Best Xqd Card For Nikon D500

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Best Xqd Card For Nikon D500

Best Xqd Card For Nikon D500

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Nikon D500 Digital Slr Camera

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Not only are the XQD cards beautiful and brand new, but they ship extremely fast! The price of this card is very low compared to what I have seen elsewhere. It comes in a small case for protection and fits my camera perfectly! The upload speed is 5 times faster than a normal SD card! Make sure you buy an adapter to upload your photos! By the way, I have a Nikon D500 (sports and wildlife camera) and it does it perfectly. It allows me to delete 1200 photos while shooting in RAW!

A very popular product. Sony XQD G-series data memory cards for professional Nikon DSLR cameras are highly recommended for fast data transfer, reliability and functionality.

Best Xqd Card For Nikon D500

I can’t use the card yet because the camera is coming today! But I have another great Sony XQD card! Super fast!

Cfexpress Memory Card Archives

I bought it to use on my d 850 and it takes pictures very quickly. The only thing you can’t save a lot.

I needed a fast write memory card for my new D850 and this is what I got. Satisfied with the price and performance. A+A+A+

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Nikon D500 With Accessories

They have published the results of tests of Nikon Z6 XQD memory cards, including the new Delkin XQD card. Here is their conclusion:

“The best performing cards in the Nikon Z6 are Sony G-series XQD, Delkin Premium XQD, Lexar 2933X XQD cards and Nikon XQD cards. There is very little difference in performance between these cards in the Z6. All of these cards provide almost the same during burst buffering capacity memory and write speed. The 64GB Nikon XQD and Sony G-series 440MB/s cards performed particularly similarly, while the Delkin 120GB card also performed nearly as well as the Sony 120GB card. The rest of the XQD cards in this test were slowed by the Z6. These cards include Lexar 1400x, Sony M-series and older Sony S-series cards These cards may be suitable if you are shooting less than the buffer capacity, but these cards have a smaller effective buffer capacity, the buffer takes longer to clear when buffer full, these cards can significantly reduce the burst frame rate.”

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Best Xqd Card For Nikon D500

The Nikon D500 has two memory card slots. One requires UHS-II SDXC and SDHC cards. The other is described as an XQD slot.

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But thanks to Nikon’s December 2020 firmware update, you can now also use CFexpress B cards (also known as CFexpress Type-B) in this slot.

There is a lot of flexibility in using these cards. Even if you have two slots, you don’t have to fill them at the same time. So if you want, just use an SD card. But using these two slots increases the possibilities. You can choose one or the other (or both) to save the JPG or video. You can copy to both for a live backup. And you can copy from one card to another, which is useful whether you want to have a full card backup or just share a copy of a few selections.

If you look in the manual for the D500 if you read pages 387-388 you will find this.

XQD memory card. The camera can be used with XQD memory cards. A card with a write speed of 45MB/s (300x) or higher is recommended for video recording; lower speeds may interrupt recording or cause irregular and uneven playback. Information on compatibility and operation can be obtained from the manufacturer. SD memory card. The camera supports SD, SDHC and SDXC memory cards, including UHS-I and UHS-II compatible SDHC and SDXC cards. A UHS Speed ​​Class 3 or higher card is recommended for video recording; using slower cards may cause recording interruptions. When choosing cards for your card reader, make sure they are compatible with your device. Information on functionality, operation and usage restrictions can be obtained from the manufacturer.

Nikon Adds Cfexpress Type B Card Support To Its D500, D850 And D5 Dslr Camera Systems: Digital Photography Review

If you look at the official specs for the Nikon D500, you’ll see SD, SDHC, SDXC, XQD memory.

A third option is now available via a firmware update released by Nikon in December 2020 (don’t worry, yes, it’s an official Nikon firmware update, not a third-party cracked version). Specifically, it was added in “C” firmware version 1.30. You can download the firmware from the Nikon website.

There are currently three variants of CFexpress cards available. Compatible with Nikon D500 is CFexpress Type-B.

Best Xqd Card For Nikon D500

The advantage of using CFexpress B is not only the addition of additional options for wider compatibility. CFexpress B is basically an updated version of XQD. Like XQD, it was developed by the CompactFlash Association. In fact, these cards are becoming more and more affordable, bringing more options and lower prices.

Nikon D500 Dslr Review

But for me the killer is their speed. CFexpress B cards are much faster than XQD. At the time of writing, most XQD cards currently available are rated at around 440MB/s read and 400MB/s write. Most CFexpress B cards currently available have speeds of around 1700 MB/s read and at least 1200 MB/s (or faster) write.

It is important to note the “B” here. Confusingly, there are currently three types of CFexpress cards, all of which have different physical sizes (also known as form factors) and are not interchangeable. This means that the CFexpress A card cannot be used or even installed in the CFexpress B slot.

CFexpress A is the same physical size as an SD card, which is also the type used in some cameras such as the Sony A1. Nikon D500 What you want is CFexpress B. Sometimes you’ll see it written as CFexpress (Type-B). CFexpress B cards have the same dimensions and contacts as XQD cards, which makes this upgrade possible. If you try to use a CFexpress A or CFexpress C card