Best Ue Mods To Take Nus

Best Ue Mods To Take Nus – Hello and welcome to NUS. Since I was still lost despite having a senior to guide me, I decided to write this blog post. Somehow my blog ended up on Reddit so I will update it again in 2021. A lot has changed at school since COVID-19 entered our lives.

H. Office 365: Click the icon in the upper right corner of Luminus to download Microsoft Office to your computer, click My Account in OneDrive and click to install Office, which allows up to 5 devices.

Best Ue Mods To Take Nus

Best Ue Mods To Take Nus

A notification will be sent to your school email when your password is about to expire. If you want to change your password, press the button to reset your password via mobile if you forgot your password. The reset password will be the partial password + the last 4 digits of the registration number. Or you can go to my LumiNUS account and change your password.

Local Uni Seniors Recommend The Most Interesting Scoring Modules In Ntu, Nus & Smu

3.EduRec (formerly known as ISIS) is a platform where you can access your QET, S/U statements, seat number, module registration, academic statements and financial aid etc.

A schedule and email will be posted with the dates of rounds 0, 1, 2 and 3.

Press the Submit button to confirm the SU statement. 3 days later they sent a confirmation email. Once sent, SU cannot be returned.

Now in 2021 you can check your academic results in the uNivUS app. 4. You must enter nusstu before your username, not nusstf or nusext, if you still wonder why you can’t login.

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You have 8 S/U (32 MC) to use for all 4 years. 5 S/Us (20MC) are available for the first year only and only 3 S/Us would carry over for the next 3 years. Poly students have lower S/U. You can S/U on level 1000 and 2000 modules. Set a realistic CAP so you can S/U accordingly. As for me, I use / use anything under B+ to keep my CAP > 4.00. I’ve had friends who S/U A- because they have very high expectations of themselves. I have a friend who got a D+ for a module and had to retake the module after the S/U.

Being SU a B- and a B my first semester, my CAP went up by +0.37, so S/U plays a bigger role in the first semester of freshman year.

Having a B+ in my second year of SU only increased my CAP by 0.04, so whether you have a B+ S/U or not a S/U B+ makes no difference. I got an extra 10 MC from the Covid-19 situation, so I used them.

Best Ue Mods To Take Nus

6. Use NUSMods to create a calendar and also learn more about the module description, course dates and times and see if it fits into your schedule.

Unofficial Modreg Mini Guide: How To Bid For Modules?

Try to squeeze all the modules in 3-4 days so you can rest for 3-4 days.

The good thing is that you can download the calendar as an image, PDF or save it to your Google calendar.

You can choose the course and tutorial group you are in. You can also find out if your GE or UE modules will fit into your core module plan.

This is especially true for my CCA as we need spaces for dancing. It was my first booking and I had to learn it myself. Ballroom booking is free and takes 3 days to book the room. It is not possible to book a room 1 day before the actual day. There are only a few rooms with mirrors.

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8. CCAs are not mandatory. You only sign up because you’re interested. Check out the NUS Student Life Fair/Instagram pages/Welcome Tea Parties. NUSSync will be used for CCA membership and event details.

CCAs took up some of my study time, but I had a great time. I met a lot of like-minded friends who were into Kpop and made a lot of friends too.

9. Gym life? Utown gyms are popular, but be aware that gym life can be tiring.

Best Ue Mods To Take Nus

I noticed that the ones who came to class late and tired were the ones who sat in the hallways. In order to maintain their hall residency, they must participate in many hall activities. My friends invited me to see their rooms and eat at PGP and CAPT. It was a pleasant experience.

Uber Cool Modules For The Different Types Of Students In Singapore

Before, when the classes were physical, I was fighting traffic jams. Now that classes are online, it’s hard for me to stay awake and alert.

I got my e-textbooks from old people, so I saved a lot of money. Printed manuals seem expensive, costing around $50. I also went to the NUS library website to get the textbook. Free of charge!

You can use the card to buy benefits or get student discounts. It cost $8.10 to get this card. I purchased bus concessions ($55.50 worth) during my clinical placement to save money.

We have overloaded 31 MCs this semester AY21/22. I added this because people were discussing congestion on nus reddit.

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15. Even if your financial aid application states that it is open from February to April, you can still apply for financial aid.

I applied in August and received the money. Most households should be able to get the MOE scholarship.

Yes, completing the driving test within 2 months (Jan-Feb) is possible! It took me an extra month because I failed my first driving test. I am a student at BDCC School Auto. WARNING! This is not for the faint of heart. – I have already passed BTT. -I drove 2-3 hours a day. I took driving time 2, 4, 6. I usually take slots 4 and 6 because they are cheaper. – I learned to drive in 2-2.5 weeks. – I completed theory lessons and practical exercises in one day. -I kept updating the BDCC website to buy rides in 10 seconds. How much did I spend? Practical Driving: $1814.72 Practical Test: $485.44 for first and second test (repeat) Theory Training: $148.73 Theory: $13 ($6.50 each) Total: ¬†$2461.89 ¬†including one test repeated driving. That’s why learning to drive is an investment and think before you sign up as membership usually lasts 1 year! Table of Expenses The enrollment fee is $96.30 for school students while the cost is $50

Best Ue Mods To Take Nus

I’m sharing my study tips because I couldn’t find much before the test. I didn’t get any useful guides to help me in QET in 2018, so I thought of writing this blog post. What is NUS QET? It is an English essay test that tests your knowledge of the English language. The paper is one hour and 30 minutes long and takes place at NUS in one day. Who uses NUS QET? Those who got D and below in Alevels General Paper (that’s me!), polytechnics and international students. At school I scored well in GP but failed Alevels. I got an E for Alevels. Why use NUS QET? If you fail the test, you must take the QET to leave school and complete the English modules. Why should you take the QET? This is because many people apply for the English module and as a fresher you would not have enough marks to compete with those seniors. Also, taking the English module does not allow you to take other electives as this may overload your MC. What is my result?

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Hi nurses, so you want to be a nurse? Becoming a nurse can be a difficult decision, so I would like to help you and share tips on how to prepare for this interview. For those currently studying for poly and Alevel, study well so you don’t have to go to this interview. What are the chances of getting into NUS Nursing? Most people think that Nursing is very easy to get because of the low IGP score and nurses are in high demand. As long as you are honest, you are very likely to get through. If your IGP is below the 10th percentile, don’t worry because you can still enter. Fun fact: In 2017, 2,200 applications were submitted and 235 people were admitted to the course. That is 10.6% of the people who registered. Thus, the Nus Nursing acceptance rate is 10.6%, but it is expected to increase due to the high demand for nurses. when was the interview I was scheduled for a nurse interview in the first week of April 2018. On April 2nd, I received an email about t.

What is Bahasa Indonesia? Bahasa means Language. Bahasa Indonesia is the Indonesian language. This is an NUS language module. Why is it important to know module revision? You are going to take a module for a semester, at least 3-4 months, and you want to make sure you make the right choice. I had to ask the elders for advice and their manuals. I barely knew these seniors, but I had to be thick-skinned to make sure my grades were good. Why learn Bahasa Indonesia? Bahasa Indonesia is relatively similar to Malay.