What Did Oregon Fans Chant At Byu

What Did Oregon Fans Chant At Byu – University of Oregon officials continue to condemn the actions of some students during Saturday’s football game against Brigham Young University, but have not mentioned any disciplinary action taken against those involved.

Fans in UO’s student division chanted “F—Mormons” during the game. BYU is a private university sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints As of Monday night, a video of the chants posted to Twitter had more than a million views.

What Did Oregon Fans Chant At Byu

What Did Oregon Fans Chant At Byu

When the video circulated on Twitter, UO and the state of Oregon received significant attention, prompting statements from university leaders and state officials.

Editorial: Fans’ Bigoted Chant Needs Strong Response By Uo

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown also tweeted in response to the situation, saying the singing at yesterday’s Oregon-BYU game was unacceptable.

The UO issued an official statement on Sunday condemning the act. The university has apologized for the offensive and insulting chanting.

Interim President Patrick Phillips issued a statement Monday calling out a small group of fans to join in the chanting. He did not identify the people in the video as students or that they sat in the UO student section

Phillips noted that the BYU honored Spencer Webb, the former Oregon tight end who died on a trip at Triangle Lake in July. BYU players ran onto the field holding a banner with Web’s number 18 on it

Utah Governor Calls Out Oregon Fans For “religious Bigotry” Vs. Byu

Phillips urged UO fans to consider how their words might hurt others. He added that there are some practicing Mormons who are enrolled in UO and possibly UO’s soccer team.

“Directly harassing someone because of their religious beliefs goes against our core values ​​of full inclusion as a university,” Phillips said.

UO’s Associated Students leadership released a statement on Instagram Monday afternoon.

What Did Oregon Fans Chant At Byu

“We are deeply disappointed by the actions of some UO fans who chanted hate speech at the football game against BYU,” the statement said. “It is important that we denounce each other under all circumstances when we see or hear hate speech. That’s never acceptable. We hope that in the future UO students can lead by example and encourage our team with respect.”

Univ. Of Oregon Apologizes After Fans Chant ‘f*** The Mormons’ At Byu Game

As of Monday, there had been no public discussion as to whether punitive action would be taken against the singing students.

The UO Student Code of Conduct states that discrimination or harassment based on a number of protected characteristics, including religion, will not be “tolerated” by the university.

According to the Code of Conduct, it is the responsibility of every member of the university community to create an environment free from discrimination, harassment and retaliation. All students, staff and other members of the University are strongly encouraged to take reasonable and prudent action to prevent or stop acts of discrimination, harassment or retaliation.

It states that members of the campus community who violate this policy may be expelled from campus and may otherwise lose the right to use university property and/or participate in university-sponsored events and activities. Saturday’s game against Brigham Young in Eugene, Ore

Byu 1 On 1: Analyzing The Oregon Defeat And Offensive Student Chants

In a time of high-minded inclusion, one has to wonder how a crowd — even strangers — can feel comfortable chanting “F— Mormons” over and over for the course of three hours. Sporting Events The fact that this has happened not once, but twice at various Pac-12 collegiate football stadiums in the past year raises another question: Why isn’t more being done to stop this?

On Saturday, a college football fan identified only as Aubrey traveled from the East Coast to Eugene, Oregon to watch his alma mater, Brigham Young University, take on the Oregon Ducks. BYU lost 41-20, but it wasn’t the scoreboard that spoiled Aubrey’s experience. He said a nearby crowd started chanting “F—Mormons” during the game. Repeated

As a member of BYU’s funding body, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Aubrey wanted the singing to stop. But he also didn’t want to make matters worse by facing a line of people. According to the report he shared with Salt Lake City’s NBC affiliate KSL, he pulled out his phone and only started recording after the chants started for the third time in the hope that Oregon fans would no longer notice.

What Did Oregon Fans Chant At Byu

He eventually spoke to a stadium employee, who expressed displeasure at the chant, although it’s unclear if any action was taken. He previously said that the first stadium employee he came to stopped it. “Maybe he thought it was funny,” he said.

Byu, ‘grateful For Those Who Are Willing To Come Together,’ Thanks Oregon For Its Apology After Anti Mormon Chants At Football Game

Sure, to be in a good mood, not to take yourself too seriously and to have to laugh about small offenses is certainly part of it – we all know stick and stone. Latter-day Saints have a fair track record of turning their backs on them

Both schools should be commended for publicly condemning this chant, and I have no doubt as to the sincerity of the apology. But I also think it’s reasonable to expect schools to do more

For example, the Church has been commended for its lukewarm response to the “Book of Mormon.” From the creators of South Park, an animated TV show satirizing religion, the musical has captivated Broadway audiences to date with a mix of profanity and misinformation. (This may be news for the comedic interlude in the musical Ancient Values, but God’s plan doesn’t actually involve getting your “own planet.”)

When the play debuted in 2011, the church famously decided not to protest, but instead ran a playbill ad that read, “You’ve seen the play… now read the book.” Describing his reaction at the time, McKay Coppins of The Atlantic wrote in a lengthy magazine article about his faith last year: “I remember being amazed by the church’s response. So wise PR! Such a good attitude!

Ducks Fans Recorded Chanting Anti Mormon Taunts At Byu Match Up

But then Coppins encountered theater critics who, after seeing the musical, were “surprised how the show got away with being so brutal towards a religious minority with little to no backlash.” Coppins attributed it to the Latter-day Saints as a “beauty.” However, critics offer an alternative explanation: It’s because your people don’t have a cultural cachet.

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Perhaps the critics are right, and Latter-day Saints really suffer from a kind of acute lack of cachet when a cult is born and raised in a flyover country. Or perhaps a combination of coastal morale and a keen Latter-day Saint ability, while the door plays a part in proselytizing missions.

What Did Oregon Fans Chant At Byu

In any case, after this latest round of chanting, is it time to ask, as Coppins seems to suggest, what is the point of lewd entertainment and large-scale public demonstrations and church vandalism — including attempts to burn a temple? In July – this prejudice can even unknowingly normalize or enable

Utah Governor Slams Oregon Fans For Obscene Chant At Byu Football Game

In the case of Oregon singing, a balance must definitely be struck. There are wise reasons for the First Amendment’s strong protections of public speech, even deeply offensive speech. And yet, if you can chant “F—Mormons” in public with minimal social repercussions, then it is time for Latter-day Saints to collectively press for greater and immediate action, as Aubrey attempted. Especially when there is hostility from school officials on campus

As MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell once said, “Mormons are the nicest people in the world.” …They will never shoot me. When The Book of Mormon came out, the show’s producers said they knew the church was “cooling off.” We are not surprised by the Church’s response. “

Perhaps that’s why the offending chant wasn’t stamped the first time, although the University of Southern California issued an apology after last year’s episode. Like Oregon this year, both schools should be commended for publicly condemning this chant, and I have no doubt as to the sincerity of the apology. But I also think it’s reasonable to expect schools to do more

Universities should advise fans and students on good sportsmanship They should raise public expectations and take steps to meet them They should send staff to the crowd when necessary and, in extreme cases, remove abusive fans They should hold fans and students and staff to an appropriate level of accountability

Bigoted Oregon Fans Chant

This should be done not just for the visiting fans, but for the schools themselves During last year’s USC-BYU game, the USC quarterback was a Latter-day Saint

This should be done not just for the visiting fans, but for the schools themselves During last year’s USC-BYU game, the USC quarterback was a Latter-day Saint, according to my publication The Deseret Report, one of the assistant coaches also appears from U.S.C