What Essential Oils Are Safe For Cats

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Do you love essential oils as much as your cat? Seriously, I love it…that’s one thing. With the popularity of essential oils, many cat owners ask, “Are essential oils safe for cats?”

What Essential Oils Are Safe For Cats

What Essential Oils Are Safe For Cats

Well, if you know me, you know I have to do my research and find out. I am going to share with you my newfound wisdom about essential oils. After all, the more you know about essential oils, the better.

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Knowledge is what keeps you and your family healthy and safe when using essential oils. So be sure to check out my other posts on essential oils, complete with dosage, safety, and tips for using them.

First, you need to know why you are looking for essential oils that are safe for cats. Do you want to use it on your cat or do you want to mask your cat’s smell?

You can read heated discussions about how to find essential oils that are safe for cats, or more specifically, essential oils that are not safe for cats.

And, as with humans, some essential oils are more pungent than others, so it’s always important to understand the degree of dilution.

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If you have any questions about the smell of the cat litter box (I totally recommend this robotic litter box by the way), you can spray an essential oil and see which one is safe.

Here’s the problem. A cat’s liver does not have the same enzymes as a human’s or even a dog’s, and cannot process the phenols/carbolic acids (in large amounts) that are commonly found in essential oils.

There are essential oils that are safe for cats, which I’ll talk about later, but if you follow a few guidelines, any essential oil spray is probably safe for your furry friend.

What Essential Oils Are Safe For Cats

According to Robert Tisseran, a leading national expert on aromatherapy, essential oils are very diluted when diffused and should be safe for your pet.

Essential Oils To Avoid Using Around Your Dog

That being said, other animal experts say that if you have feline essential oils in your home, be extra careful, so follow these safety precautions.

Since cats do not have the enzymes to process the phenol in essential oils, it is not recommended to use pure, undiluted essential oils for your cat. There is a documented case where a pet owner used 60ml of pure tea tree oil directly on 3 cats (20ml each) to treat fleas and caused all of them to become seriously ill and one cat eventually died.

20 ml is a lot of essential oil – even for one person. This is not just a whole bottle, it is not recommended for humans or pets in this form!

Tisseran does not recommend doing this with any pet. But he told the story that his cat had an infected wound, and after draining the cat, he put a drop of tea tree oil on the cat for two days in a row.

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The fact is that excessive exposure to essential oils can be dangerous for cats, especially those that contain phenol. Below is a list, mostly from Dr. Janet Roark, DVM, on essential oils to use with caution or avoid on or around cats.

If you do apply essential oils around your pet, as Tisseran suggests, you should be able to do so safely, just be careful.

Consult your veterinarian if you notice any of the following symptoms in your cat while using essential oils.

What Essential Oils Are Safe For Cats

Having said that, I have used various essential oil blends around my house and my cat and we have never had a single negative reaction. In fact, our cats are very healthy and active.

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Now, when it comes to essential oils that are known to be safe for cats, the list is getting shorter. Professionals are reluctant to justify the use of essential oils for cats, especially because of their poor liver function.

But Dr. Janet Rock (DVM), an essential oil expert for animals, says many are safe and secure to use. Her focus

He warns that any essential oil used directly in large quantities can be extremely harmful to pets, and recommends a dilution rate of 0.5%-2% for cats.

One way to use essential oils on your pet is to rub a small amount of pre-diluted essential oil between your hands until it no longer looks shiny. Then rub your hands where your pet is unlikely to get dressed.

Are Essential Oils Safe For Dogs And Cats?

Both lavender essential oil and frankincense essential oil should be safely used undiluted. But no matter how you use essential oils, Dr. Janet Rock, DVM says you should use therapeutic grade oils, and I always try to over dilute them, not under dilute them. You can always increase the concentration, but you want to keep your pet safe and start with breeding.

This also means that you should not use essential oils commonly found in stores without doing proper research on the brand. Many of these oils have been found to contain synthetic and modified materials by third-party laboratories.

Here are some essential oils that are safe for cats that I found in my research. Remember to use the dilution chart above in carrier oils such as fractionated coconut, olive or almond oils. If you have any questions, consult your pet’s veterinarian.

What Essential Oils Are Safe For Cats

I came across an amazing article by Melissa Shelton, DVM about misconceptions about essential oils, which I included in my “dangerous oils” list above. She even mentioned Tisseran in the article.

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She states that some of the above oils are actually safe at the proper dilution rate and used occasionally.

When looking for essential oils that are safe for cats, she said the oils below have no specific negative evidence in animal medical studies, except for severe abuse.

With this in mind, always err on the side of dilution. What I like about the lists below is that many of them are very useful for flea prevention and treatment (can be used in the home, not on cats).

Besides the smell, fleas are another potentially unpleasant side effect of having a fur baby. Fortunately, there are some natural ways to treat fleas in your home and on your cat.

Are Essential Oils Safe For Cats?

Lavender has been proven to be a powerful, fast-acting flea repellent. Some studies show that diluted lavender formulas can kill fleas as effectively as commercial chemical sprays.

To use essential oils to protect or treat your home for fleas, try adding pet and other household linens to clothing, making household sprays, or using in vacuum cleaner bags or filters.

To use these essential oils for cat fleas, be sure to dilute them well with a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil or sweet almond oil. Use three tablespoons of a carrier oil and add a few drops of the flea essential oil you want to use. The goal is to dilute 80-90%. Start by rubbing the solution into your hands. Then apply to the most affected areas of your pet.

What Essential Oils Are Safe For Cats

You can also make a spray in a glass spray bottle. Mix 4 drops of flea essential oil with a glass of water. Shake well before each use and spray onto the cat’s fur, avoiding the face. Alternatively, you can use a comb dipped in the solution or apply it to your cat’s collar to help repel and prevent fleas.

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So, we conclude. In fact, many of the claims I find “on the internet” are based on extremely old research or data related to dips and pesticides. Or information related to overdose and improper use of essential oils.

But think about it. Essential oils are so popular that a large number of essential oil lovers use them every day. 68% of households have pets, and if essential oils are as toxic as these wild claims are, you’ll hear that pets keep getting sick.

By diluting high in a diffuser or using an appropriate dilution rate for animals, fur moms can feel confident using essential oils. Always be aware of the signs of poisoning and act upon them.

First, start with a highly diluted oil and see if you can get the results you want. After all, you can always add more later, but once you use it, the essential oil is hard to remove.

Essential Oils Safe For Cats

As for using essential oils to freshen my home with synthetic air fresheners and candles, I truly believe that essential oils are the safest option for my family and cats.

Check out some of my favorite diffusing oil recipes for ideas on how to make your home smell great. As we start thinking back to school (can you believe it), you might like these essentials