What Axles Are In My Jeep Jl

What Axles Are In My Jeep Jl – The Jeep Wrangler is a popular custom vehicle and can be supplied with several different factory axle combinations – mostly depending on the vehicle’s trim level. Additionally, due to this customization, many people will not have the same axles when they leave the factory. So for long-time Jeep owners or anyone buying a used Wrangler, figuring out what axles a vehicle has isn’t as easy as looking at the specs.

From the first release of the Wrangler YJ in 1987 to the new JL, Jeep has offered three main types of solid axles manufactured by Dana Holding Corporation – the Dana 30, 35 and 44. And the Wrangler has a lot of options. some combination of these three.

What Axles Are In My Jeep Jl

What Axles Are In My Jeep Jl

The Dana 30 is the most common front axle found on the vast majority of Jeep Wranglers and is easily recognized by its flat sided differential cover and rounded top and bottom. This axle only fits on the front of Jeep Wranglers, so don’t waste time looking back to identify this variant, as it won’t be a Dana 30.

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In contrast, the Dana 35 is only found as a rear axle for the Jeep Wrangler. This axle variant can be identified by its oval-shaped differential cover, which is wider than it is tall.

Finally, Dana’s 44 axles can be found in the front or rear. And its differential cover does not move from front to back; consists of straight sides and angled top and bottom parts. The Dana 44 usually comes factory in the Rubicon Wrangler trim level, but many choose this axle as a more powerful upgrade when upgrading to larger wheels and tires.

Additionally, Dana makes a 60-series axle that some in the Jeep community use for more serious off-road work because of its strength and ability to handle the stress of larger wheels and tires (38-40 inches or larger). This is usually a big selling point, and those who buy a used Jeep with this axle usually know what they’re getting. However, the model number of these Dana 60 axles should be stamped on the lower right side of the center section. It also has a significantly larger center section to accommodate larger gears – not to mention the car will have very large wheels.

If you’re trying to identify your axles by make or car year and still aren’t sure, another method is to draw the axle material number located on the long tube of the axle shaft. This number consists of six digits, followed by one or two digits at the end of the tube. With this number, you can find out on Dana’s website what axle it might be.

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Early Jeep YJ (1987-95) owners will have a Dana 30 in the front and a Dana 35 in the rear, as Jeep only had one factory combination in those years.

From the time the Wrangler TJ (1998-2006) was introduced, original owners could have a Dana 30 in the front and a Dana 35 in the rear. But the Jeep had a Dana 44 rear axle option for those running a manual transmission. For 2003, Jeep introduced the Rubicon trim level for the TJ Wrangler and added Dana 44 front and rear axles. Finally, these original LJ Unlimited owners (2003-06) have a Dana 30 in the front and a Dana 44 in the rear.

Original owners up to the JK Wrangler edition (2007-18) have front Dana 30 axles, with front and rear Dana 44s, except for the Rubicon trim level. Some owners of very early two-door JK models will have a Dana 35 rear axle, but Jeep quickly switched production to a Dana 44 rear axle. All four-door JK Wrangler original owners have a Dana 44 in the rear.

What Axles Are In My Jeep Jl

Nowadays, if you buy a new JL Wrangler, you have a Dana 30 front axle and a Dana 35 rear axle, unless you buy one of the upgraded Dana 44s. All Rubicon JL owners have Dana 44 front and rear axles. But these aren’t your father’s Dana 30, 35, 44 arrows, but Dana has made them stronger and lighter than other generations. They cannot be replaced with arrows of the previous generation. For more information on these axles, as well as other JL Wrangler modifications, check out the JL Wrangler showroom page.

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Also, if you are the original owner of the vehicle and want to check what you have, you can easily access Jeep specifications by entering your vehicle identification number on the Jeep website.

For most people, the Dana 30/35 (44) combination is suitable for everyday riding and light off-road activities. However, when you start upgrading your Jeep’s components (read, adding extra weight), it makes sense to upgrade the axles as well—especially if those upgrades include bigger and wider wheels and tires.

“Although there’s no real hard and fast rule that says if you do ‘a’ you have to do ‘b,'” many YJ and TJ owners swap the factory axles for Dana 44 front and rear when they move to a 33- or 35. inch wheels This also applies to JK owners who slap on 35-inch wheels, because the alternative is to have heavy wheels and start bending the factory axles over time, which is no fun for anyone.

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What Axles Are In My Jeep Jl

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Jeep Wrangler JL and Gladiator JTT RCV Performance Ultimate CV Axles Jeep JL Rubicon Dana 44 with Mounting Kits Yukon Gear and Axle Ring and Pinion Kits provide unmatched strength and smoothness you’ll experience. RCVs replace OEM Jeep JL axle shafts with a high strength constant velocity design. Our CVs eliminate the vibration and “crow” caused by uneven power transmission of the u-axis. RCV CVs provide 6-point fully engaged contact at any angle up to 45 degrees, providing 100% power even when the steering wheel is turned to lock.

RCV for Dana 44 The Jeep JL CV is 18% larger than the previous Dana 44 design and uses the same Dana 60 architecture. Tests prove our axles are twice as strong as OEM. No worries though with big wheels and big power. RCV Performance Ultimate CV axles are low maintenance and run as smoothly as you’ll experience on the road or street. All are backed by a lifetime warranty against 43-inch tire breakage.

The RCV axles are direct OEM replacements, retain Jeep’s Front Axle Split module, and retain full FAD system functionality. There are no warning lights and no further modifications are required.

We are pleased to announce that our Jeep Wrangler JL Dana 44 and Dana 30 axle kits are now available for pre-order. We have rigorously tested rigs and new designs to offer the most powerful axle solution.

Jeep Wrangler Dana 44 Rear Axle Shaft; Passenger Side (07 18 Jeep Wrangler Jk Rubicon)

We offer a direct OEM replacement kit that takes full advantage of the Front Axle Splitter (FAD) feature, including a custom 300M connector. We also offer a 1-pc FAD removal option that does not affect the FAD electronics in any way. None of the kits require a programmer or any additional modifications.

RCV FAD JL axle assemblies retain 100% functionality of the OEM front axle splitter design. The kit includes an upgraded RCV coupler and two-piece inner passenger shafts with bronze bushings. The FAD module handles disassembly exactly like the OEM.

RCV 1-piece JL axle assemblies replace the OEM 2-piece axles and FAD coupler with a single shaft. The inner shaft is designed to accommodate the FAD axle seals and provide clearance for reinstalling the FAD module. FAD works, but instead of shifting the clutch on the axle, the fork moves on the inner axle. It does not cause any malfunctions or warning lights. When it comes to building a Jeep, bigger wheels are usually a big part of the equation, and the bigger you go, the more you worry about axle strength. Therefore, there are many questions about what axles will be on the all new Jeep JL Wrangler and below is the list.

What Axles Are In My Jeep Jl