Best Utility Software For Windows 11

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The Windows 11 taskbar, like its predecessors, is easy to customize. But despite Microsoft’s best efforts to make it more customizable and accessible, what’s available in the dock still isn’t there.

Best Utility Software For Windows 11

Best Utility Software For Windows 11

As usual, third-party software has taken advantage of these shortcomings by releasing some of the best docking applications for Windows 11 that bear a striking resemblance to Mac Dock.

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Winstep Nexus is a stunning application that recreates this unique Mac-style dock on a Windows 11 computer. Although it’s been around for a while, it still works great on Windows 11.

It has a free and paid version. The free version comes with great features like shortcuts to the system tray, start menu, and search bar.

There are also shortcuts that cannot be found on the macOS Dock and Windows 11 on that taskbar. This includes a recycle bin, an up-to-date CPU and RAM counter, and a real-time weather icon. In addition to programs, files and folders, you can also add internal command lines to minimize all open windows, hide the taskbar, etc.

XWindows Dock is an excellent application that looks directly at the Mac Dock. The design is simple but neatly incorporates an array of icons. It fits well with any window you’re working on.

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This dock was built for the predecessor of Windows 11, but has been updated to work with the latest operating system. The XWindows Dock is highly customizable and allows you to customize the look to be as fancy as you want it to be.

Moreover, you can add your favorite applications, folders, programs, links. It also comes with a plugin manager for adding plugins. Finally, this app is known for being stable and fast.

Circle Dock is a unique function in terms of design and mode of operation. It lives up to its name by incorporating a rare but effective and powerful wheel design.

Best Utility Software For Windows 11

Unlike most docks, the Circle Dock doesn’t stay on screen all the time. It will hide automatically and you will need to initiate it to use it. This can be done by pressing Windows + Ctrl, and you can create a custom shortcut key.

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Most importantly, this app can be customized with the shortcuts, apps and folders you want. You can also personalize the background with an image of your choice. Finally, the dock’s rotation feature makes it easy to select an application from it, regardless of its position in the list.

It is an interesting Windows11 dock that can be placed on any corner, edge or angle of the screen. It comes with several customizable features, such as customizing the look with custom themes and icons.

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It’s a great taskbar replacement app with a simple design. You can add shortcuts to frequently used files, programs and folders to your list. While it’s not the most attractive app, it’s also no slouch thanks to its various themes.

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RocketDock is a free application for the best organization. There are several frequently used folders, applications and the recycle bin. It allows you to add shortcuts to folders and customize them with icons.

RocketDock has 30 themes that give you complete control over your customization. One of the worst points of this dock is the difficulty of adding apps. An application shortcut needs to be created before dragging it to the dock.

Finally, part of the full customization is that you can customize the icons to be larger or smaller. So it is a good solution for visually impaired people.

Best Utility Software For Windows 11

Appetizer is a free and open source dock with a powerful organization. While it’s not a fancy and colorful dock, it’s lightweight and efficient at what it does.

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You can easily customize this app and add your favorite shortcuts. Moreover, it allows you to import shortcuts with the help of wizards.

The icons are set in this application. Finally, you can hide and show the dock by pressing a preset key.

The only physical similarity of the Windows 11 taskbar to the macOS dock is centering. But with a third-party software called TaskbarXI, you can make the taskbar smaller to be compact, just like a dock.

Please note that this app is still in the testing phase and can only customize the appearance of the taskbar. Below are the steps you need to follow to make your Windows 11 taskbar look like a Mac Dock

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Unlike the taskbar, docks offer more personalization and control. The best docking applications for Windows 11 offer a unique combination of customizability, compactness and accessibility.

All the apps mentioned above offer these features in abundance and some of them can even replace your taskbar if you want. Feel free to test them and discuss the more configured ones in the comments section.

But if you want to use the dock only because of Windows 11 taskbar problems like the taskbar not working, the linked article and some of our detailed instructions will help you solve these problems.

Best Utility Software For Windows 11

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For desktop management and customization alone, Windows has the ability to use multiple desktops and some more interesting features.

However, some people are not happy with the way it was designed. Some people just have too many desktop icons and find it difficult to organize them.

If you have problems like this, the best solution is probably to use an application launcher. By using this kind of software, you will be able to free up some space on your desktop and bring a dose of freshness along the way.

Yes, there really are a lot of options and today we are going to go through the top 10 options that will meet all your needs.

Windows 11 22h2

It should be easier for you to choose a product from this list now that we have explained why each of these software solutions is better or unique in its own way.

All you have to do now is take a closer look and decide which one suits your needs.

The most practical way to better organize your icons or desktop settings is to use a single-view launcher application that can find everything on your system.

Best Utility Software For Windows 11

You can also consider cloud computing services or use local launchers that can efficiently manage all your applications in seconds.

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We searched for the best desktop application launchers for Windows 10 and 11 and compiled a list of the best available today.

So, if you’re planning to use an app launcher but can’t decide which one is best, check out our in-depth reviews.

If you want to create a smart launcher for your most used applications, there is no better way to do it than using PDNob shortcuts.

The tool will not only create shortcuts for your applications, but also complex automation that will make your work much easier.

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The program sits quietly in the system tray and can be moved forward by pressing the scroll wheel or a programmable hot key.

It will automatically hide if you click outside its border, which keeps the desktop clean but the software runs fast.

In addition to working as an application launcher, PDNob Shortcuts is much more. There are built-in functions like OCR, Screenshot, QR / ID code generator, Pushpin etc.

Best Utility Software For Windows 11

The possibilities are endless and PDNob shortcuts will help you automate your work without any sophisticated instructions.

Freefilesync: Open Source File Synchronization & Backup Software

Don’t pull out your wallet just yet, as the app is available as a free download, you can test it out.

RocketDock is probably the most famous name on this list. You’ve probably heard and maybe used it in the days of Windows XP. So guess what, it is compatible with Windows 10 and 11 too.

If you’re not familiar with RocketDock, it’s the launcher/dock located at the top of the screen.

The dock is designed like the Mac OS X launch bar, with the simple aim of keeping your favorite shortcuts in one place so you always have access to them.

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Once installed, RocketDock will come with some default shortcuts, but you can easily modify it and add any program or app you want.

The best thing about RocketDock is that it can save a lot of desktop space, so if you have a lot of icons it could save your life. is the perfect cloud tool for organizing and accessing

Best Utility Software For Windows 11