What Episode Does Brook Join The Crew

What Episode Does Brook Join The Crew – In One Piece, Luffy was always looking for a musician. With the arrival of “Soul King” Brook, his wish was granted by Brook. After completing the thriller Bark Arc, he was brought on board as the ninth member of the crew and the eighth member. Brook was once able to return to life after death by eating the Yomi Yomi no Mi. Brook eventually honed his Devil Fruit skills to the point where he was able to exert tremendous influence on his own soul and that of others. In Reverse Mountain, where he and Crocus both live, he longs to reconcile with his old friend Laboon. When does Brook join the Straw Pirates crew in One Piece?

A member of the Rumbar Pirates, he was killed and later revived by the power of Yomi Yomi no Mi. As a result, he was left with only the remains of a skeleton with hair still clinging to his head. After spending most of his life alone in the Florian Triangle, Brook eventually met Luffy and became an ally of Straw Hat during the thriller Bark Arc.

What Episode Does Brook Join The Crew

What Episode Does Brook Join The Crew

When Brook was alive, he had a devil fruit. He brought his soul strengthened enough to revive, but all he discovered upon returning to his body was a skeleton. The crew were afraid of Brook at first, except for Luffy, who was quick to encourage him to join the crew, but he declined because he couldn’t go out into the daylight because his shadow had been taken. Despite the fact that Luffy and the crew had found his shadow again, he did not join the group until learning that an old friend he had hoped to see again had survived.

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Brook joined the Straw Hats crew during the thriller Bark Arc. He was first introduced in One Piece in Volume 46, Chapter 442 and in Episode 337 in the anime. However, he did join the Straw Hat Pirates in Volume 50, Chapter 489 and in Episode 381 of the anime. Also, in Chapter 489, the Straw Hat Pirates added a new recruit to their ranks: Brook. The addition of a musician puts the entire workforce in high spirits. Brook remembers the Laboon fondly. Crocus has seen that Laboon is full of happiness at Twin Cape. Franky created a grave for Brook and his team to say their final goodbyes. As he says goodbye to his old katana, Zoro joins him.

At Fishman Island, Luffy says the crew will be on their way soon. Lola shares some of her mother’s zest for life with Nami. she promises that it will be useful in the new world. In Arabasta, Luffy receives a carte vivre from his brother, which triggers a flashback in Luffy. He finds the paper burned and smaller than before as he pulls it out. Panicking, Lola alerts Luffy that her brother’s life force is rapidly declining and he is in imminent danger.

During his two-year break from training, Brook chose to pursue his rock star ambitions rather than train. While on the island of Namakura, Brook was taken as the main demon by an esoteric organization that made him ruler of the island. If this was the reason behind Kuma’s decision to let Brooke go to Namakura, the plot failed and the Longarm tribe kidnapped her and hired her as a supporting actress. Realizing that Brook was a valuable asset outside the cage, the Longarms gave their prisoner their “Soul King” alter personality, and the Straw Hat became a musical phenomenon on the Grand Line, with the Longarms taking a share of the proceeds . The Thousand Sunny was Brooks’ home away from home, and he savored the opportunity to return after two years of sold-out shows.

Brooks’ strength increased despite not aiming to train during the One Piece period. Being a corpse, the skeleton is now able to imbue its blade with the chill of death and strengthen its sword. For espionage and espionage purposes, Brook begins using his devil fruit to separate his soul from his body.

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Hi I’m Aahana just another noob trying to be cool. My praise for anime began with Bleach and still continues. You will be reading manga or webtoons with my headphones on the subway most of the time. You can reach me at aahanapaltree2000@gmail.comColor Spread: Usopp and Franky are building a tree house on top of a tree shrouded in a sea of ​​clouds. While the rest of the Straw Hats are content to rest there, Luffy, Chopper and Brook all notice the goldfish are floating around the clouds – and fly into the air to see if they can float too.

Brook becomes the newest member of the Straw Hat Pirates crew. The crew is happy to have a musician on the crew. Brook remembers the Laboon. At the same time, in Twin Cape, Laboon seems unusually full of joy, as Crocus noted. Brook bids his crew a final goodbye at a grave Franky built. Zoro joins him as he says goodbye to his old katana. Luffy announces that the crew will be heading to the Island of the Fishmen next. Lola gives Nami a piece of her mother’s Carte Vivre. She tells Nami it will be useful to her in the New World. Luffy then remembers that his brother gave him a map to live in Arabasta. He takes the paper and notices that it’s burned and smaller than before. An alarmed Lola tells Luffy that her brother’s life force is gone and that he is in danger.

Brook quit playing the piano, revealing the historical reason for the Sound Dial. He claims that it was the last song by Rumbar Pirates and that he heard it so many times in the 50 years that he was alone. He looks into the Sound Dial and has a flashback to one of the rumbar parties. Brook continues that the song made him feel alive and sealed in his mind by raising his skull, shocking Sanji and Usopp and surprising Luffy.

What Episode Does Brook Join The Crew

Brook says he’s glad Laboon is alive and says he has a purpose in life now, which is to take the Sound Dial to the whale. He screamed that he was lucky to be alive. He then asks Luffy: Would it be okay if he could join the Straw Hat Pirates. Luffy only replies with a “sure”. This defeats Usopp, Sanji, Franky, and Chopper, horrifying Nami, making Robin laugh, and Zoro unresponsive as he is unconscious. However, the men of the crew welcomed their new musician and said he was interesting. While Robin seems to enjoy the voice, Nami comments that the Straw Hats have assembled strange crew members. Brook leans against a wall at a 45-degree angle and calls it “45 degrees,” which causes laughter.

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Brook flashes back to Laboon and speaks quietly to Laboon that he will return and give the Tone Dial to Laboon.

In the Reverse Mountains, Laboon suddenly screams with joy, making Crocus happy since Laboon was such a good spirit.

Back at Thriller Bark, Brook gets on one knee and shows everyone a bounty poster for Dead Bones Brook himself. He reveals that he has a bounty of 33,000,000 and that he was once the leader of a battle convoy in an unknown kingdom and later captained the Rumbar Pirates. Brook then knelt in front of Luffy and pledged his allegiance.

Two days later, Brook is amazed as Franky and Usopp build a tomb for the Rumbar Pirates. Franky explains that the Rumbar Pirate’s bodies couldn’t be brought aboard the Thousand Sunny, so they built the tomb. Brook also reveals that Thriller Bark hails from the Rumbar Pirates’ home seas, and with that perhaps the fallen pirates could find peace more easily. As Brook plays music in front of the grave, Zoro sits next to him, dipping his sword Yubashiri into the ground and claiming he’s going to hold a small funeral for a dead katana. Brook tells Zoro that he has joined the crew. Zoro comments that Brook was unlucky and that the crew was a mixed bag. Brook just laughs and says that he will give everything.

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The Straw Hat Pirates start to leave and say goodbye. Franky tells Lola that he fixed Brook’s ship so they can sail it. Lola asks Franky to marry her, but Franky says he’s too awesome and wouldn’t be a good match. Luffy is excited about going to Fish-Man Island, while Brook and Sanji have their own perverted views. One person reveals that mermaids don’t wear panties, but their beauty was even greater than that of a pirate empress named Hancock. Usopp asks how he knew so much and it turns out