What Are The Keys For In Fortnite

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Chapter 3 Season 4 introduced several changes, including vaults. It used to be as simple as gathering a few friends. You would all stand idly in front of the safe while you were to scan and open the safe v

What Are The Keys For In Fortnite

What Are The Keys For In Fortnite

Without effort. . Now there is a little more. You have to find the keys to unlock each safe. Not only do you now have to collect keys, but lockers are also much harder to find. However, regardless of the increased difficulty, it will be much more worth it because now the vaults are stacked with much better loot! Read on to learn more about finding keys and opening safes

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, you have to let luck guide you. Keys drop as random loot that can be found anywhere. In a way, this can be useful because other players won’t know where to look for them. However, on the other hand, this makes it a bit more difficult for you to find them. Epic Games says on their website that you have a good chance of finding keys in the wild, so they probably drop often! Keep that in mind when trying to open the safe

All domes are easy to find. All you have to do is find and pick up the key and you’re well on your way to opening the vault in

. You will see that when you collect your first key, your minimap will automatically update. Small green symbols will now appear all over the map. Yes, you guessed it. These are all places where you can open the safe

It’s easy to find out how many keys you’ll need. The number of keys you need is directly correlated to the number of keyholes shown on your map vault symbol. If there is only one hole, you will need one key. If there are two, you will need two keys. Simple.

How To Find Keys In Fortnite And Open Vaults

When you reach the vault of your choice, you have to interact with it and it will open! You’ll even get a new achievement for opening your first vault in Do you want to know how to get Fortnite keys to open vaults? The start of Season 4 of Fortnite Chapter 3 brings new mechanics and items to the Battle Royale game. While much of the attention has been focused on Fortnite’s Chrome Splash mechanic and how chrome spreads across the island, you can also run keys.

If you find one of Fortnite’s many vaults, you can use these keys to unlock it and access the powerful loot hidden inside. These vaults are not new to the game, but this is a new way to open them that you don’t need to play team modes because you can now open them yourself.

It’s actually the easiest thing to get a lot of Fortnite keys, because you can find keys scattered around the map, inside a chest, or as loot to dispose of other players. You can hold a maximum of three keys at a time, and while you only need one to open most of the vaults on the Fortnite map, there are four places that require at least two keys. We’ll go through the Fortnite vault locations below.

What Are The Keys For In Fortnite

As you approach the vaults, you’ll see a lock icon on your minimap. If you need two Fortnite keys, you’ll see a two-lock logo instead. Simply interact with the locks to open them. A door with a single lock will open quickly, but a door with a double lock will take some time to open, so be sure to protect yourself from potential robbers. Here are the 14 vault locations:

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These are all the vault locations you can open with Fortnite keys. If you’re just starting out with a new battle pass, make sure you check out how to get free Fortnite V-bucks. A lot of things have gone with the start of the new season, but at least you can ride Fortnite animals around the chrome-infested island.

Dave likes a bit of Halo Infinite, Dark Souls or Monster Hunter Rise, and when he’s not playing fighting games, you can find him in Diablo taking down enemies with his beloved pets. There’s even more loot to collect this season. Fortnite and luckily there are some easy ways to get legendary items in Season 4.

You’ve probably noticed during the first few hours of play that there are various keys scattered around the map. But what are these keys for and where can you find them? These keys are very important this season and you will want to get as many of them as possible.

You will notice keys that can be added to your inventory. But what are they for? They will open the vaults of the game this season.

Fortnite Vault Locations And How To Get Vault Keys

In previous seasons, to access loot stored in locked vaults around the map, players had to team up with some friends and go through a scan to enter. But this season, you can open those lockers yourself – if you have enough keys to do so.

Unfortunately, as mentioned above, the keys are located in random loot drops around the map. While this means you should have an easier chance of finding them since they’re not concentrated in one high-traffic spot, it also means you’ll need to cover some ground to collect enough to complete the vaults. unlock.

There does not appear to be a set number of keys available for each match; instead, you will hope to run into them and collect weapons.

What Are The Keys For In Fortnite

Vaults, on the other hand, are a little easier to find. Once you have collected the key, your matchable map will be updated with the location of the vaults. All you have to do is check the castle icon on the map and go to the nearest one.

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While there are plenty of safes that only require one key to enter, there are others that will require more than one.

You can tell whether or not a saver requires more than one key by looking at the number of keyholes in the green icons on your map. A lock with one keyhole means you will only need one key, while one with many will require more.

Of course, more keys mean more loot inside the safe, so it’s up to you whether you want to start with one key safes or not. Many safes will have a key inside, as well as legendary level loot, rare chests, ammo and much more. The last season of Fortnite introduced a new game mechanic related to Vaults. Before Season 4, you had to go to the Vault with your teammates (or NPCs you hired) to get scanned and open the room. Epic Games has now reworked this mechanic so that you no longer have to rely on other players to open Vaults.

Instead, you have to find at least one key during the game and then you are allowed to go to any vault shown in white green on the map. This guide will show you all relevant information about keys in Fortnite, how to find them and how they work.

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Vault Keys in Fortnite are not tied to one or more specific locations as they are random loot. In other words, you might run into them while playing a game, but there’s no guarantee. You can collect them from chests, but they can also be found as loot on the floor. And you can get them from enemies if you kill them and they have one or more keys in their inventory.

They’re not that common, but if you look in different places during a game, you’ll probably find at least one key. However, if you want to search for them, make sure you do it in the first few minutes of the game, because then the Storm will get closer and closer and all vaults will no longer be reachable.

You can collect up to 3 Fortnite keys at a time and use them to access vaults scattered around the island. When you open the map after getting the Key, you will see all available Vaults marked with a white lock icon. You are free to target any of them, but be sure to look at the number of keys required to open it. Check the keys shown in each lock and you will quickly find this information.

What Are The Keys For In Fortnite

It’s pretty simple: if only one keyhole is shown, you’ll need one key to open that particular vault door, and so on. You can check the number of keys you have collected so far in the lower right corner of the screen, as you will find this information just above the icon that shows the inventory shortcut.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4: Vault And Key Locations

Vaults that require two keys to open hide better loot, but the reward is great