Best Wmu For Elk In Alberta

Best Wmu For Elk In Alberta – Anyone know why the 406 has such a low success rate for moose? It seems to be in the 4-7% range for the last few years.

Hard to find a 406 or 6 point cow in any mountainous area. It is impossible. It took four tries to pull the tag off. Grizzlies are abundant in the highlands, so if you come down with one, be prepared to take it out immediately.

Best Wmu For Elk In Alberta

Best Wmu For Elk In Alberta

All 400 WMUs have grizzly tons and animal densities are low. 25 years on, there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

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Most hunters do not have the means to access areas with elk. I got 406 doors in 2018. My first attempt. I camped 14 km down the road and only hunted for 14 days before seeing one camp. I also had information from a friend who has been hunting for 20 years. It is definitely a difficult path.

Any success in the leading zone is an achievement. The number of elk in the 406 is lower than it was 20/30 years ago. I caught them a mile off the road, sometimes closer.

I know of only a few pockets that hold Elk for a day’s hunting.

Private land access to the 406 south and west of Turner Valley has long been impossible. It was a great place in the 80s.

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As others have said, there are a number of reasons for Elk’s poor success in the 406.

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According to the 2019 hunter harvest report, a total of 13 bulls were taken from units 404/406/408 compared to 181 bulls from section 312. shows that the moose idea is definitely tough!!

Best Wmu For Elk In Alberta

I started hunting 406s in the early seventies. We used horses, rode in saddles, lived in a settlement. Not only did we harvest good bulls, but we also harvested some very impressive mountain mules and sheep. There were few roads back then, and you had to know where they were and how to use them. Then came Country K.

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For us it was the beginning of the end. Our government opened new roads, marked and signed the road, built racetracks everywhere, erected huge structures on the passes, and even flew portable toilets into the back country where more equestrian facilities were built. This changed everything. Before Country K we rarely saw other hunters and the ones we saw knew what they were doing and the country. K Country was designed by Albertans to encourage more country use, and it certainly did. For several years, the areas where we hunted have been invaded by well-established and protected hunters. In addition, local equipment made greater use of the area, as they were able to access large base camps by teams and wagons on roads previously only accessible by horse. Soon, more bike hunters arrived, taking routes that had never existed before. As the number of hunters increased, it did not take many years for the quality of the game to drop dramatically.

It wasn’t long before we decided to give up hunting there because the quality of the experience and our success in harvesting good antlers and deer was gone. I consider myself, my wife, and my hunting buddies very fortunate to have had the opportunity to experience the 406. I remember those good days a lot.

I have a friend who lives on the 312 a few miles away on the 406. He invited me to go archery in September. He dug here in 406 and a little in 408. We mainly go to the 406 because he lives near it and the 312 is hard to get a permit for and like all the viewing rentals we can get a permit for. hunted very hard by almost all others.

Although he lives very close, I suggested that he visit our camp. Just to save a little of our walk and it allows us to listen to sounds at night to find them early in the morning. Good or bad idea?

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How important are names? We both have trick names. I think if we get it, they definitely will. Looks like the way to hunt on foot. thoughts?

How many hunters will people encounter in 406? And do they go off the road (there seem to be a lot of roads there, especially on the north side)?

The southern part of 406 seems to have seen a bird nearby. You can access it via Flat Creek Road, a great trail I’ve hiked before, but I think it’s about 8km or so before you get off the 312 and onto the 406.

Best Wmu For Elk In Alberta

Moose were originally a prairie animal and they found it an easy place to live. We are here to fight them with sticks.

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“In fact, no human lived under conditions that would be considered normal given the climate of the past.”

I’m from sw sask and saw some really nice pictures of prairie bulls near the national grass park and they seem to be doing well there

During the archery season I almost had a chance at 6 points. It just didn’t come out of the hips inside the thick stuff.

If you have the time you will get one (2-3 weeks) x several seasons.. but scouting is required and yes, more grizz tracks have been found than moose tracks.

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If I were to guess, it would lead to predator/hunter pressure. Limited availability of many 314, 312, 310 units through GL and private. Besides, it’s a good place to live. Anyone and their friend can hop on the 406 and go on a pre-hunt. Haven’t seen/heard many wolves in 406, but 404 and 402 yes.

I think the record for antlered elk for Alberta in 2017 is 406. Hunter asp. A guy who used to work in Achaea. He told me that the riders in the 406 were no longer able to hunt elk. I got the impression they were very high…

Like you, I hunted 406s in the late 60’s and 70’s. I totally agree with your post. I have only good memories of the good times. The problem was motorization in the mid-70s.

Best Wmu For Elk In Alberta

How many bulls do you think die in the general archery season? I think it’s in the single digits, max. I think hunter success is the last thing that affects the population in 406. As mentioned above, predators are probably the number one problem in almost all mountain areas. I don’t know where you hunt the 406, but everywhere I go it is crawling with wolves and other large predators.

Low Success Rates For Elk In 406

Well, I’m not saying archery kills bulls, but being able to hunt anything in general should have an effect on pressure.

It was 2016, 17, and I spent a lot of time in 406. Since then it’s mostly during archery season (common marks, close to home, day hunting)

I once heard a daytime screech that sounded to me and my friends like a pack chasing a chicken and we all agreed it was like they had taken it. It was the craziest sound of screams, roars, evil noises. (north of cox mtn area)

So the wolves are definitely there, but why do the wolves stay at 406 to hunt the chickens, while the big flock of chickens are now at 312, 212?

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Tourists, bikers, quads, fishermen, logging, 4×4’ing, etc. Killing regular archery tags doesn’t help hunting there one iota in my opinion.

I recently listened to the Hunter Community Podcast, Episode 79, an interview with Dr. Valerius Geist, who teaches in Calgary (recommended listening). with less pasture, they prey on harlots and pursue smaller populations of wolves. He says he is studying wildlife in an area he describes as the Serengeti.