. All these photos were taken by our Kiwi guides or guests on our tours.

The Best Time To Visit New Zealand

Here is a summary of average daytime and nighttime peaks for key centers in New Zealand during the spring months of September, October, November and December.

This is a big question. Most tourists come in summer, but let’s see why spring might be a better choice.

If you have ever been to Iceland, Norway or Alaska, you will find many similarities with New Zealand. Parts of Iceland in particular appear to be the twin of many parts of New Zealand. The winter months in both countries are cold and the mountains are generally covered in snow. Do you love waterfalls as much as we do? Spring warms and the snow melts, creating streams and spectacular waterfalls.

In the spring you will see millions of baby lambs roaming the pastures all over the country. New Zealand is famous for its sheep. Fields full of lambs are a common sight for travelers across the country.

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Another advantage of visiting New Zealand in spring is that there are fewer visitors. Outside of the hottest months, popular destinations are less crowded. All New Zealanders are on summer holidays in late December and January, and popular destinations such as the Bay of Islands, Rotorua and Queenstown are quite busy. If you visit before this time, you will be sharing these places with far fewer people!

The country is sparsely populated, so you’ll never feel claustrophobic. But every year New Zealand continues to grow in popularity with travelers from all over the world (and rightly so, we say). The summer of January and February is the high season. At this point, you may have to wait to get the perfect shot while visiting the most popular spots. Finding somewhere to sit on a terrace while sipping wine in a cafe is more difficult, especially in the main tourist towns – everyone loves the warm NZ sun (and wine) at this time of year.

However, spring is still sunny but not as busy with visitors, so you can explore many places on your own.

Best Time To Visit New Zealand

Travel to New Zealand in recessions to enjoy cheap flights and accommodation. Many tourist services offer discounts for off-season travel, so it’s worth shopping around for the best deals.

Best Time To Visit New Zealand

If you’re from the Northern Hemisphere and interested in skiing early in the season, you might be in luck. The ski season can sometimes extend further south into the spring. On the North Island, Whakapapa, New Zealand’s largest ski resort, is open for skiing in the summer when there is enough snow.

If you’re trying to avoid Australia’s hot summer weather, you’ll be happy to know that New Zealand is never as hot as its neighbour. In fact, December temperatures in NZ feel positively spring-like with cool evenings and sunny but mild days. But the weather in Australia is brutal in the late spring months.

This time of year is one of the best times to take great photos of New Zealand’s landscape (you’ll find it varied and impressive). Each season has its own advantages, but here’s why spring is great for photography enthusiasts.

Want to see how spring travels in New Zealand? Check out photos from our last spring trip here.

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You are lucky. This time of year is a great time to visit these shores and there is so much to do. Read on for some suggestions for spring activities you’ll love.

The most populous of New Zealand’s two main islands is also the farthest north, which is slightly warmer than the south (in most cases). Auckland and Wellington, two of New Zealand’s largest cities, are home to many cultural events throughout the year. But Nordøya is a place to experience nature. With an abundance of beautiful beaches and an abundance of volcanoes and geothermal areas, the north has no shortage of sights to see.

Auckland is New Zealand’s largest city and the Bay of Islands is one of the most popular JAFA (Another Great Auckland) resorts for long weekends and summer holidays to the north. Sunshine, beaches, yachts and of course the famous lifestyle in the Nordic countries. But if you’re here at the same time watching dolphins from a cruise or trying to get a table on the terrace of the famous Duke of Marlborough Hotel in Russell, it can be difficult. It’s a good reason to head north before the rush and just before Christmas from September to December!

Best Time To Visit New Zealand

One of our favorite events, the Bay of Islands Food and Wine Festival is a one-day event celebrating award-winning wine (and other drinks), food and Northland’s famous Bay Of Islands region. It’s a match made in heaven. The event is held every year in October.

When’s The Best Time Of Year To Visit New Zealand?

Spring is a great time to get out into our national parks, but there’s something special about visiting Tongariro because it’s the only place in New Zealand with a unique volcanic environment. Early spring, September and October usually have snow