Best Xxl Mouse Pads For Gaming

Best Xxl Mouse Pads For Gaming – Contrary to popular belief, mouse pads are actually one of the most critical components in any PC gamer’s arsenal – providing tons of performance-enhancing features at a very low cost. While today’s market isn’t exactly competitive when it comes to top mouse pads, there are still plenty of great options to choose from – all of which our research team found.

A solid gaming mouse pad is just as important as a good mouse. The sensors on top gaming mice have a very high resolution, which means you need a steady surface to make sure every detail is picked up. While modern gaming sensors work on almost any surface, the difference between a great gaming mouse pad and a less advanced one is night and day, and some pads even come in larger sizes, known as desk pads, for obvious reasons. Also, if your mouse pad looks gross, you don’t have to buy a new one, check out our How to Clean a Mouse Pad guide and get it back to its best condition.

Best Xxl Mouse Pads For Gaming

Best Xxl Mouse Pads For Gaming

With tons of options out there, many of which aren’t for gaming, we’ve hunted down the best gaming mouse pads currently available. Along with this, we explain exactly what you should look for in a gaming mouse pad and answer one of the most asked questions about gaming surfaces – are gaming mouse pads worth the money?

Enhance Pathogen Xxl Gaming Mouse Pad Neoprene Non Slip Blue Engxmp2100blew

So, with all that in mind, let’s take a closer look at some of the contenders in this best mousepad guide.

Choosing the best gaming mouse pad for your needs can sometimes be a difficult and time-consuming process. With so many different types to choose from, how do you make a critical decision about which one to buy?

Reviewing hours of product research, performance benchmarks, and user feedback to come to a final conclusion on what to recommend.

If you are not tech savvy and struggle to devote time to go through the above requirements, you may end up buying a left-handed gaming mouse that is not suitable for you.

Steelseries Qck 3xl Gaming Mouse Pad

Fear not, friends! Here we want to take the stress out of research and turn the entire process into an easy-to-follow, complete buyer’s guide. That’s right, our team of PC enthusiasts has done all the hard work for you!

We test the best mousepads through a mix of FPS and RTS multiplayer titles using a range of different mouse and sensitivity settings. These tests give a good indication of how different mouse pads perform in-game, which is the most important factor. We also conduct extensive testing using the Aimbooster software tool available online and in-game CS:GO aim training workshops.

There are so many crazy mouse pad options out there, it can sometimes be difficult to find the right one for your specific gaming needs. Almost every peripheral company has a mouse pad on the market now, each staking its claim as a must-have for gamers.

Best Xxl Mouse Pads For Gaming

To help you distinguish between decent mousepads and terrible ones, we’ve outlined the key factors that affect a gaming mousepad.

Gaming Mouse Pad Rgb Computer Mouse Pad Large Gaming Mousepad Xxl Mous

While mouse pads aren’t necessarily “engineered,” they can withstand quite a bit of stress and wear and tear over time. When choosing the best mouse pads, we paid close attention to the quality and design of the pad – making sure it was (what we considered) high quality.

An important aspect of longevity in a mouse pad is the edge stitching. As you may have already experienced, sometimes molded edges can become scratchy and less aesthetically pleasing over time. Because players are constantly adjusting and tearing their hands across the pad, we’ve chosen options with quality stitching that won’t fray over time.

While on the subject, the edge of the mouse pad also plays an important role in your overall gaming performance, especially if you are using a wired gaming mouse with a braided finish.

The braided finish of the mouse cord can rub against the edge (if both are of poor quality), leading to inaccurate aiming and missshots.

Custom Gaming Mouse Pads

Get a well-made mouse pad and you might notice a difference in your gaming performance.

It pretty much defines your playstyle. The lower the DPI, the larger the mouse pad you need. But all this talk of measurements and square centimeters is not very helpful. We’ve created an infographic below to visualize the different surface areas of common mouse pads in context.

Most mouse pads are either hard or soft. Commonly used materials are plastic for hard mousepads and tightly woven fibers for soft cloth mousepads. Manufacturers are known to use glass and other materials for a unique gaming experience.

Best Xxl Mouse Pads For Gaming

Hard plastic mousepads are easier to clean than their soft fabric counterparts, but cloth mousepads can easily roll up, which can be a game changer if you take the mousepad to events or to a friend’s house. Keeping your mouse pad clean will ensure that it doesn’t interfere with your mouse’s functionality, and in 2017, Healthline noted that if a mouse pad isn’t cleaned for more than 120 days, pointer accuracy drops by 26%.

Corsair Mm350 Pro Mouse Pad

The surface is down to player preference, but as a general rule, the harder the mousepads, the faster your reaction time and speed. That said, it obviously has a huge impact on accuracy. So finding the right balance is critical to your gaming performance.

While most mouse pads stay simple in their construction and design, there are still plenty of extra features to be found in some of today’s newest offerings.

You can get attachable wrist rests for mouse pads, RGB illuminated mouse pads, and wireless charging mouse pads.

So now that we know what to look for, let’s take a closer look at the best of the best.

These Are Best Rgb Mousepads You Can Buy In 2022

The Logitech G Powerplay is one of the most advanced mouse pads we’ve ever seen. Alternative charging solutions are out there now, but nothing quite as sophisticated as PowerPlay.

G PowerPlay features wireless charging across the entire surface, meaning you can play and charge at the same time without the need for a ‘Q Point’. This wireless feature gives gamers unlimited power to the mouse, and it won’t run out if you turn RGB off.

The charging station is conveniently located on the left side instead of in the middle, which is welcome as we found it difficult to put the mouse down. Now, it’s true that you need a wire to your mouse pad, but this type of technology is a huge leap forward when it comes to removing cables.

Best Xxl Mouse Pads For Gaming

This mouse pad is quite expensive and not worth it unless you are going to get a compatible mouse like the new G Pro X Superlight Wireless. For a true wireless experience, nothing beats G PowerPlay.

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The Steel series is one of the most recognized mouse pad brands, with the QcK series popular among both professional and casual gamers.

Steelseries QcK offers balanced control and speed thanks to the high thread count it is equipped with. The pad comes in a variety of sizes and the base is rubber to prevent your mouse from sliding around.

The design is simple, but it works and looks amazing on any desktop. To prevent the edges from being stitched with these pads, but there are alternatives from the Steel series without it and with RGB.

You get a wide variety of size options with this mouse pad and it is one of the best cloth pads on the market.

Mouse Pad Mat Computer Mousepad 900x300mm Natural Rubber Xxl Mouse Pad Gamer Desk Mat Batmans Pc Computer Gaming Keyboard Mouse

The Asus ROG Sheet is one of the largest pads available in the market, and it lives up to its “desk pad” name. This type of mouse pad is perfect for low sensitivity/DPI gamers or those who want their desktop to be mostly a mouse pad.

Because of the large size of the mouse pad, it accommodates a wide range of hand and wrist movements, and you rarely pick up the mouse with it.

The surface is a tightly woven fabric that gives you one of the smoothest fabric surfaces we’ve seen. The mouse pad has a stitched edge to prevent wear and tear and has been subjected to stress from ASUS itself to ensure this pad lasts longer than most.

Best Xxl Mouse Pads For Gaming

The base is covered with rubber to prevent slipping, but it still maintains a relatively low profile (3mm thick). The ROG Sheet is one of the best extended mouse pads available, and if you have the room, it’s definitely worth considering.

Buy 3xl Huge Mouse Pads Oversized (48”x24”)

You knew we had to include an RGB mouse pad in this list, right? Luckily, we had a few options to choose from, but in the end we went with Singapore’s Giant Racer.

Goliathus Extended chroma doesn’t miss a beat for us. A large surface measuring 920 mm x