What Dumbbell Weight Should I Start With

What Dumbbell Weight Should I Start With – If you want to add weights to your home workouts but don’t know what size dumbbells to buy, look no further.

Is it just us, or do gyms seem a little quieter after closing? This may be because working from home has made our schedules more flexible, meaning the death of ‘peak times’. But it could also be because of the nation’s love affair with home workouts. The lockdown made many gym-goers realize they didn’t need access to an expensive club to get a good sweat on; According to research by RunRepeat in December 2020, three out of four gym members had decided to favor training at home or outside this year.

What Dumbbell Weight Should I Start With

What Dumbbell Weight Should I Start With

At the height of the pandemic, home workouts were synonymous with bodyweight training, due to the fact that you couldn’t get your hands on the kit no matter how often you updated the Argos homepage. Now that the weights are back in stock, it might be time to start adding some extra resistance to your home workouts. But what equipment do you really need?

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“There’s no clear cut answer to this as it really depends on your goals, whether you’re new to weight training and whether you have any injuries,” says personal trainer Zara Ozard. “It’s worth bearing in mind that you may also want a variety of sets, as you end up lifting more weight in lower body exercises versus upper body.”

A good weight, she explains, is one that allows you to complete your set with muscles that feel close to fatigue (ie, you won’t be able to do more reps). “My advice is to first make sure you’ve developed good form and technique in bodyweight exercises so that when you’re ready to increase the weight, you won’t get injured. Then, start slow and easy and build your skills,” Zara explains.

Total beginners, who have only ever worked out at home without guidance from a personal trainer, should start with weights anywhere from 2kg to 6kg, says Zara. “You don’t want to start out too heavy and end up losing confidence when you can’t exercise,” she says.

If you’ve been doing bodyweight training for a while and already feel pretty strong (those pressure exercises really pay off, you know), you might be ready to move up to the middle weights. For this, you can choose dumbbells that weigh about 6-10 kg. Anything above that would be classed as ‘heavy’ when it comes to your home workouts – perfect for those who have swapped gym-based workouts for home workouts.

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Teenage barbells may sound easy to those who regularly scream 40kg plus in the gym, but remember that barbells are a different territory. Dumbbell squats will require you to shoulder the weight or hold it across your chest, while racks in the gym are designed to take this extra tension out of the movement.

Isolation exercises will also require lighter weights than compound movements: you’ll probably be able to row more than you can bicep curl, for example.

Does all this mean you need to buy a whole bunch of dumbbells in order to get the best workout? At least nothing. “In an ideal world, you’d have a range of weights because it would allow you to fit each exercise into the perfect rep range and allow you to progress weekly,” says Zara. But if you don’t have the money or space for a full-on home gym, that’s totally fine—there are many different ways to progress using just one dumbbell.

What Dumbbell Weight Should I Start With

“You can introduce new exercises and different training principles to make things more challenging,” says Zara. She suggests resting less between exercises to make the session more challenging for your body, shortening exercises to increase the time your muscles are under tension, and performing leg or arm exercises to isolate muscles.

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To further load a muscle, you can perform supersets that target the same area. For example, chest compressions followed by compressions. Don’t neglect adding resistance bands either. These can be used in descending sets, moving from dumbbell exercises to band exercises (such as dumbbell hip thrusts to band presses, or dumbbell lat raises to band deadlifts).

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Starting a new workout can feel both exciting and intimidating. Especially if you’re navigating the final steps of buying all the gear you need, the list of things you need to know can quickly feel overwhelming. When you’re new to weightlifting, you’ll have plenty of items you’ll need on your shopping list – that’s why we’ve created the ultimate beginner’s weightlifting guide. First, for a solid foundation, you’ll need the right shoes for weightlifting (Converse happens to be a solid choice, according to the podiatrist). Next, you’ll need a solid set of weights—so where do you start?

When you’re lifting weights at home, you’ll want to start with a set of weights that are the right range for your strength level and ideally give you room to grow with adjustable weights or a set of “weights more serious”. “If you’re not looking to invest a ton right away, aim to buy three pairs of dumbbells: a light, medium, and heavy set that can be used for full-body exercises, then build from there,” says Emily Knuth. CPT. and trainer at DogpoundLos Angeles.

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To simplify the search, I’ve tapped two coaches for everything you need to know about buying your first set of weights.

“I use these at home and I really like the grip, but also that the heads are coated to reduce noise/bumping,” Knuth says of the CAP Barbell Hex Dumbbell Weight set that includes five sets of weights (you get 5, 10, pairs 15, 20 and 25 pounds). Knuth says that if you’re willing to spend $300 on the set, it’s worth it since you have a good range of weights to work with as you build your strength and gradually increase the weight.

At just over $100, this Amazon Basics weight set is also a solid choice for beginners. You get a set of 4-, 10-, and 15-pound weights to work with, which Knuth says, “is a great starting point for beginners to use for upper and lower body exercises. It also comes with a stand for storage. , plus the rubber coating means they won’t bounce or make noise when you move them around.”

What Dumbbell Weight Should I Start With

If you don’t have a lot of space to store multiple sets of weights, an adjustable dumbbell can give you the same weight range options, but all in one space-saving set of dumbbells. Adjustable Bowflex dumbbells are a bit of an investment, but if you’re looking to save space and have lots of weight options, it’s worth it. “They range from 5-52.5 lbs, but also gradually increase by 2.5 lbs to the first 25 lbs, which is great for beginners,” says Knuth.

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For adjustable dumbbells that come at a price that’s a little easier on the wallet than the Bowflex, you can choose these Northdeer Adjustable Dumbbells. “These are also cool because they’re adjustable, so you can hit those step-up weights, in addition to the standard 5, 10, 15 [weight steps]. Plus, the handles are foam for a good grip,” says Knuth. For this set, you choose a weight range between 10-30 pounds, and each set of dumbbells can be adjusted to four different weights.

When you’re new to lifting weights, one thing you definitely don’t want to do is start out too heavy, but you also don’t want to start out too light. That’s why Korey Rowe, CPT at Dogpound New York recommends this adjustable kettlebell from Bowflex so you can adjust and adapt it to your different workouts. One of the great features of the Bowflex Adjustable Kettlebell is that you can adjust the weight up or down by turning a knob on the weight, which is much more convenient than manually changing the weights or plates like some other products out there.

Another adjustable dumbbell option from Ativafit is great for beginners as it comes with four different weight options. You adjust the weight plates while placing the dumbbell in an included tray. One raving Amazon reviewer noted that these were the best weights they tried out of four different sets they owned, and said the handles were soft and comfortable.

If you’re on the fence about which weight range to choose, Rowe recommends getting a set that’s manageable at your current level, but also, “pick weights

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