What App Is The Black Phone On

What App Is The Black Phone On – An Android smartphone that offers plenty of security even if you use apps from Google, Facebook, and Company? Currently, there’s only one model that can do this: the Blackphone 2. With a Silent Phone subscription, you can make encrypted calls, video chats, and messages. proof

What makes Blackphone 2 special is the operating system that promises security. SilentOS is used. It is based on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow and comes with some useful features to protect your data and privacy. An update to Android 7 Nougat is not planned as many new features have been introduced.

What App Is The Black Phone On

What App Is The Black Phone On

Security Center always informs you that you can improve the security of your smartphone. For example, if there are new updates or if you haven’t set a screen lock or if you have malware. Here you can also manage detailed permissions for each app. Instead of allowing full access to the internal memory, you can specify whether it can be read or written separately. In-depth rights management is one of the best features of Blackphone.

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You can create different profiles on the Blackphone and assign functions to them. You can think of it as separate smartphones in one device. For example, there is no game app visible on your desktop because it can only be used on your personal profile. Or you have installed Google apps or WhatsApp and Facebook in the space, but do not allow access to your contacts and data, because they are in a private and safe space. So you never have to worry about entering your address book or location information into the address pop.

There are many ways to adjust connections. For example, you can define which spaces are not allowed to make calls or you can access the Internet. You can also prevent one space from accessing another’s data, so that photos are separate from each other and only appear in the space where they were created.

When you use Blackphone, everything is encrypted: your file system, calls, SMS and even video conferencing through the “Peace Phone” app. Protect your data from external attacks.

Telephone calls are made via a peer-to-peer connection using VoIP (VoIP), i.e. via the Internet, encrypted using the ZRTP protocol. This happens automatically when you start a silent phone app and invite another user of that app. We were convinced by the sound and video quality during testing. It’s a bit noisier than a normal phone call, but it was easy to understand who we were talking to. The app is also available for all standard Android and iOS devices. However, you need to subscribe to use it. At $9.95 a month, it’s anything but cheap. You can then communicate with other phone users hands-free indefinitely.

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However, if you want to call a user who does not use this application, you will need additional minutes. Encrypted VoIP is then only transmitted to a server in the destination country, after which it passes through the normal telephone network and can theoretically be intercepted. Background: This option was originally developed so that US soldiers could call their families back home, but not be heard by secret services in countries in crisis.

When a vulnerability is discovered, the manufacturer undertakes to provide a solution to its customers within 72 hours. That’s pretty fast, with many other smartphones taking weeks or months to receive a new security update. Blackphone and SilentOS are permanent.

The Blackphone 2 has a glass front and back, and the sides are lined with plastic. It’s conveniently sized and just eight millimeters thick, flat enough to fit in a trouser pocket. However, fingerprints are clearly visible through the glass back.

What App Is The Black Phone On

Although the Blackphone 2 has been on the market for over a year, there’s no need to hide from other mid-range smartphones. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 615 octa-core processor (eg Samsung Galaxy A8 or Xiaomi Mi4i) clocks in at 1.65GHz and 1.21GHz. It comes with three gigabytes of RAM. You have 32 gigabytes of internal storage, but you can expand it up to 128 gigabytes with a micro SD card.

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The battery has a capacity of 3060 mAh and should last a day. But he didn’t do it in the test. During the night (six hours) the mobile phone lost almost 40 percent of its idle time. Quick Charge 2.0 is on board, which thankfully charges the battery faster. The scope of the Blackphone 2 includes the necessary power supply for the fast charging function and the micro USB cable. However, the Type-C connection is not here yet.

However, in daily use and benchmarks, the Blackphone 2 is a tad slower and slower than other mid-range smartphones. Sometimes apps open more slowly and the smartphone lags a bit when scrolling. Screenshots and photos may take a little longer to save due to encryption. The AnTuTu benchmark test gives an average score of 28,000. You can’t play graphically intensive games on this device, it would always stutter. Asphalt Xtreme, for example, works, but takes a long time to load and isn’t smooth.

The screen is 5.5 inches and is protected by Gorilla Glass. Thanks to its Full HD resolution (1920×1080 pixels), it’s sharp, but unfortunately its yellow color isn’t very bright either, which makes it difficult to read the screen in direct sunlight.

The rear camera has a resolution of 13 megapixels and the front one 5 megapixels. In photos, the colors look rich in contrast and realistic, but in terms of quality, they are noisy. Contours fade quickly. But snapshots can be taken without any problem. The app also offers various modes and filters for recording. At night, we recognize more in photos than other mid-range mobile phone cameras, although the default night mode produces strange sepia effects in images.

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The BlackPhone 2 is available for £560 (about £655). An annual subscription to the Quiet Phone app is included. You can also purchase additional minutes for calls outside the wireless network by subscribing to different annual rates. Blackphone 3 release date is not known yet. One thing is certain: production cycles are longer than those of other manufacturers.

The security concept of the Blackphone 2 is well thought out. Encryption, separate areas on the side of the chip, and a detailed authorization system for installed apps are very practical features that I want in every smartphone.

But as interesting as the idea is, it might not appeal to all smartphone users. The smartphone itself and a subscription to the Silent Phone app are expensive for the manufacturer or carrier. But there’s an alternative: With Signal, you can call other Signal users for free over VoIP. Prime Day Deals Here Student Loan Forgiveness Surface Pro 9 Vs. Pro 8 Brain Food is an exciting horror mystery show

What App Is The Black Phone On

In January, the privacy-focused Blackphone app store will allow apps that pass multiple security tests.

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Can you keep a secret? The ultra secure Blackphone has its own app store, it only sells apps it doesn’t sell you.

Blackphone is a collaboration between hardware manufacturer Geeksphone and Silent Circle that helps protect your communications from prying eyes. The phone has strong encryption to protect your data and includes a subscription to services that protect your calls, texts and emails.

Blackphone’s app store will launch in January and will review apps before allowing them into the store, something Blackphone CEO Toby Weir-Jones called “the Apple model.”

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“We will have a few vet degrees,” Weir-Jones told the Guardian. “If you have an app to manage your social media accounts and it wants to access your microphone and camera, we could ask why and go to the first screen.”

Blackphone does not work with the Google Play Store, the official app and game store for Android phones and tablets. Unlike Apple, Google doesn’t vet apps, which means Google Play has more recommendations, but malware can sneak in.

Blackphone may have access to rival Amazon’s Android app store, but establishing its own app emporium will ensure corporate users and security-minded individuals have access to useful apps that meet privacy standards what consumers are looking for when they buy them. such a device.

What App Is The Black Phone On

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