What Axles Are In My Jeep Tj

What Axles Are In My Jeep Tj – There will never be another Wrangler like the Jeep TJ. This is a sad reality that we have to accept. Introduced in 1997, the TJ ushered in an era of versatile suspension, leapfrog headlights, and finally introduced the world to the Rubicon, the most capable Wrangler model ever made. From Viper engine swaps to complete modifications, we’ve seen the 1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ modified in every way imaginable.

The compact construction platform makes an amazing flash outdoors. However, like the Wrangler YJ and the generations before it, a little brand support would go a long way to greatly improve the overall Jeep. With so many great pieces on the TJ platform, we can’t say there’s a perfect way to build one. However, we think Susan Cook’s 2005 Wrangler is pretty close to the perfect dual-sport TJ.

What Axles Are In My Jeep Tj

What Axles Are In My Jeep Tj

Built for South Carolina’s beautiful country roads and trails, this Clemson Wrangler has a balance of upgrades and performance that will make driving fun wherever you go. To get to where it is today, Cox credits expert Jeep builder Cole Conner, known for building the likes of this LS-powered JK and the prettiest LJ we’ve ever seen. So, what makes TJ so special? Read on to find out.

Jeep Wrangler Dana 35 Performance Rear Axle Kit (93 02 Jeep Wrangler Yj & Tj )

It’s a Jeep enthusiast favorite and one of the longest running inline engines in the Jeep lineup – the 4.0L inline. Although the TJ is its most recent application, the classic inline engine is known for its low noise and reliability. Aside from the K&N cold air intake and Optima YellowTop battery, almost everything under the Jeep’s engine is untouched.

Protecting the factory automatic transmission and NP231 transfer case is the belly of the TeraFlex. This large sliding system doubles as the focal point of the TeraFlex long arm connection. The rear used a triangular four-link arrangement, while the front used four independent arms and retained the axle. The T case uses a 1350 CV rear drive connected to a sliding neck damper, and a 1310 CV drive in the front.

While you can get a standard or Rubicon series Dana 44 rear axle on the TJ, Cox’s X model leaps into the future with husband-bred JK Rubicon axles (check out his JK build here ). Not only is this axle set wider, it also comes preloaded with a Tru-Lok differential lock and 5.13 gears.

Like the back, the front axle is from my wife’s JK Rubicon. Some metal work was required to fit these axles under the TJ. This Barnes 4WD comes with a custom towbar and trail axle along with an aluminum tie rod kit and is matched to a Reid Racing steering wheel package. The Artec JK to TJ axle kit makes rotation easy and makes room for the Curie Antirock sway bar attachment. To add some beef to the front axle, an RCV Performance axle was installed.

Jeep Tj/yj/xj/zj Chromoly Frt Axle Kit Dana 3027 Spl

While the long arms come from TeraFlex, the suspension uses Fox 2.0 shocks at each corner. The front springs are 3.5-lift coils from Metal Coat, and the rear is 2-inch from Synergy. According to builder Cole Conner, this was done to streamline the Jeep, and the originally planned 3.5 rear spring was only favored by owners.

We’ve seen JKs move away from the 37-inch Rubicon axle ride height over the years. So, putting them under the lighter TJ should be a recipe for future success. To ensure the Jeep has plenty of off-road capability, a set of 37×12.50R17 Nitto Trail Grapplers are wrapped around 17-inch Trail Ready beads. This composite coke has what it takes to safely get into the single digits on the road and roll smoothly on the street. Since the JK’s axles were originally wider than the TJ’s undercarriage, Cox opted for 4 inches of rear clearance for the bead wheels.

To increase the Jeep’s approach angle and make room for the Warn hood, a GenRight front bumper was installed. A set of KC headlights with LED bulbs to help boost light. Up front is a transmission from GenRight.

What Axles Are In My Jeep Tj

The TJs are pretty nimble and light from the factory. Cox wanted to open up the tires by adding some armor, but did it smartly with GenRight’s lightweight kit. The non-aluminum item is made of steel with a semi-gloss black finish.

Jeep Wrangler Tj Buyer’s Guide

The interior of this 05 Wrangler is in incredible shape. For now, a Rock Hard 4×4 cage is dropped into place while the seat is installed. The custom grips you see here are from Carolina Metalsmith. Keeping the occupants out of the weather is a soft top that replaces Bestop.

The lowered suspension and modest 1-inch ride height from the Daystar keep the short-wheelbase Jeep relatively stable on the road. Since GenRight’s 3-inch-wide fenders cover Trail Grapplers well, it’s hard to tell how wide this TJ really is.

Before the TJ, Jeep produced the first Wrangler (YJ) from 1987 to 1995. It launched the first Jeep Wrangler TJ as a 1997 model year. That said, technically, the 1996 Wrangler was never “new.” Looking for parts for your Jeep Wrangler TJ? Check out Amazon’s selection of TJ kits, many offer 2-day savings!

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Rubicon Dana 44 Or Dana 30s

Dana 35 rear (I think, but there should be a filler hole, but I can’t see it, and pressed for reinforcement, maybe replacement), Dana 30 front.

Glenwood says Dana 35 rear, Dana 30 front. Click to expand… The tail is unlike any 35 I’ve ever seen

Brian Moore says the tail is unlike any 35 I’ve ever seen. Click to expand… Edited my post. It appears to be a replacement rod, along with a hook. Others will require mowing the lawn…

What Axles Are In My Jeep Tj

Glwood: Edited my post. It appears to be a replacement rod, along with a hook. Others will require disassembly… Click to expand… OK. From what I saw from a google search, I thought it was a Ford 8.8

Jeep Wrangler Unit Bearings: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Brian Moore: Okay. See what I found from a google search, I think it’s a Ford 8.8 Click to expand… You’re right, yes. Not sure how to confirm.

Chris said it looks like a Ford 8.8, of course a Dana 30 in the front Click to expand… ok thanks for what I thought.. now I’m happy I don’t have to do an 8.8 swap lol.

Brian Moore said: Okay, thanks for the thought.

Yeah, not bad! Both the Dana 44 and 8.8 are great rear axles with TJ. Good luck with that!

Teraflex Tj: Dana 44/dana 60 Rear Axle Bracket Kit Ter 39900

If you’re wondering, how big is this lift? It seems a little strange that someone would have trouble switching to 8.8 but using the stock control tools.

Rob5589 said: Yeah, the rear is an 8.8 and the front is a 30. Just curious, how much lift does it have? It seems a little strange that someone would have trouble switching to 8.8 but using the stock control tools. Click to expand… I’m not sure, but I think it’s 4 feet. I know its rough and tumble everyone wants a good deal or at least, they want to feel like they got a good deal. Buying used is always a source of anxiety, but a used 4×4 can take concerns about previous owner neglect to a whole new level. With the advent of forums and e-commerce sites, the dynamics of buying a used car have changed significantly. You probably hear stories from used car dealerships about how the previous owner was the little grandma who drove them to church on Sunday.

These days, you can go directly to the former owner, who often tells his story. For those moving into off-road pursuits or simply looking to transition into a vehicle with a good brand of assistance, the Jeep Wrangler is always the go-to platform.

What Axles Are In My Jeep Tj

No, we didn’t even skip a year. Technically, there was no “new” Wrangler produced in 1996. Each generation of Wrangler has its pros and cons. While it is passable for those looking for a used car

Jeep Tj 8.8 In Ford Axle Swap Kit– Ballistic Fabrication