Best Wk Batsman In The World

Best Wk Batsman In The World – In cricket, like fielding, batting and boxing, all three are important and holding the racket is also important. If we look at the history of cricket, there have been a large number of cricket matches taken by a great keeper.

Again, there are times when you have the ball that won the team’s game. In addition, the job of a security guard requires a lot of alertness and speed. He can’t slow down, otherwise he won’t have enough time to win.

Best Wk Batsman In The World

Best Wk Batsman In The World

He has to be careful, focused and quick because the balls are hitting behind the hitters coming very fast. Every team should have a good winger because a bad hitter can be the reason for defeat. We have compiled a list of such goalkeepers who have been impressive in their careers.

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First up, we have another Australian captain, the legendary Adam Gilchrist. Out of the 10 players on this list, there are four Australian players.

Gilchrist is regarded as one of the greatest batsmen and batsmen in the history of cricket. Adam Gilchrist holds the record for most dismissals by a keeper during a one-day international.

As far as Adam Gilchrist’s cricket history is concerned, he has reached over 15000 in international cricket with 32 centuries and 81 centuries. His highest score is 204 not out in test cricket.

In terms of dismissals, he has 416 dismissals in test cricket with 379 and 37 catches while in ODIs he has 472 dismissals with 417 and 55 with the ball.

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He is the first player to score more than 100 sixes in test cricket. He is one of only three players to win three World Cup titles in their lifetime. Gilchrist has won many awards for his impressive work throughout his career.

Mark Boucher is a former South African hockey player and the best player the South African team has ever had. In terms of keeping his bat, Boucher scored 555 runs in test cricket with 532 catches and 23 wickets. However, in ODIs, he received 425 runs with 403 catches and 22 runs.

Mark Boucher holds the record for most goals in a single Test match. He also played for several teams in the Indian Premier League. He is the first player in the world to reach 400 eliminations.

Best Wk Batsman In The World

He was awarded the player of the year award three times during his career. He also holds the record for most sacks by a football player in any format, at 999.

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Talking about Mark Boucher’s scoring skills, he has scored more than 10000 runs in his international career with 6 centuries and 61 centuries. His highest score was 147 in One Day International.

Sadly, he had to retire in 2012 due to an eye problem. As of 2019, Boucher serves as the head coach of the South African national cricket team.

At number three on the list, we have former Sri Lankan captain Kumar Sangakkara. Kumar Sangakkara holds the record for most wickets in ODIs. Sangakkara is one of the greatest players in the world.

Talking about his playing history, Sangakkara holds one of the top three positions in all three formats of the game. He scored more than 28000 runs during his career in three formats adding 63 centuries and 145 centuries.

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His first score was 319 in Test cricket. In terms of scoring, he scored 202 in Test cricket with 182 and 20 runs while in ODIs he scored 501 with 402. Catching the ball and 99 hitting the ball.

He holds the record for most dismissals by a keeper in ODIs. He also won the ICC Cricketer of the Year award. He was also man of the match in the 2014 World Cup Sri Lanka won.

After Sangakkara retired from cricket, he entered politics, where he was the Ambassador of the country’s anti-drug programme. Sangakkara received many awards during his career.

Best Wk Batsman In The World

He also has many records even after many years of retirement. After his retirement, Sangakkara also commented on the Champions League and the Indian Championship.

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The former captain of the Indian team, the legendary MS Dhoni has the 4th place in the list. Dhoni is considered one of the most successful captains in Indian cricket.

He is also considered as one of the most dangerous goalkeepers in the Indian Premier League. He is not only a good goalkeeper but also a good player.

Dhoni is a good finisher and very good. Dhoni’s journey in the Indian cricket team was not easy, he had to face many difficulties before joining the team.

Under Dhoni’s leadership, the Indian team won many tournaments and series. The team has won two ICC World Cups, two Asian Cups and one Champions League.

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Dhoni played as many as 538 international matches during his time, in which he scored more than 17000 runs with 16 centuries and 106 centuries. His highest score is 183 in ODI cricket.

In terms of his ball retention, he scored 294 off 256 with 38 catches in Tests and 444 off 321 with 123 catches in ODIs. Dhoni also led the CSK team in the Indian Premier League.

He was given the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Indian Army. There are many records and achievements Dhoni has achieved in his cricket career. He also holds the record for most catches in a hitter’s test.

Best Wk Batsman In The World

There is a movie made in his name where his struggle and journey in Indian cricket team.

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We have a third Australian player at number 5 on the list. It appears that Australian hockey players are working hard to keep their ball clean. Ian Healy, also known as ‘Heals’ for his brilliant performances in his Test career, is the man with the most dismissals in the history of cricket.

He achieved 395 dismissals in cricket with 366 and 29 runs, which is the highest number of dismissals in the history of cricket. In ODIs, Healy took 233 runs in 168 matches with 194 catches and 39 runs.

Moreover, he has scored more than 5000 runs in his international career, reaching 4 centuries and 26 centuries.

His highest score was 161 on the test. He also led Australia in eight One Day Internationals when captain Mark Taylor was injured.

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Healy was inducted into the Australian Hall of Fame in 2008. After retiring, he started a car wash business which now operates with the capacity to wash over 50 cars an hour.

The sixth position in the list is reserved by former West Indies wicketkeeper Jeff Dujon. In his career, he scored more than 5000 runs with 22 centuries.

In ODIs, he received 204 runs with 183 catches and 21 misses. Jeff Dujon played 81 Test matches for West Indies and never lost a match, they won all 81 matches. After retiring in 1992, he became the assistant coach of the West Indies team, where he coached young talents in Jamaica.

Best Wk Batsman In The World

Moin Khan is a Pakistani former batsman. He was in the team for 14 years from 1990 to 2004. In his 14-year career, he scored 147 goals in 69 Test matches.

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He also scored 287 runs in his ODI career. He also captained the Pakistan team many times. He has scored more than 6000 runs with 4 centuries and 27 second halves in his international career.

His highest score in Test cricket is 137. When Moin was in this team, there was Rashid Latif, who was the wicketkeeper of the Pakistan team, many times, Latif had the ball and was dismissed, which would help Moin Khan to rise to the top. on the list. The book. He was also the coach of the Pakistan national team in 2014.

In the 8th place on the list, there is another Australian player, Rodney William Marsh. Marsh scored a world record 355 runs in 96 Test matches.

While some players have been fired more than that, none have been able to achieve it in such a short period of time. Rodney used to play in the early 70’s to mid 80’s where he hit that score.

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In terms of ODI dismissals, Marsh has received 124 dismissals in 92 matches. In terms of Marsh’s career, he has scored 5000 runs in his international career with 20 centuries.

Marsh was also named one of the players in the International Cricket Council. After retiring from cricket, he became a commentator for about 10 years.

Additionally, he is the coach of the Australian Cricket Academy where he has coached great players like Adam Gilchrist and Brett Lee. He was also chairman of the England and Wales Cricket Board for five years. He has also received many prestigious awards for his outstanding career.

Best Wk Batsman In The World

9th place on the list is secured by former New Zealand captain Brendon

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